Friday, May 20, 2005


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Yes it’s true and you have heard it in this blog first!!!!

I feel bad about this because Dennis was a good host.

He’s been in New Brunswickers Families living rooms for the last four years.

I couldn’t get the whole story but Dennis told me that he’s looking forward towards different avenues in life!

What do you think?

Did you watch his show? Do you think it was time for a change? Did you enjoy the guy as a host?

Hey? This is the place to voice your opinion because the staff at Rogers are on my list.

I was always curious if the ratings of his show were large?

He was on Prime Time Television at 8:00pm!!!!

So? I’m asking again? What’s your views on this situation?

We need talk shows in this Province because we sure can’t go by the Irvings newspapers!

That’s for darn sure!

It sure would have been good to have a good bye show because I'm certain that many viewers would had have something to say.

But c'est la vie!

I wish Dennis Melanson the very best of luck and I thank him very much for the patience to listen to me during the last four years.

I might also add that I appeared on his show on two different occasions and it was a great way to spread the message of Ritalin to the public!

Good Bye Dennis!!! Bonne Chance mon ami et Merci Beaucoup!!!!


My God???? I don’t any issues to write about today!!!!

Come on Charlie??? My ADHD brain must be Tingling???

I must write about something.

Ok…During the meeting about poverty a few days ago.

After I finish my little speech, one woman stood up and said - What Charles is telling you about Boarders or roomers have no rights? He’s 100% right!

I believe this is the only province in Canada where Landlords or caretakers can treat its tenants like dirt and nothing can be done.

You see? If the poor citizens live in a poor and contaminated building, they say to themselves - I’m not going to complain because I am very fortunate to have a roof over my head.

Next week, my blogs are going to be of my personal experience of the poor and wait till you read what I’m going to write about.

I believe that I am the only New Brunswickers who speaks out on issues and it wouldn’t bother me if I’m evicted!!!

Charles on the streets as a homeless individual? Very scary!

You know what? I was thinking the other day that I should pretend to be a panhandler for one day and collect the money and give it to the Soup Kitchen?

You know? A blog to write about? How much money would I collect? The reaction from the public.

This idea came to my mind when one day, I was waiting for someone from outside a bank and a commissionaire that I know walked by and asked me what I was doing?
Charles 04_11_05 004
I quickly said - Excuse me sir? Do you have a quarter for a loaf of bread? All in fun.
Charles 04_07_05 103
Charles 04_07_05 097
But I am curious and being Charles? I’ll do anything for a good story or blog!
Charles 04_11_05 023
Stay tune!!

The weather is terrible and people’s moods are touchy. Even the bureaucrats are grouchy!

I believe this blog is doing pretty good. Hey? Anyway to spread the word?

We came a long way and all thanks goes out to WCIE and WCIE jr! If it wasn’t for those two individual? This site wouldn’t have been a success!

There’s something not right at Rogers. Melanson Live wasn’t on with Dennis and Voice of the Province wasn’t live last evening. Stay tune for more in this Blog.

I heard a rumor that Mike Murphy might jump to Federal Politics?

I hope not because I believe that he will serve the people better as an MLA!

As I wrote a few months ago. I walked in their office with a concern and just like a bunch of ants? They < Liberals >were moving very fast and Mike was right in the middle.

So I hope that he stays at the Provincial Level.

You know what? 10,000 signed my petition asking the Government to study the issue of Ritalin and Bernard Lord doesn’t pay attention.

Half of New Brunswickers wanted these machine < VLT’S > remove and still Bernard don’t listen to the people.
What kind of Mickey Mouse outfit are we running here anyway?
As a person who protested for six months in one certain area.

I loved the beauty of the area but all this change a few months ago. While walking in the area, I notice these beautiful trees were all gone.
Charles 04_07_05 115
The City moved in during the night and cut down! The question is why? Is it because of the plan E-Plex centre? Is it because the cameras from the Government couldn’t see the individuals walking by?

I heard also that it was a safety hazard.

I bumped into the Mayor last week and I forgot to asks him the question. The trees are being cut off or dying.

Just like this picture here. There use to be a nice big tree in this location.
Charles 04_07_05 123
This is where I would sit in my folding chair in the evening and chat with the Citizens till the long hours in the night. The trees are disappearing from the Capital and it’s a darn shame.
Of course the tree at the Legislature was dead but what I found very strange was that it was in perfect shape the summer before. It was good to me during the hot summer days!

Ok…anything else my ADHD mind can come up with?

Ohhh yeah…During that meeting about the poor. After I sat down, one guy came to me and told me that just last week he was diagnosed with ADHD!

I quickly replied- Congratulation!!! Great Disorder!!! All you have to do he learn to keep your mouth shut!!

You see? It should be a benefit to have ADHD. A person should be proud to put this in his resume nut unfortunately?

This is not the case and all thanks goes to those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that ordered the Government that ADHD is close to mental Retardation and these people should be ignored at any cost!

I would love to know how those members came out with this verdict!

These poor kids are force and Ritalin and later on in life they become the social outcast!

Just because the Irvings < Gulf Operators > ordered these racists to ignore people with ADHD!

It’s bad enough that Gulf Operators and J.D. Irving will keep and promote Racist supervisor such as Brian Grant but now this?

Yes, I am afraid to paste the KKK hood to represent the Irvings because it is true and I will continue the fight till the end of time. Gulf Operators should force to have certain meployee wear KKK hoods!

Ok..I got to go and you peole have a good long weekend but of course I’m certain that I’ll be writing about something so keep on checking this blog.

Also??? Send my site to everyone on your list so they can know what’s going on in the Capital!

Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the Information Highway!!! Don’t be afraid to leave a comment on different issues! Bye bye…