Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Mr.Lord is so quick to hide behind the fact that a 5 year old referendum determined that 50% of this province chose to keep VLT's for(Entertainment)how about calling him to task on holding a referendum on smoking in public places and let the people of this province decide whether they think that would be entertaining or how about a referendum on whether or not people would think it is entertaining to smoke pot in this province or a referendum on whether or not the people of this province want a LNG plant here. And let's not forget that we only need 52% of the province to qualify for these referendums.Also this will give him the oppertunity to continue doing what he does best hide behind something or someone.


After a few email exchange between me and WCIE. We remove the story from the blog. If this sounded like racist? It wasn't but let me tell you something right now! If in the future? You hear this story from the hospital? Well? You have heard it in the blog first!


Next week will be a busy period for Charles! I have to get ready to make a presentation in front of the Senate Committee in Moncton of the Irving Monopoly in this Province.

I also have to make a presentation in front of a group who’s job is to review the inclusion program < Education > in this Province!

I have a very important questions for you people who care about the Kids!

How should the kids with ADHD be treated in the school system????

This has nothing to do with Ritalin!

Do you have any suggestions of how the kids ADHD should be treated so they can learn in a better atmosphere???

I have a few suggestions of my own but what’s yours?

Please let me know!!!

An another issue? I was told the 10,000 kids around this province will find out Thursday morning if the Lord Government will do a study on Ritalin!

Will the drugging and killing of the children continue for years to come?

Will the Government pay attention to the petition with 10,000 signatures?

Who knows? My battle with the Government might come to an end on Jeudi!!!

Stay tune for Thursday! So stay tune!!!!

This is a picture of Paul Robichaud. Paul told me a few months ago- THANK GOD FOR MY MOTHER!!! I guess in his childhood years. He was all over the place! He was very hyper! The system wanted him on Ritalin but his mother wouldn't have nothing to do with the drug. Take a close look where he is today? He's the Minister of Transport in the Lord Government! He's a perfect example that kids with ADHD can succeed without taking Ritalin!!!


I had a good chuckles a few minutes ago.

I asked a bureaucrat – Listen? If you wish me to remove you from your list? Just send me an email and I’ll keep only one email address.

He quickly replied - Can I send you both?…

You see? I have three different accounts and another one at Google.

I have close to 1,000 names so therefore if you receive more than one email from me?

Just send me a note and I’ll delete you from the list! If you wish to be deleted totally off my list? Just send me a note and you’re hear no more from moi or should I say read no more from me!

A politician approached me this morning and he wants to meet the five months pregnant female!

I had a chat with someone from Family Services this morning and from what I understood? Sometime she says she’s pregnant and sometime she isn’t!

He told me that they have been dealing with the girl for the last 15 years!

Well? The question is this? Shouldn’t Family Services bring the girl to the hospital to find out if she’s pregnant or not????

Going by the pictures below? She sure look pregnant and I don’t really care about the girl but I do care for the unborn!

Lately, Bernard Lord have been comparing the Federal Liberals to the Provincial Liberals?

Myself, I always believe there were two different parties!

If you support the Provincial Liberals? Does it mean that you also have to support them Federally?

I don’t think so and I always found it strange that during a Provincial Convention from both parties? They always invite someone from the Federal Party to be a guest speaker!

Well? In my mind, they are two different parties!

Will the scandal at the Federal level hurt the Provincial Liberals? You tell me???

I had a good comment from a stranger last evening. She told me that she enjoys my updates or blog!

There’s only one problem? I don’t know the person but she knows me! I wonder why? As I said in the past, God knows who’s reading this site?

I was wrong!!!! I predicted 100 people will so up for the Protest at the Irving Refinery! Guess what? The number was 200 people!

Not bad but there’s one itty bitty problem?

The Irving Media never covered the protest! I wonder why? You tell me??

By the way? Can someone tell me who owns these papers who pictures I pasted on the website??? Please let me know???

I screwed up yesterday! I missed the student protest in front of the Legislature.

I was told that once again? The MLA’S from the opposition side showed up to meet the students but no one from the Lord Government walked outside to chat with the students?

Could this show our youths that the democratic system don’t work????

All elected officials especially from the Party in power should have went out and meet the students!

Come on now??? Give me a break!

I remember in 1977, there was a famillar work stoppage by the teachers at Mathieu Martin High School!

Hundreds of students were in the hallways and the Principal of the day Dollar LeBlanc told the students - It’s my duty to tell you the students to report to your classrooms!

I might add that he said this with a smile!

We shouted the man down and the work stoppage soon came to an end! I guess things haven’t change in close to 30 years!

I heard that many seniors are selling their prescription drug to survive. Can you imagine the decision? Food or your health!

Today’s youths are so drugged up with these prescription drugs that it’s totally out of control!

Ok..I wrote enough about nothing already and please excuse the grammar because I just the darn thing and send the update in the information Highway!!!