Sunday, September 04, 2005


The Irving’s media employees are on the run in this Province.

The Irvings are transferring many journalists to other cities and I was sad to hear that Nina Chiarelli will be transferred from the Legislature to Moncton at the end of October.

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I spoke to one of them last week and this individual wasn’t being transferred but he/she told me that’s what happens when there’s no competition.

Too bad so sad. Lets face facts here? If you have a good reporter or columnist working under the Irvings?

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There’s no way in the world they’re going to write or investigate the Irvings because they’ll be fired on the spot!

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They can’t work for another newspaper in this Province because the Irvings owns all the newspapers and there’s nothing that can be done about it!

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Too bad so sad!!!! This is the reason the Senate with their report in a few weeks on media ownership must condemn the Irvings of the way they operate their ownership of the Media!

I wish Nina Chiarelli the very best of luck and lets see what’s going to happen during the next few weeks!

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You can read my presentation to the Senate at - target="_blank">Charles




I received this email and I wish to share it with the readers!!!!


How is the fight against Ritalin going in New Brunswick?

Did you know that the Canada Health has allowed Adderall XR back on the market (see below). This drug is known to cause heart attacks in children and strokes, yet, our government's Health Dept. asked that a letter be sent to doctors with these warnings!

A letter!!! If the doctor doesn't read the letter or take much notice of this warning, stop and think, a child's life is in danager. If parents have not read or heard about Adderall and are not told of the dangers of this drug, or are told in such a way that it seems so remote that anything could happen............ a young life could stop.

A parent(s) could carry the guilt forever.

All children should have a full medical, allergy tests, hair analysis, blood
tests etc. to see if the problem is medical. All schools should be giving
children tests to see it they (children) truly understand their lessons.

Can the children read, do they truly know what the teacher is talking about?

We here at Citizens Commission on Human Rigths (CCHR) are working with many
families right now whose children have been labeled.One family found out,
thier child has hearing loss due to a massive ear infection, other families
have discovered after having their children had been tested independantly by
teachers and tutors two children could not do the math of the grade
they were in [yet they have been past to the next grade] which of course
will now develop into more problems for the child.

So many other children could not read their grade books or if they could they barely understood what they were reading, "just guessing at what the paragraph was telling them."

Plus many, many children have allergies to food, odours, and the

Not one needed drugs!!!! Now the families are having trouble with the schools because their child has been labeled and the parents want the label removed.

This is proving to be very difficult, for some reason the schools do not want to remove a label of a misdiagnose!!

Did you know that many schools are telling the parents that if their child
is not put on drugs they can't come to school! CCHR was told by one family
after visiting their family doctor/psychologist, this man went as far as to
say to the parents, their child can sue them when he (child) becomes of age
for not putting him on Ritalin!

This has to stop. My good grief what next will a doctor or school offical
say or do to keep children drugged?

We as Canadians must stand together and let the government of our provinces, our country, the school officals, psychiatrists and psychologists, we will no longer will stand for the coercing a parent to give a child a drug so that he/she can go to school.

The misrepresentation of these methylphenidate based drugs as "safe and harmless" can no longer be told the truth must be exposed, these are far from safe and harmless . Has it occurred to our Canada Health Dept. the FDA did not put out warnings for the first time in 40 years regarding Ritalin because they felt like it. No, children are dying from these drugs (all of the drugs on the market today for ADHD. LD etc. labeled children are methylphenidate drugs that are in the same catagory as cocaine).

There are hundreds of reasons why a child is having difficulties in school,
and none of them require drugs to control their behaviour. Parents have to
become advocates against this forcing of our nations children to be prescribed drugs to go to school. We must unit as protectors of our nations children.

We do have rights and one of those rights is to say NO to drugging, and todemand that the real reason why a child is having difficulties be found. A few other (than above mentioned) reasons children can be having trouble are, some parents may need to learn how to be parent or advocate for their child, could there be personality conflicts
between teacher and child, or is the child bored? One other thing, school
officals are to stop diagnosing children and labeling them ADHD they are not

Laws should be enforced to prevent the diagnosing of children by school officials. Many teachers will tell you that it breaks their heart to see so many children in their classes on methylphenidate type drugs.

Many teachers hate having to hand out these drugs to children but are told they have

These teachers are not doctors or nurses, teachers are told give out other
life saving drugs to chidren as well, and all those I have talked to live in
fear they may mix up the drugs so many look alike!!!

Our nations future lay in our hands, we are the adults, we must educated ourselves on our rigths and freedoms and our childrens rights.

Our children's lives and future depend on us. Please ask you readers to contact me on how to form groups and how to work with their government to change laws.

They can do this on their own if they wish, research on the drugs given to children has to been done, all media contacted and parents made aware of the fact that parents have been lied to about the effectson their childs life of these drugs, never told there are options to drugging....I would really like to know how many parents have been given the full list of side effects of these drugs?

Keep on fighting Charles.

Yours truly;

Hilary Hurry
Eexc. Director
Citizens Commission on Human Rights.