Monday, February 14, 2005


Sorry…no more amount of meals for you readers from now on I guess????
Someone gave the orders not to give me the amount of meals being served at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen!
Hmmmmm???? I wonder why? Isn’t this public knowledge? Isn’t it nice that New Brunswickers knows who many people used the Soup Kitchen on a daily basis? Just this mrning? I noticed four poor people on the streets asking for money?
I really don’t care if they give me the amount of meals being served because all I wanted to do is give a helping hand!
All I wish to do is to educate the public!!!
Every instance, I get involved in a issue? Someone always seem to stop me in my tracks!
Ohh well? C’est la vie! Let me know if you enjoyed knowing the meals being served with my updates?
Maybe I step on someone toes? Who knows? Hey? I wonder if I will told not to go at the Kitchen anymore? Nahhhh….that’s too far fetch!
If I’m acting like I’m paranoid? Well? I’m sorry but stranger things have happen in my life! Continue to read on!!!
Ok..never mind that issue!
My God?? Have you noticed that the Halifax area is very dangerous to live in?
Every week someone has been shot or murdered and it’s just a matter of time till that crime wave hits this Province.
Again last night, the Chief of Police from Cape Breton announced that another young teenager died from the use of Dilaudid!
Of course, we New Brunswickers are super human!!!! We don’t die from prescription drug! There’s no problem in this Province.
I take off my hat to Chief Edgar Macleod because he speaks the truth! Better than the ones in New Brunswick who’s just recently told the media that Prescription drug and crime go hand in hand!!!
Around one hour ago, a lady approached me to say that she really enjoys my blog site.
She added this statement.
We New Brunswickers pay to die! We don’t pay to live because the drugs becomes our companion therefore we die faster!
My God? That was well said!
We pay to die from Ritalin to sleeping pills! Makes sense to me!
I heard that one parent puts her child on Ritalin during the day and sleeping pills in the evenings! I wonder how that child is going to be like in later years but then again? The Lord Government don’t care because it’s much cheaper to drug our children than to treat them with dignity!
Well? Charles met his match during the weekend.
As usual, I was volunteering at the Soup Kitchen and I saw my Japanese friend who did that interview with me.
You can view it at

By the way? A fellow student told her that a friend <> told her that he disagree totally with me because if it wasn’t for the drug Ritalin? He wouldn’t be able to teach!!!
Anyway? I was introduced to her friend and she was going to be my partner washing the dishes.
I’m usually in control of the washer machine and my job is to push the dishes aside once it’s done?
I moved the dishes to the side and someone picks them up!
I asked her Japanese friend if she wanted to clean the food off the dishes or wash the items?
She told me that she’ll take care of the machine. Hey? The machine must be made in Japan so let the Japanese run the machine.
I might add that it was the first time that this individual ever volunteered at the Soup kitchen!
Charles being a stupid White Canadian don’t know the different between different cultures in that part of the world!
She wasn’t Japanese but Chinese!!!
Boy? Did I ever meet my match! Once I cleaned the dishes, she was right beside me grabbing the items off my hand.
Move move and move! She couldn’t wait for the machine to stop! She had to move and that’s the way they are trained in the People’s Republic!
I asked her that maybe she should take her Ritalin?
She answered- RIITTAALLLIINNN???? What’s that? …lol…
EXACTLY!!!! In that part of the world they work as a team!
There’s no such thing as Ritalin to slow them down compared to the Western Hemisphere where the drugging of our kids is normal and once in Adulthood especially here in the Province of New Brunswick they are labelled are close to mental Retardation by those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights commission!
What I found funny? Afterwards, I notice the girls from Japan and China walking on the sidewalk talking with each other!
I asked them what language did they speak?
They spoke in English because neither understands the language of their country.
Two immigrant from so far away and yet close to each other but speaks English to communicate!
I find that amusing!
I wonder if my Japanese friend is going to have a low mark by the Irving’s supervisor at Saint-Thomas because she made a story on me?
I heard from many students that the Irvings should take their money back because our standard of Journalism is going to be at a all time low!
I walked into a coffee shop yesterday and someone recognized me and we began to talk about this issue!
I stood up and said- They give you the Diploma and say - Ok??? Repeat after me!!! I stood in a Hitler salute and said- YOU WILL NOT WRITE CRITICAL STORIES OF THE EVIL IRVING EMPIRE!!! YOU WILL DEDICATE YOUR LIFE AND SOULD TO THE EVIL IRVING EMPIRE!!!
A few students noticed me and agreed that I wasn’t far off the mark on this one!
It’s Germany all over again and there’s nothing we can do about it!
Which reminds me? I was supposed to have a letter printed in the Daily Gleaner today!
Maybe the Irving Gestapo showed up and gave the orders not to print my letters!
They did it in the Moncton Transcript and the Telegraph Journal so why not in this Irving own paper.
I’m going to give the guy a call!
One concern reader asked me yesterday - Charles? What do you plan to accomplish with your fight against the Irvings?
Well? It’s like this! I told her that I wasn’t proud of what I was doing and I have three choices!

1- I could walk towards the sunset with my head down and say - Ok…they won! I am CLOSE TO mental retardation and turned to drugs and alcohol therefore becoming a social outcast!!

2- I could like many families in the past be forced by the Evil Irving Empire to leave this Province!

3- I could commit suicide and ended it all!

Sorry, those issues are not going to happen!
The battle against those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission and the Evil Irving Empire will continue till the end of times!
SH@T!!!! Close to 1,300 words and I have much more to write about!
Ok…I’ll write more in the morning! See ya later and excuse the style of this letter and grammar because I just write the darn thing and send it along on the information highway! Bye bye….and tell all your friends on your list about this little Blog site!~