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Fri, 17 Dec 2004 09:42:48 -0800 (PST)
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I’ve been flying since 8:00am! My poor ADHD is
really working overtime!!!
Ok…last night was the program Voice of the
Province and the Minister of Family Services - Tony
Huntjens and Mike Murphy from the Liberal and yes, I
was the second caller!
Second caller not the first! I must be losing my
Anyway, I bought the issue of the Cubicles
situation at the Welfare office! The less fortunate
people in this City must be treated with dignity at
any cost!
But I guess that money does manner and the
Minister seem to agree with me there’s was a problem
with my issue.
It wasn’t a lively debate like last week between
Kelly Lambrock and Jody Carr but it was good!
Speaking of poor?
Last evening while walking my dog Chico, someone
sneaked behind me and asked me for a pair of mittens!
I told the poor guy in his 50s that I didn’t have
any to spare.
He said- Ok..thank you anyway and walked away!
I looked at the guy walking with a large brown
winter jacket with a winter hat on his head. I might
add that he was wearing a pair of sneakers in the cold
wet snow!
Something wasn’t right with this picture.
I called the guy back and asked him where does he
He explained to me that he doesn’t live nowhere! I
told him to go at the shelter!
He replied- I was there last evening and the
shelter is full!
There’s 34 beds in that needy place and I guess
they give mattresses to a needy person and he sleeps
on the floor!
I was told this morning that both shelters are
full! This includes the women one also!
My god? This is only the month of December and the
needy places are jammed full!
What’s going to happen during the next few months?
That’s the emotional question?
Speaking of emotional? I left my place this
morning very early so I could contact the Premier
Bernard Lord!
Yesterday, I tried to contact him and I couldn’t!
I wanted the Premier to mention the name of the
Priest in the Legislature so many New Brunswickers
could learn that Father Emery Brien is located in the
Capital and Sunday will be his 40th anniversary to be
ordained as a Priest!
I was standing outside the side door near the
Legislature waiting for the Premier to make an
appearance. My feet were getting cold and the
ministers going out for a smoke must have said to
themselves - My God? He’s here again??? Can we go out
and have a smoke in peace!
While waiting for the Premier, I chatted with
Rose-May Poirier.
I asked the Minister - Where was she from???
She told me that she was from Saint –Louis-De-
I asked her if she knew- Father Brien?
She told me that all the updates that I send on
the information Highway, the title - Father Emery
Brien grabbed her attention and she read the whole
I mentioned to her that it would be nice to
mention the hard work the priest has done during the
last 40 years.
She told me that many people in her area love
Father Brien!
You can say that this Priest seem to have a hold
on people!
Minutes later, Bernard Lord arrive!
I had a copy of my column of the River Valley News
of the Story of the Priest! I approached Bernard about
my issue and he quickly told me that he was going to
make a presentation about the Father to the house.
I told him to make it good!
Anyway, once inside, I was told that Father Brien
was in the area.
I quickly made my way up to the Gallery but the
Commissionaire told me that I couldn’t go in while the
prayer was in progress.
I told the Commissionaire that this was the reason
I was here to listen to the Priest but rules are rules
and I felt bad!
I made my way to the gallery and guess who was
sitting there??? But the Priest himself- Father Brien!
I quickly shook his hand because I was very
surprise to see him there.
I guess someone from the Premier office called the
Priest last evening and invited him to the
As promise, the Premier made a good speech and was
followed by Rose-May Poirier and Tanker Malley!
I glanced at Father Brien and you could tell that
he was proud and honoured of the moment!
Afterwards, I bought him at the Library. He was
surprised of the amount of history located in that
part of the Legislature.
I directed him downstairs and I noticed a few
people wanted to chat with Father Brien!
I followed him to his vehicle and he was on his
As I told someone, this is what this is all about
If you make a Priest proud? Then nothing else
Hey? As I wrote in the past, I’m not born again
but I’m a strong believer there’s a reason for
everything and that’s that!!!!
By the way??? The River Valley News did a
beautiful job with my column! Dianne gave me the space
and I gave a copy of my column to the Premier and the
Priest! Close to 1,000 words already’s some comments from some readers.
Excuse the style and grammar of this update! <
Especially this one > I wrote this one very fast and I
should read it before I send it…oh well? C’est la
Here’s the comments-
Nahhh…..After a good day like this one!!! I’m not
going to paste the comments because there’s a few
about you know what from the New Brunswick Human
Rights Commission!
Why ruin a good day???? I add all the comments
during the weekend! Bye bye….