Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Future Irving's employees???? Take a guess???

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Lorne Daltrop of Global News accepts package and will be gone in March!!!!

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A citizen view on Gregory Allan Despres!!!

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So he is sick that still does not excuse it or because he can't be accountable for his actions - that is not excuseable nor should it go unpunished.

What he did then and what he does now is not much different; he is smart enough to use his knowledge and take care of himself and act in a manner to help his case to defend himself. There is a lot of different degrees of sickness and his kind can never be fixed.

I would not want to in prison or in any mental holding cell with him.

He has no conscience but he does have the know how to not hurt himself and sure can tell lies like anyone who wants to get out of trouble.

Life in a cell with meals is more then he deserves. This is not a mistake or something that was not planned; he knows now as he knew then what he planned to do.

Praying for a family who has been through this for three years; while he got catered to by our justice system.

We have to rethink our laws. People who are sick and have done far less are still in prison and we do nothing for them.

I am sick to my stomach; he should never be let out. I want to say more but I can't say the things I really am thinking.

Life never on the street again would only be a little justice. Hell would be better.

Who do you trust the most with honest news????

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Gregory Allan Despres will be sentence March 5th!!!!

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Day two of behind the scenes at the Gregory Allan Despres trial in Fredericton!!!!

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This is not a joking matter. I noticed the numbers of hits are growing in this blog so I decided to write a little blog!!!!

I know that the numbers will not go down at the ECMA’S if I ask for a boycott of the events.

I did hear that some people behing the scenes are rallying a boycott of the ECMA!!!


This is not right because it’s the young musicians who will pay the price at the end.


What we’re dealing with here is a bunch of powerful bureaucrat who wish to put a stop to my photo taking of any events.

It’s a power trip!!!

I might add being on Social Assistance don’t help matters but that’s ok!!!!

I will continue to fight for freedom of the press.

I’m just going to condemn the organizers right till the ECMA’S are done and will continue the battle next year!!!

So? It’s my battle and I’m up to it!!!!

I have been offered a ticket by someone so I could attend the event by I refuse.

It wouldn’t be the same!

We are dealing with powerful people and I believe this could on all season long.

I promoted many events during the past few years in this blog and I’m afraid this could come to a sudden end.

It all began at the Christmas Party at Sweetwaters with the Liberals and it’s going to get worse because I’m half Scottish and I know I’m riiigghhtt!!!

Click blog below for more info about my attitude -


Now? Don’t forget???

Don’t boycott the ECMA!!!!

It’s a fine event full of talented individuals.


It’s just a darn shame we have a bunch of snobby bureaucrats running it!!!

This blog could quickly change into an ANTI-FREDERICTON EVENTS BLOG????

The ECMA will be blog for many months to come!!!

Someone from the ECMA could arrange a little meeting with me but that will never happen!!!!