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Please FORWARN in advance. This is going to be a very long one! Maybe you should print this update and read it once you get home or go get yourself a coffee or beer and enjoy!!! Don’t forget? You can read my past Blog at
Speakind of Blogs??? I received this email from the white collar Irving employee-Charles we just got approval and was added to the website.
Hey? This is a very good way to spread the message against mis-justice in this Province around the World! Ok…Where should I start???? Lets go to the fine letter a young kid wrote to the Editor last night- Read this very emotional letter-
Daily Gleaner Readers' ForumAs published on page C7 on February 3, 2005
Bullying at school led to suicide attempts
Dear Editor: I am 15 and am in Grade 10.
Up until Oct. 14, 2004, I attended Upper Miramichi Regional High School in Boiestown.
In Grade 3, I was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).
Many of my classmates and other students never gave me the chance to fit in. For as long as I can remember, my classmates and peers constantly harassed me: everything from rude comments and name-calling, to being physically abused (punched, kicked, slammed into lockers, etc.).
This bullying became so bad that by Grade 8 I was suffering from severe depression. This led to suicidal thoughts and eventually three actual suicide attempts.
I know that parents send many letters and make phone calls every day, complaining about the bullying in schools, but nothing is ever done about it.
School administration chooses to believe that it is not a problem in "their" school. In a recent article printed in this newspaper, I read about a 16-year-old boy that committed suicide due to bullying.
He was tormented about something as simple as the style of music he preferred. His mother made several attempts to get the problem corrected, but the school district's director of education only had this appalling comment: "We have bullying in all of our schools. Would I say it was any more in this school than in others? I would say no."
I feel that school administration at Upper Miramichi Regional High School also feels this way. Well, I'm sorry, but if it is happening to even one child then it is a problem. I feel that the five to six years of torment that I was put through could have been prevented if it was taken more seriously.
I finally made a decision to switch schools and I now attend Doaktown Consolidated High School. I am doing great, everyone is nice and any problems are taken serious and dealt with right away.
As I said before, parents frequently complain about bullying of their children, but nothing gets done.
So perhaps I, an actual victim of bullying, can give you an idea of what it is like.
It makes me sick to my stomach to go to school. I have become so paranoid that even the smallest noise makes me jump. I refuse to even walk by the houses of certain children. I don't sleep well. I have headaches and low self-esteem.
I am very nervous and anxious to the point that if I am in a restaurant, I usually have to leave before my food is ready, or go sit in the car.
My hands and legs shake and tremble constantly. If it weren't for my best friend Zach, and five years of counselling, I probably would have taken my life long ago.
So there's the idea. What can be done about it?
Kyle O'Donnell New Bandon, N.B
Now for you long time readers, you know I have been saying that many of these kids who are forced on Ritalin do commit suicide because they are labeled are Stupid or idiot! Trust me!!! I do know this for a fact! In my younger days, I was teased a lot and thank God that I had the Scottish Temper in me! I had many street fights and I almost killed a few people but I am never one to look for trouble! Trouble came to me and I would handle it! The police would be called but I would always be found not guilty because I defended myself! People with ADHD are very hyperactive and our self esteem can take a terrible downer!!!! I remember that after a fist fight? I felt so relax and good! I was calm!!! All that hyper tension was gone for a few minutes! My father owned a grocery store in Memramcook <> and he would always call me –Stupid!!! Stupid!! Stupid!!! At the end, believe that I was Stupid! I was really down on myself but I refused to join the wrong group <> The reason he called me Stupid??? I would asked questions before thinking what I was going to say! You can just imagine how hyper I was after eating all those chocolate bars! Yes, In this Province kids with ADHD are committing suicide and the Government don’t care! These kids are labeled in the classrooms! There’s one word that I really hate and that word is Teacher’s Aide!!!! Sh@t!!! How I hate that word!!! Kids are cruel and they see a young child having problems and after the class hours? They will call them Stupid because they’re on Ritalin or they see the teacher aides standing beside them!!!! I am going to write a letter to the Editor supporting that young child! Ok….what else???? Ohhhh I received a letter from the Ombudsman today concerning those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Right Commission. This is the letter-
Dear Mr. LeBlanc,
I am writing further to your most recent complaint about the handling of your case by the New Brunswick Human Rights (NBHRC) Commission. More specifically, you allege that the NBHRC acted improperly "by not having a face-to-face meeting with you after holding a face-to-face meeting with your former employer, Gulf Operators Ltd", in the investigation of your discrimination complaint.
In considering your complaint, I asked my legal advisor to review the Human Rights Act to determine whether the legislation requires a "face-to-face" meeting with the complainant or any other person. It appears from the Act that there is no requirement on the part of the NBHRC to hold a "face-to-face" meeting with any party in order to determine if a complaint is without merit (section 18).
I also examined my notes from last year when I had an opportunity to review your file at the NBHRC. Nothing in my notes indicates that the Commission or its Compliance Officer in Saint John had a face-to-face meeting with your former employer in the investigation of your complaint. In order to confirm this fact, I communicated with the NBHRC and it has been in fact confirmed that there was no face-to-face meeting with your former employer.
As is often the case, the employer was asked, by letter, to respond to the complaint and the employer responded by letter. There was also a telephone conversation between the Compliance Officer and a representative of the employer. Both parties were sent copies of the investigation report and invited to respond before it was presented to the Commission meeting.
My conclusion is therefore that the NBHRC followed established procedures in examining your complaint. Nothing in the Act requires it or its employees to hold face-to-face meetings with any party. I have been informed that a short face-to-face meeting did take place between yourself and the Commission's Compliance Officer after your complaint was filed and before the Commission made its decision. No such meeting took place with your former employer.
The NBHRC ultimately decided that there was insufficient evidence to establish that your lay-off was the result of discrimination on the part of your former employer.

I note with satisfaction that since your case, the NBHRC has altered its procedures in that in all cases the complainant is informed of the reasons why a complaint is found to be without merit.
Under the circumstances, your file at our Office is now closed.
Yours truly,Bernard RichardOmbudsman
Ok ….That’s the letter and changes must happen in the Human Rights Act!!! I got news for those racist members at the Commission- I know what happened to me and I will continue to fight those racists members till the last day I die! No niggers or Frogs allow in the Irving Workplace and those members agreed with the Irvings but what really gets me going is this note-
When Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operatorshe informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalintherewere medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc. Weaccommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring that hewas given jobs and duties that complied with hismedical limitations.
Sherry Merssereau <> Supported by the racist members oftheHuman Rights Commission of New Brunswick >
Now? It’s bad enough that kids with ADHD are labeled but once they reach adulthood! They are labeled as close to mental retardation! Those racist members must stay in their building and collect their salary from the Taxpayers! DON’T GO OUT AND PREACH ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS BECAUSE I WILL BE RIGHT THERE TO TELL THE AUDIENCE WHAT YOU REALLY ARE!!! There…I feel much better now!!!! Lately, I have been in a very bad bad bad mood! People like me are walking on very thin ice to jump from being the socially accepted to being a Social outcast! I believe that my ADHD Brains <> are flying to my past and I don’t like it! I protested for six months in my tent for the kids with ADHD! Afterwards, I spent three months writing a book on my stories! <> After that I took one month off to relax! In the spring, I decided that I wanted to work but a bureaucrat told me that I’m not allowed to work because of the racist decision by the Human Rights Commission. During the summer, I followed the many protests in the City. The fall was nice and I spend my days walking around and I love the evening especially in this fine City! Then Christmas came and went! Now we’re down to the month of February and I’m beginning to be very straight forward with those politicians! You don’t believe me! Watch Voice of the Province during the weekend at 3:00pm! The Minister of Justice Brad Green was the guest and I was very straight forward with him. I did the same on a talk show <>this morning on the Human Rights Commission and lets not forget the meeting with Mr. Volpe! So what is this line of Communication going to get me??? I chatted with someone from the Premier office this morning and told them that It really scares me of the way that the Government ignore the issue of Ritalin and attitude is starting to be really rude!!! Hey? Maybe nobody is paying attention to my views but 10,000 people did sign my petition! 10,000 people are a lot of vote and I believe that I will really start debating the issues with those elected officials in a very rude manner and that’s too bad!!!! Sh@t!!!! over 1,500 words!!!! Ok Enough on this issue and here’s some readers comments!!! Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Send this note to all your friends on your email list so they can continue reading the going ons with the KIDS IN THE Province of New Brunswick!!!
1-Silencing Tim Smith
A dirty trick was played with poor Tim Smith tosilence him. Lord Government frequently uses scaretactics and demonization of any opponent and if thatdoes not work then these dirty little games areplayed. Few other members of public met sameMinisters, that Mr. Smith did, on other issues withthe same results. Nothing was done. Words of theseMinisters are not worth a piece of crap.
--Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activistat 2/3/2005 02:20:50 PM
2-I like this update. LOL!!!! KEep fighting!!! MY FIVEYEAR OLD SON NEEDS YOU!!!!!
3-Very Good Job Charlie, now when the next electioncomes around we are goingto have to work as hard as you are to get rid of thescum and put peoplethat cares about the everyday concerns of NewBrunswicker's.
4-Hi Charly,
I finished up all projects about you.Thank you for your cooperation. I really appreciatedyour help.
Thank you again for your time and everything you didfor me.
5-I hope everything went well????????/ Since I didn'thear from you I amkind of worried. I tried to get the Fredericton radiostation to hear ifanything was said about you but I couldn't find it. Write me as soon asyou receive this..............
6-Hi: keep on, my man!!
7-Give him hell:):)
8-Thanks for the story and you should include ittomorrow, I mean the nextday, tomorrow’s will be good I am sure and no room forthis. We have beensaying this for a long time. its a shame that theyrefused to listened.Elvy could of nipped it in the bud but he refused to. Maybe once someonelike me sues them we will bring the issue to theforefront
9-Very Very good, have a little something sweet so youcan be veryhyper....maybe not now that I think about it. Beinghyper and in jailwould not be
10- When I have time, yes, but I don't have time to readgobs and gobs andgobs of meandering thoughts. PLEASE... be more concise.
Who needs a dictionary when you've got Charles? Yes, the word concise means short and to the point. Actually, Webster's Dictionary defines the word as:brief, abridged. Keep up the good work!!!
11-I think that you should create or have someone elsewith your info create aflyer about who you are, what you are doing, and whatin your opinion needschanges. I know that you do not have any money but Iam sure people thatknow you could finance some of these flyers. Youshould mail them out,pass them out, mail them to friends in other cities inthis Province and inthe end list your e-mail address so you can build onyour volume of e-mailaddress and that my friend would help you spread themessage. Take up apenny collection, collect bottles anything to buy thepaper. As far asprinting goes I am sure you can have somethingarranged very cheap! Wewant and need change and people needs to know whatgoes on in thatLegislator and you are the perfect candidate.
12-They just entertain themselves,,holding meetingsabout meetings and giving an excuse to party at thebest restaurants and buildings...They don't reallycare,,,this is just a party for themselves andsomething in writing..>.that they did something....and no-one that was concerned showed up....
14-Charles: First I am not sure which meeting it is and where.However, if it involves a politician or politiciansthen I pass. I put up with these jokers for decadesand have no stamina anymore. Sorry! I have personal commitments that I cannotattend any meeting tonight even if it is free ofpoliticians.
15-Did you know that a new house was built beside yourhome in Memramcook andChinese people live in it. The village keeps onsaying that who ever wouldof thought that Chinese people would ever live there. I hear that they arenice and they run the only chinese restaurant inMemramcook. Thought thatI would share this with you. I also wonder how muchmoney did ourgovernment give to all these Chinese people to set upresidence herebecause they are everywhere you look now? I bet itwas alot more then theyever have given their own....they probally don't evenhave to go to thesoup kitchen and they can afford an apartment or ahome with the money thatour government gives them to live. More then we cansay for our ownpeople!
16-Advice for tonight: If you want to be takenseriously at all, be direct, but also, be brief. Make your point and go.
17-You scare me, you sound all wound up. I don't knowif its good or bad.Try to keep your cool because they would crucify youin the Irving paperand you know it.
18-Too bad our government didn't do the same as ourother Atlantic Canadianneigbours (Nova Scotia and Newfoundland) have done fortheir people. Thehad oil and now they are getting some money for it. We had trees and ourgovernment let the Empire rape our forest and what didwe get in return?The Empire still isn't happy they want more and ourweak government willgive them what they want and what will our Provinceget in return? We areway behind our conterparts in our own region and thereshould be no reasonfor it but we all know why and when will it be stop? Kids today are movingelsewhere to live and who can blame them?
19-Charles, Excellent presentation!!! Methadone clinic shouldbe open in SJ before the end of March!! Good News!!
20-Always do read your updates my friend. Hope thingsare going ok for you today.
21-Hey Charlie - haven't taken the time to read theupdates yet - sorry about that.
22-You should tell your friend who's child might be put on Ritalin today, tolook at the other alternative........Non-Stimulate drug called Stattas. Iam not sure of the name but if you look at the past updates someone hassaid exactly what its called.
23-Hi Charlie,
I found it funny that you never mentioned anything in your updatefrom the news yesterday that this government is planning on putting an agecap on when they can have an operation. If they pass this age then theydie, but I am sure the rich will live. Its just like them separately theRich and Poor again. These are the seniors who have worked 40 years andmore and paid for this Country to be the way it is. What a nerve is all Ican say!
24-In response to Mr LeBlanc:
way to go sir! give them hell! we need more people who are angry like you and who arewilling to go speak in front of legislature/media...
25-Hi Charly,
Thank you for your emails.Yes, you can see the print and video story on you. However, they arestill in the process being published on the website. I will let you know,when they are published.Thanks to you, I could make a great story, I think.
I saw the video. It was very interesting!!I used a part of it for the video story. It was a Legislature TV, so Iwas allowed to use it.I will give it back on Saturday at the soup kitchen. I am think to gothere in the evening.. or in lunch time...But I will be there with your video.
You can see other students' stories on this site.
26-I think that I will turn the Irving's flesh over to the Devil, in order that their spirits be saved...
27-Sorry to hear that. I do not have much say in the matter. The bright side is that you do have numerous forums and it takes away nothing from you.
28-I am glad that I didn't hear a Minister say that if the Doctors prescribethe pills it must be ok....I am one of the NBer's who's husband was giventhese legal heroin pills and the Doctor was told by a Specialist in Ont howto prescribe them and our Dr thought that he would do it his way and causemy husband to be an addict. Then you read in the paper when they did theinquest in the Mailman case that the Dr's here did not have enougheducation on narcotics to be prescribing these pills, so that tells me theDoctors caused the problem and the government is backing them 100%, Againits the poor people that pay for these high class decisions, maybe I willbe the one to take the sail out of their wings...I will keep trying and Iwill never go away.
29-Sometimes thay make me mad at you, sometimes they make me made at others (in government, business, etc.), sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they inspire me (the stuff about the priest). They always make me think.