Friday, February 25, 2005


Before I begin this update? I hope you will join me in saying a prayer for the pope to pray for a speedy recovery!
I don’t know what I’ll do when he dies?
That Pope has been around for the year 16 years! That’s a very long period.
Ok..that’s my good deed for today!!!
Sorry for the delay of this update because I don’t feel good and it’s all my fault!
Last night, I was invited to a little party and I got drunk!!! I mean Drunk!!! I was wasted!!!
This morning, I seen two guys who lives at the Shelter and asked them - How do you guys do it??? Listerine, cheap wine and hard liquor seven days a week??? My God? I don’t want to see a beer for at least two more weeks!!!
I tried to write my update a few hours ago but I couldn’t do it! Too hungover!
I went inside the Legislature and was told that the Sargeant At Arms wanted to see me?
I said to myself- What the hell did I did now?
He gave me an envelope with my name on it! Inside were coupons for $20.00 for Quizno’s and another $10.00 for Tim Horton.
I told the Sargeant At arms? I am certain that I am the only non elected official who receives mail at the Legislature!!!!!
The scary part is that I don’t know where it came from?
There was nothing in that envelope! No note! No signatures! Nothing! So I presume that this individual is on my email list so I say thank You to that person and I went out and bought a nice clam chowder at Tim’s Horton!
Hey? Yes I am poor but I still have the right to speak out on issues and it’s nice to see some people supporting me by giving me a little gift! Hey?
This is what keeps me going! The public supports me in their own little ways and this is good!!!
Ok….to my headline! Bernard Lord or his staff cross that thin line last night. Yesterday I wrote……let me see if I can pasted it??? I found it!!!!
I wrote this statement at the end of yesterday’s update-
Speaking of Premier? Bernard Lord will be a guest on Voice of the Province this evening at 8:00pm and I suppose myself and the Premier will go at it again!!!
My God? We must have debated this issue on 30 different occasions on live Talk show since the first time he was elected Premier but tonight I’m going to use a different approach with Mr.Lord!!!
I arrived and at my place and told a guy downstairs that if he wishes to watch me debate issues with the Premier? I’ll be on Voice of the Province at 8:00pm!
Mind you? This guy isn’t too interested in politics. He’s the type who enjoys his little beer in his own little world!
I was asked if I wanted a beer? I told my friend that I don’t want to drink alcohol because I was planning to phone the Premier on a talk show! You see? When you call these talk shows? You have to be on a good behavior!
So? The music began from the Show Voice of the Province and I quickly phoned the show! I have been phoning this show on a regular basis during the last 5 years but this time it was different!
The producer quickly answered the phone and said - Hi Charles! I was surprised to hear from the head cheese himself?
Anyway? He told me that the show will phone me during the second hour!
So? I waited and waited but no calls! I’m proud of myself!!! I never called them to asks – When am I going to be on???
They never called me back!!!
Now??? In my view? This is terrible news for New Brunswickers! It’s bad enough that the Irvings gave the orders to print letters from certain people but NOW THIS???
I am not making these stories up! Bernard Lord staff or the Premier himself have crossed that line of communicating with the public!
The Staff at the Premier’s office or the Premier himself must respect an individual concern and mind you??? I will let the Premier or the Staff know about my concerns on this issue!
So? Is this Germany all over again? The Premier will only make an appearance on a talk show if certain callers are not allowed to phone the Premier.
Just this morning, I was approached by four different individual asking me the reason that I didn’t phoned the Premier last night?
Hey? I didn’t know people cared about my views on certain issues but I did phoned the Radio Talk show CFBC this morning and told the audience what happened to me last night!!! This is terrible!!!!
I confronted John Betts < P.C. MLA > this morning of what happen and gave him a Hilter salute and said- Is it going to be his this? Hiiiii Lord!!!! Am I far from the true??? You tell me????
But there was a funny end to this Story! The guy living in my place who I told about phoning the Premier?
He walked in at 9:30pm and said- I watched Voice of the Province and you mean I missed the T.V. SHOW Touch by an Angle for that???
It was the first time that I ever watch that show! Where were you he asked???
My God??? Anyone in the room sat down and laughed because he didn’t know what happen? It was so funny and you had to be there! The expression on the guy face was very funny!
The ombudsman Bernard Richard is the next guest for next week show! I asked Bernard- Did you signed papers for you to appear on the show that Charles LeBlanc is not allowed to call??? He quickly answered in a joking manner- I would probably signed those papers???…all in fun!
I will be writing about this issue during the next two weeks because if we have staff or the Premier denying New Brunswickers right to phone a talk show? WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!!! What’s your view on this touchy issue??? Let me know…Please excuse the style and grammar because I just write the darn thing and send it along!!! Have a good weekend!!!!!