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CBC News Article on Tent Protests


May 4-2005-T-1

Do you have a beach chair or a folding one? Drop one off at the Legislature so Tim can sit down once in a while, Trust me! I know because those folding chairs came in very handy when I was protesting!

Is there anyone out there who wishes to beat me up? Go ahead and do it now because after standing beside Tim Smith all day long?

I found out that I’m old < 45 years old > and I couldn’t take care of myself anyway. My back is killing me!!!

Yeah…it’s been quite a day!

After writing my latest blog? I showed up at the Legislature and Tim Smith told me that the Fredericton Police Department just escorted a guy outside.

I guess that he was wearing a clown nose and he was upset?

I was told this same guy was escorted out just last week because he was acting up in the gallery!

A clown upset??? The guy went home crusing a storm I guess.

I told Tim that he’ll meet all kinds of different people in front of the Legislature.



Charles and Brad 003



But what he told me later is what really got me going. He told me that a officer from the Fredericton Police Forces came out after I left and told the protester that he got orders from the Sergeant At Arms to search his belongings!

First the issue of the tent and now this????

Tim seems a little upset because he has met Daniel Bussieres in January and he found him a very nice guy!

I got to give credit where it’s due!!! Tim kept his cool!

Myself? I wasn’t amused. I walked into the Legislature and asked Andre the Commissionaire if Dan has flipped???

I noticed that one Commissionaire came behind me and was paying close attention!

Of course, I know for a fact that if I cross that thin line? I would also be shown the door but this is Charles! I don’t lose my cool!

I had a strange feeling that something wasn’t right and after standing outside with a close circuit camera focus on you didn’t help the situation.


Charles 04_07_05 053

I finally located the Sergeant At Arms in the Hallway and asked him - Have you flip your lid???

He didn’t seem too impress and I know I shouldn’t be asking question but I can’t help myself because I’m just a nosy little Frenchman!

I also realize that I’m the only individual in the whole Legislature that’s not paid for my services therefore I can be known as a pest!!

Dan told me that it’s all part of security.

I replied- Listen? I stayed with the guy in Saint John for two evenings! If he was an idiot? Would I be associated with Tim Smith? Of course not!

The Sergeant At Arms was in a hurry and I quickly asked him -What’s with the guy with the clown nose anyway?

He replied in a stern manner- Is it you who brings all these people here???

He wasn’t laughing either. Lol…I found that line funny!

I had nothing to do with these protesters. Especially the guy with the Clown nose!!

I wouldn’t have a clue what his concerns are?

Later on in the day, I wanted to know a few more answers but I could tell that Dan had a hard day so I decided to leave him alone.

I believe that I won’t bother him during the next few days because he really takes his security seriously!

My God? I’m surprised that I haven’t been search!..lol..

I had a message for Dan from Tim. He has the Bible in his back pocket. The Sergeant At Arms gave him as a good bye present in January!

Trust me!!! He’s not a bad guy maybe he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

I soon found out that Tim didn’t know these MLA’S names or which party they belong to?

I had the same problem but after six months? I know them all!

The Liberals have to go by Tim Smith to go into the Legislature. The P.C.’s take the side door therefore avoiding any protesters.

This is the reason any protests should be done on the right hand side of the Legislature because if you’re out front? The MLA’S on the side of the Government can sneak in!

I told Tim that anyone who comes in with a fancy suit is a Liberal. The people using the other entrance are P.C.’s!

I might add that Margaret Ann Blaney came out and chatted with Tim. I decided to leave them alone. Mr.Volpe told me that he would chat with Tim but he never showed up! That’s funny because last week he told the media that he would talk to Tim once he arrives in the Capital.

I noticed a few people looked from the street wondering who’s the guy with the crazy hat?

Myself? I’m so nosy! I would take the time to go and chat with the guy but not here in Fredericton because the citizens are so afraid!

They just go on with their own little affairs and move on without asking any questions. I feel this will change during the next few days because of the media attention.

Tim soon found out that even if it’s spring?

It still can be a windy place in front of the Legislature. His signs were ripped by the heavy winds but he seem calm and in control of the Situation!

I felt helpless. I wanted to help Tim in finding a place to sleep because the Shelter isn’t a place where a protester can relax!

I live in a little room so this was out of the question?

I noticed a Liberal MLA from the Saint John area. His name is Stuart Jamieson.

I told Stuart - Hey? Give your Government card to this guy so he can have a nice bed to sleep on??

Stuart quickly told Tim that he’ll pay for a room. I found this fine gesture very nice for the Liberal MLA from Saint John. Tim is not the type to asks for favours. He has pride!!!

My back was killing me and I had to go home.

After watching the news, I decided to visit Tim Smith at the Legislature at around 6:20pm but he was nowhere to be seen. I believe as I write he’s laying down in a nice bed and getting prepare for another day in the morning.

I’m telling you that it’s nice an easy task to protest in one area! I almost went nuts after a few weeks of my protest but that all change once I began collecting names for my petition.

I was never around my tent. I was on the streets collecting names.

I will continue to keep a close eye on Tim.

I just wish that he didn’t go on a hunger Strike because there’s not much meat on his body as it is!

Do you have a message for Tim? Post a comment in this blog and I will see that Tim gets it!!!

Bye bye


Do you have a spare bed in the Fredericton area? Tim needs some support! He doesn’t drink alcohol of take drugs! If you care to give the guy a helping hand? Drop by the Legislature!!

Shoot!!!! I forgot my eyeglasses this morning so here goes nothing!!

Ok..I waited for Tim Smith at the Bus Station and sure enough he showed up.

The first question I asked the guy was – When was the last time that you ate?

He told me that he had a meal last evening and he was too nervous to eat!

I asked him about his daughter?

He told me that her daughter cried a little last night and he didn’t have to leave her with Child Protection as he did in January.

His friends told Tim - Listen!!! We support your protest and we will take care of your daughter!

You go and protest for those poor souls who’s too ashamed to speak for themselves.

We made a stopover at Tim’s Horton and enjoyed a nice chat.

I noticed that he had a large garbage bag beside him.

Once in front of the Legislature and I will say that we must have been there for 15 seconds.

A guy came rushing out of the Legislature wearing a suit and cue cut!!

He flashed his badge just like Steve McGarrett on the old television Hawaii Five-O and said he was from the Fredericton Police Forces and he had a message for Tim from Daniel Busssiers the Sergeant At Arms at the Legislature.

The message was right to the point---- NO TENTS ARE ALLOWED ON THE FRONT LAWN OF THE LEGISLATURE!!!!

My God? That was fast! Daniel Bussieres has been on my email list for the last three years so he knows the going ons with Tim Smith!

I was very surprised that he would send someone else to do his dirty work. He did chat with Dan Bussieres yesterday on the front steps and he did tell me in a joking way that I was indeed the last of the true protesters!

Lets see what’s going to happen in this case in future days ahead!!!

My God??? I wouldn’t wish to protest in front of the Legislature because these days they have a huge camera stationed right out front! They watched your every movement!!

Minutes later he opened his Garbage Bad and remove his signs that he wore in January!

He made a paper hat with a huge dollar Green sign on it!

He placed a bucket near him with a sign asking the public to drop over a penny!

Because the Lord Government says- Every penny counts! < VLT’S >

He had a bag with him for his spare clothes so he went to the opposition building and asked if he could leave his sack in the building?

There was no problem but 10 minutes later, he was told that he couldn’t leave his bag at the Liberal Office because a few people already tripped over it!

I say- BS!!!!

They’re trying to make this guy as uncomfortable as they can so he’ll leave!

A few Liberals walked by and of course Tim don’t know these Politicians and I didn’t either until I stayed in the tent for 6 months.

The next thing I knew? I saw all these media people coming to Tim for interviews.

I shouted- My God??? It took 50 days for you guys to come and see me???

One media personnel quickly answered- Hey Charles? That’s old news!!!

I replied- Hey? I feel like a soldier from Vietnam!!! I having flashbacks!!!...lol

One Minister from the Lord Government droved by in A SUV and it was Margaret Ann Blaney!

She came over with an Assistant on her side and wanted to chat with Tim Smith!

Tim was busy with the interviews so she told me that She’ll be back!

While chatting with the Minister? Those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights came to my mind! I couldn’t believe what I read in the media but I’ll get back to that in days ahead!!!

People walked by Tim without saying a word of encouragement! I reminded the protester that this is the Capital and to ignored these bureaucrats!

They always walked around with their noses up in the air.

It’s getting cloudy and I believe rain is on the way!

Yes, it’s much warmer than in January and Tim speaks with great confidence. The Lord Government must act on his suggestions because he’s not going nowhere soon!

So? That’s about it for now and he’s only been there for one hour in a half!

Check out the news tonight and you’ll see more in details the outfits he’s wearing!


If you’re from the Capital and you have a spear room? Give it to Tim! He’s a very nice guy!

He doesn’t drink alcohol or takes drugs! Drop by the Legislature and offer him a helping hand!

Ok.,..I got to go see what’s happening in front of the Legislature. Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!!


He's suppose to be back in the Capital at 11:15am to resume his protest against the VLT'S! I don't have the time to write a long winded update today but I'm certain that I will lts to write about tonight!

Here's a protest when he protested in the cold winter month of January! It sure will be a little warmer this time around. MAY GOD BE WITH HIM DURING HIS PROTEST!!!!

Tim, May 4, 2005


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