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Jim Wilson contract should be renewed!!!

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I got a letter printed in the Irving's paper this morning.

I might have made a little boo boo.

I added Carla in the letter but she's not an Outreach Worker but she helps a lot of people on the streets who's trying to kick the habit of doing drugs.

You can listen to Karla words by clicking below


Here's the letter with pictures.

Outreach workers do much

There are certain issues in this city that many ordinary citizens will never hear or know about, such as the people who work for the outreach program.

Last year, Mike Ryan worked very hard on behalf of the poor.

These days, Mike is taking a course in social studies at St. Thomas so he can have a stronger voice on behalf of the less fortunate.

The individual who took his place is Jim Wilson.

What do these outreach workers do?

Many poor individuals don't have a vehicle, so Jim will pick them up (once per month) and drive them to the local food bank.

What about other issues such as evictions? He will try to act like a mediator.

I might add he would speak up to the media on behalf of the poor.

Karla is another individual who nobody knows? Who's Karla? She used to be a junkie who got hook on Dilaudid.


These days, Karla attends AA or NA meetings trying to help these poor addicted souls.

Pictures 231

These individuals are not social workers! A person such as Karla has been there and knows exactly the way of thinking of the addicted individual.


They know deep inside that they made someone feel good about themselves and that's their reward at the end of the day.

The poor people on drugs or alcohol live in a world of their own. The word "trust" is the utmost importance. It takes months for these poor souls to let anyone into their little world.


This is where Jim Wilson's work comes into action. He works as an outreach worker for the YMCA and his contract is coming to an end.


The poor population needs someone like trustful Jim Wilson so their miserable lives can be a little happier.


Charles LeBlanc





Dear Charles,
The name's used in the Bible often have not only spiritual
significance, they also are good descriptions of those people
as well. So today we will look at some of the name's that were
given to people probably by Divine design!

ANGEL meaning "messanger"
ADAM meaning "man or mankind"
EVE meaning "life"
ABRAHAM meaning "father of the multitude"
ISHMAEL meaning "God hears"
ISAAC meaning "laughter"
JOSEPH meaning "adding"
NOAH meaning "resting place"
MOSES meaning "drawn out of water"
JOSHUA meaning "Yahweh delivered"
SAMUEL meaning "God is exalted"
DAVID meaning "beloved"
SOLOMON has various meanings including "God is peace"
"his replacement"
EZRA meaning "Yahweh helps"
ISAIAH meaning "Yahweh saves"
JEREMIAH meaning "may Yahweh lift up"
EZEKIEL meaning "God will strengthen"
DANIEL meaning "God's judge"
HOSEA meaning "salvation"
JOEL meaning "Yah is God"
JONAH meaning "dove"
MICAH meaning "Who is like Yahweh"
ZECHARIAH meaning "Yahweh remembered"
MALACHI meaning "my messenger or my angel"
PROPHET meaning "teacher"
JESUS CHRIST meaning "the Anointed One or Messiah" &
"Yahweh is salvation"
satan meaning "adversary"
MATTHEW meaning "the gift of Yahweh"
MARK no specific meaning
LUKE no specific meaning
JOHN meaning "Yahweh has been gracious"
PETER meaning "rock"
JUDAS no specific meaning
PONTIUS PILATE meaning "to fulfill or to accomplish"
PAUL no specific meaning
TIMOTHY meaning "honoring God"
REVELATION meaning "unveiling or uncovering"
Last, but not least. AMEN meaning "that's the truth!"

Charles, as you know these are just a few of the many name's
that are used in the Bible. Therefore I hope that you have found
this to be enlightening, and that it will help you to have a better
understanding of God's Holy Word!!

Have a Wonderful Weekend Charles, and may God Bless
You! Amen.

In HIS Love & Service,
Pastor Allen
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