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There I was listening to the radio and I heard- New changes at the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. I said to myself- What? Really? But it wasn't good news. They still have the same faces. We need a commission in New Brunswick who's not bought and paid for by the Irvings! A Human Rights Commission who supports racism and discrimination in the workplace must be eliminated! Here's the story that the Lord Government wants us to believe. I wish that we would have a new Chairman that would be screen so we could make certain that they didn't give their lives and soul to the Evil Irving Empire!!!!

Training and Employment Development / N.B. Human Rights Commission
Human Rights Commission chair and other new members named (05/05/02)

NB 509

May 2, 2005

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The appointments of Gordon Porter as the chair of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission and other new members were announced today by Training and Employment Development Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney.

"As the minister responsible for the Human Rights Commission, I am very pleased to announce these appointments," Blaney said. "Gordon Porter has the background and expertise to be an effective chair, which will help further the protection and promotion of human rights in our province. I would also like to recognize outgoing chair Alanna Palmer for her hard work over the past year in this position."

Palmer replaced former chair Patrick Malcolmson in June 2004. Her term ended April 30.

Porter holds a BA and a BEd from the University of New Brunswick, as well as a MEd and CAS from the University of Maine. He also pursued doctoral studies in special education administration at Syracuse University in New York. He received a Doctor of Civil Laws degree from the University of New Brunswick in recognition of his work with persons with disabilities. He was appointed to the Human Rights Commission in 2001.

Porter's tenure as commission chair is effective May 1, 2005.

In addition to Porter's appointment, the minister was also pleased to announce other new members appointed to the commission. They included: Arthur Harquail of Edmundston; René Landry of Moncton and Emil Olsen of Quispamsis.

The other current members of the commission are Mary Jane Ward of Red Bank and Rose-Marie Curry of Tracadie-Sheila.

The minister also commended the work of outgoing members Jean-Claude Jalbert of Grand Falls, Andre LeBlanc of Moncton and Malcolm Harris of Saint John.

The New Brunswick Human Rights Commission administers the provincial Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination and harassment based on religion, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, mental and physical disability, race, colour, national origin, place of origin and ancestry. The act applies to all employers, public services and housing, except those that fall under federal jurisdiction.

For more information about the Human Rights Commission, visit the website at:


MEDIA CONTACTS: Francis Young, Human Rights officer, New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, 1-888-471-2233 or 506-453-2308; Shawn Hearn, Training and Employment Development, 506-453-2568.


Ok…here’s quick one…Tim Smith will begin his protest in the morning and from what my sources are telling me?

He won’t be allowed to pitch a tent on the front lawn. What did I tell you about this one? I knew that Bernard Lord would try to do something but lets take it easy and see what’s going to happen?


Beginning tomorrow, I will be running in and out of the blog giving the readers some details of the happening of Tim Smith Protest.

You will not receive an email from me every instance I blog a story.

So therefore , it will up to you the reader to check in the blog once in a while for the latest!!! If I were you? I would bookmart this site!!!

I went to church yesterday and once again I felt good after the services.

This picture is taken in front of the Chruch!!

Misc 135

During these past few months, I would always follow my priest to the school next door.

My God? Is that Priest ever busy!

He picks me up at 9:30am and gets ready for the 10:00am services.

At 10:50 am, he runs next door to the French School with his guitar and talk about the lord to the kids for 30 minutes < Sunday School > till around 11:45.

This is the school he runs too!!!!

Misc 140

Then he runs back to the Church for the 12:00pm services.

The life of a Priest is a busy one and I said it before and I will say it again?

Thank God that this Priest has ADHD!!! < He has never been diagnose, only by me >,,,lol

He’s full of energy and is always on the go!

I might add that he can have his job. There’s never a dull moment in the life of a Priest.

You see? I follow the priest to the school because it gives me memories of the time when this Priest first came into my life in the late sixties. < Read the story in my front blog on the left hand side >

But in those days, there were discipline in the classrooms.

These days, it’s not the same. I sit in the back and listen to the Priest talk.

On a few occasions, many students were disruptive.

I sure wouldn’t have the patience to handle it!

I said it before and I will say it again - I kissed my cross around 50 times a day thanking God that I don’t have any kids!

This is the cross that I kissed

Charles 04_11_05 003

I'll stay in a tent for six months for them! I’ll fight for for the kids but to take care of them? Not interested!!

Yesterday, there were 42 kids present and six parents were in the area.

Once the kids started talking among themselves?

The parents would say-Shhhhhh….listen to the Priest!

I sure wouldn’t wish to be a teacher in today’s world!

I would also find out that my Church should give classes to adults and give them a refresher course on the Catholic religion.

Just yesterday, a parent said- I didn’t know about that one?

See what I mean?

It’s my faith that keeps me going and nothing else matters.

Of course, I’m not a born again individual!

I’m just a strong believer there’s a reason for everything.

Yesterday, I attended the Marshall Botton Snowbird show.

You can see it at target="_blank">Charles

Someone gave me a ticket! If you got the money? Go to the show!!! My God??? He's funny!!!

He gave a good performance at the PlayHouse and it sure was funny!!!

Around 15 years ago, CBC French television station made a little program on me and Marshall!

They showed commercials all weekend telling the audience that Lucien < Marshall > gives his view on the policies of the Government.

Marshall Button is a fictional Character.

This is Charles LeBlanc who also gives his views on the Government but Charles is the real stuff!!!

Meet these two individuals on the program Monday at Ce Soir!

It was funny and I might add that I received many comments about that show from my fellow Acadians.

It’s funny that 15 years later, we are both doing the same thing but I no longer write letters to the Editor because the Irvings gave the orders that my letters shouldn’t be printed but Marshall is still allowed to play the part of an actor giving out his views!

It’s funny how times has change!!!!

He did mentioned the Irvings on a few occasions?

Charles 04_07_05 080

Hey? Maybe the Irvings will now buy Theatre New Brunswick and fire Marshall Button for speaking out against the irvings??? Who knows? You tell moi???

Ok..what else???? I saw an MLA this morning and told him a story I heard over the weekend about the issue of Ritalin.

Lets wait and see what’s going to happen in that case.

Well? Do you have any words of wisdom for Tim Smith?

Now is the time to write it because this is going to be an very interesting week!!!

Please excuse the grammar and style of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!

As a reader told you weeks ago- Hey? Just read Charles blog with a French Accent because it sure works for this individual!!

bye bye


I received an email around midnight it was from WCIE < WHITE COLLAR IRVING EMPLOYEE!! >!!!! He's back so everything is fine!!!! This blog is really going to catch on now!!!! WLECOME BACK WCIE!!!! Also a huge Merci Beaucoup to WCIE jr! Thank God for this individual because the blog wouldn't be like it is today. Once again, thank a lot!!!