Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Yes the sun is out and what the hell am I doing inside writing an update?

I really don’t have anything to write about. In future days ahead, I will write about boarders or roomers having no rights in this Province.

I must admit that my day was almost ruined.

This is the first time that the sun came out shinning in the Capital in three weeks!


I walked on the trails and truly believe in my mind that nothing could ruin my beautiful day!

Everything was going perfect until I came face to face with this-


Charles 04_07_05 051

Why don't these people leave me alone???...lol Yes, Frank McKenna and the three Irvings sons.

As I wrote in the past, I have nothing against those guys. It’s J.D. Irving < J.K. irving son > who’s totally out of control.


He’s like the Mr.Burns on the Simpsons.


This is the latest from the lady with the garbage problem in Saint John.

I chatted with Trevor Holder this morning and I received this email from Mrs.Sherwood-

Charles 04_07_05 057

I as well just chatted to Anthony Bamford, the assistant to the Mayor.

He’s calling public works... I have a feeling we have the ball rolling.

Also ATV called me this am and they are again coming by to do yet another story.

This is getting interesting... wait and see what happens I suppose.
I will certainly keep you posted.


I wanted to write about a certain issue but I was told by some close friends of mine that I should leave that issue alone and after thinking about it?

I believe they are 100% correct but I will say this - Every City in New Brunswick should have a location for the Junkies to do their drugs!

The prescription Drug problems on the streets are at an all time high and the Lord Government must confront this issue in a serious manner!

The Junkies in Vancouver and Toronto are doing their drugs in front of Government professionals in those cities therefore we should have the same system in the cities around this Province.

In those large cities the Junkies injects their drugs in front of professionals therefore slowing down the spread of aids and other diseases.

Here in New Brunswick we live in a conservative world.

We know there’s a major drug problem in this Province but we chose to ignore this issue.

I told the Lord Government five years ago that there was a major prescription drug problem and we need methadone clinics around this province.

This picture shows U.N.B and S.T.U. in the background.


The students at those universities told me on many occasions that there was a major prescription drug problem among our youths.

From what I’m told - Many students snorts the Ritalin to pass their
exams. At the end, they turn to heavier drugs such and

If the Government would set up locations for these junkies to do their drugs? This would be a fantastic idea and a major step forward for this Province.

It sure would stop the syringes to be on the streets so other kids could find them.

I said it in the past and I will say it again!!! If you believe that Fredericton has a drug problem? Saint John is much worst!!!

But after saying this? It took five years for the Lord Government to open some methadone clinics so you can just imagine how fast they are going to move with this emotional issue!!!!

By the way? I must stop doing this act!!! If I jaywalk across the city streets?

Charles 04_07_05 102

I should keep an eye open for those Irving’s trucks! My God? They sure wouldn’t miss a chance of a lifetime!!!...lol….

Ok..too nice to be in here!!!

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