Monday, May 09, 2005


I have just learn that he's ok and thanks for the many fine words of need during this difficult periode. Once again, Thank you very much for the many prayers.

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Here is a fine example of the problems with VLT addiction.

I met a gentleman who's name is Harvey he’s from NFLD.

Sadly, his brother committed suicide in 1998 he left his family a note.

He then took his truck and a can of gas into the woods and set himself on fire.

He has left behind 2 daughters who at the time were ages 8yrs-10yrs old.

To date he wants very badly to confront his government on this issue but he has no choice but to continue to suffer in silence as his constant battle with this decision is a hard one because in 1998 the family had decided to tell his children that their father's death was an accident.

When he realized who I was he told me this story because his brother was my age (41) when he died he also had a photocopy of the story about the Halifax man who set himself on fire in his car tucked in his pocket.

He said he could not believe he had to see a suicide in this way twice in 7 years!!!

The despricey to escape this addiction must be insanely psychotic.

He told me that he believed it was fate to meet me < A VLT activist > and tell me his story.

He wished me luck on trying to get my government to understand that life is more than exploitation of the weak for revenue.

I asked him if he would like to come to the legislature with me tomorrow to talk to the press?

He could not give me an answer but he would think about it.

Request by the WCIE

I am hoping that someone can take it upon them selves to help us out. I just re-added an old post to the side bar regarding the companies that Irving currently owns in this province... I am hoping that someone can put this list together.. the ones Charles and I came up with and the ones that were later added in the comments section in the article. We would like to have a dynamic list with continual updates. As I have since moved west, I have actually more work and this provides me with less opportunity to contribute directly to this website, rather I know stick to the infrastructure and keeping it operational on a daily basis. Please feel free to email me at either with a fake email address or your own. Remember all emails will be strictly confidential and all copies on my end will be deleted once I have the information I need to repost that blog. Its good to say Hi again to everyone.



It’s early in the morning and I’m going to have a very busy day.

Of course I have to appear in front of the Senate for mental health issues.

What I do find funny about this issue is that I heard about the Senate Committee in the Irving’s paper so once the Senate to study the Irving monopoly came to New Brunswick? We never seen nothing about this issue! I wonder why? You tell me?

Boy? They’re going to received a mouth full from this ADHD activist of the way those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights commission dictated to the Government how adults taking Ritalin should be treated in New Brunswick.

Also the way the Bernard Lord Government are drugging and killing our children in this Province. As I told Elvy Robichaud last week?

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There’s many kids who are forced on Ritalin and later on in life? They commit suicide. Don’t seem to be fair in this Province that kids should be force on Drugs!

Tim Smith is ok! He picked up his stuff over my place this morning and continued on his trek to the Legislature.

May 4-2005-T& C-3

The life of a protester isn’t an easy ride. He told me that Saturday evening, they was no heat in the shelter and it was cold.

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Tonight will be exactly one week that he never eaten no food!

Where’s Mr.Volpe anyway? He told the media that he would meet with Mr.Smith to discuss his concerns but he never did!

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Tim Smith is the perfect and best spokeperson with the addicts of VLT’S in this Province and he’s doing a fine job!

Many thanks goes out to the people who wishes my Uncle well today. He’s going to be operated on at noon and lets pray that everything will be fine.

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My God? Thank God that my favorite Priest was around to give me some encouragement.

I said it before and I will say it again!

He’s the closest thing that we will ever see as a Saint in this area. The life of a Priest isn’t an easy one and he can have his job.

Misc 135

It’s cold here in the Capital and lets pray that Tim’s body can take it!

He hasn’t eaten so I am definitely worried about his health!

Ok…It would be nice of Bernard Lord to step forward and say –

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You know what Tim? After thinking about the issue over the weekend? I realize that you are right and we are going to cut down on the hours of usage!

Ok Tim, go home to your loving daughter and we will handle it from the Capital!

Do you think this will happen or Am I cracking up! Ok…this is a very fast update and excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Bye bye

P.S. Tim really appreciates your comments so don’t be shy and leave one for this fine individual!!!

Keep on reading this blog during the day so some latest update from the front lawn of the Legislature.

Bye bye