Tuesday, September 27, 2005


There’s a few readers giving their views on the Anti-War protest held in the Capital on Saturday.


I was riding my ten speed bicycle close to the Legislature. I heard some noise.


I will say there were around 50 people marching and yelling antiwar slogans.

In the middle with a blowhorn was Asaf Rashid.

I first met this guy during my protest and I always had good conversations with this guy. I would add that he had his own little radio show at U.N.B. and it was very nice of him to invite me as a guest so I could educate the students about my protest. We chatted for a whole hour.

As a matter of fact, while chatting with the Asaf a few weeks ago on Queen Street? Brad Green walked by and slowed down to say hello.


I quickly ended my conversation with Asaf and followed the Justice Minister.

I wanted to remind Brad about Boarders and roomers rights.


I bet this was the first time Asaf was very happy to see an elected official?

Hey? He didn’t have to listen to me any longer. So for once the Minister did the protester a favor?...lol

Anyway, the protesters gathered in front of the steps of the Legislature and Asaf gave the audience a little speech telling the citizens that you won’t see no one from the Government present at this protest.

He asked the audience if anyone wanted to speak?

I said to myself - Hey? What a good way to spread my blog to the young people?

I noticed a guy with a long length Camera. He was wearing a green shirt.

Jeff Hennessy the photographer Germany

I approached the guy and asked him if it was possible that the pictures he takes? Can he put them in an email?

He told that he could!

He asked the photographer he could take a picture of me speaking to the crowd so I could use it in my blog?

He told me that he would. The guy looked a little stern but I trusted him.

I asked for his email but he wouldn’t give me his so I gave mine to the photographer.

Asaf introduced me as a fighter and gave me the blowhorn.


I told the young students that I was the guy who protested in the tent for a six months period against the use of Ritalin.


I was surprised when they gave me a little applause.

These kids know that prescription drug is a problem in New Brunswick.


I changed the little talk to an Anti-Irving message.


I congratulated Asaf for writing his views in the Brunswickan. < U.N.B. Student Newspaper >

There’s no way in the world that we will see this protest in the evil Irving Newspapers!

After a couple of minutes, I gave the blowhorn back to Asaf.

He continued by telling the audience that he did indeed sent out a media release but no one is here and we should be concern of the Irving media in this Province.

I followed the protesters till City Hall where it ended.

The next day, I bumped into Asaf on a side street in the Capital.

It’s so funny, I would go weeks or months without seeing the guy and sometime I would bump into the guy 4 to 5 times during a three day period.

Charles and Asaf Rashid

We chatted about the protest and I was curious of the guy with the huge camera?

He told me that he didn’t know the guy either.

Well? I got a wake up call on Monday once I saw Asaf picture on the front page of the Daily Gleaner!!!

Charles 04_07_05 018

The guy that I asked to take a picture was a reporter from the Irving’s media!!!....lol

Can you imagine that one????

There I was asking him to send me a picture and in my speech I gave a huge blasting to the Irvings media telling the young students that there’s no way in the world you will see this in the Irving newspaper?

Well? They shut me up pretty good!!!!

They printed the story on the front page!!!...lol

The picture was in the corner of the front page and the story on page 3.

No wonder the guy never sent me the picture of myself speaking to the students and it also explain the dirty look he gave me….lol

He knew exactly who I was but I didn’t know the Irving’s employee!..lol…

This could only happen to Charles!

As for Asaf? Hey? He’s young and he’s not afraid to speak out on issues.


This is a good thing! We need more citizens like this guy.

There should be more citizens such as Asaf around this Province.

I never seen him lose his cool too often during a protest.


When you’re a protester? You have to remain calm and to the point.

If there’s a protest to be covered?

Asaf Rashid will be there with his notepad or Video Camera.


Asaf Rashid Keep up the good work Asaf!!!!



Remember a few months ago, someone wrote a letter about staph infection at the Regional Hospital?


Many accused that individual of racism.

Well? I just received word that someone almost died because of staph infection at the Regional Hospital in Saint John.

The tools in the operation room weren't properly cleaned!

How many people have died because of our dirty hospitals??? Why are they dirty?

Because of the many cutsback????? You tell moi?????

Stay tune for more on this story!!!!




Charles 04_07_05 047

I called but I can't get in there.....too many callers!!!!!!!