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lol...there wasn't much going on. One hour later, I bumped into the same kid!!!


I'm full of energy!!! Who needs Ritalin???

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Saint John Police Force treated the Natives in a bad way???

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I don’t know the whole details in this story but I guess these Natives from Nova Scotia were treated in a bad way by the Saint John police Force.

I guess they were over fishing in the Bay of Fundy but this is not my point. < Maybe someone in Nova Scotia can share their story? >

The Natives told the media they were treated in a rough way by the Saint John Police Force.

The Saint John Police Force must be investigated of the way they treat the poor or different Cultures in this Province.

I believe the Natives were treated rough because Sargeant John Parks of the Saint John Police Force push me against the wall told me that I was under arrest.
ARRESTChalieLeBlancArrestPictures 056Pictures 054Pictures 058Pictures 055

Now he walk me 30 feet and forced me on the Ground.

Now what ever happen to the saying - Please put your hands behind your back!


I might add that John Parks asked me before I left jail - DO YOU WORK????

Now? I didn’t know that in the eyes of the law that a poor person will be treated differently???

The Saint John Police Force will definitely be investigated in a public inquiry after my trial.

I never even mention the deleted pictures in this blog!!!


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Here I am in my little room and I had a good night sleep.

I just didn’t feel like blogging while in Saint John and that’s the way it is.

Now, I’m going to try to give my views of what happen in that court room on November 2th. Please understand that I may jump issues in this blog!!!! we go!!!!

Myself and Tim Smith got up early in the morning and had a little lunch at Brunswick Square.

Pictures 063

My lawyer Harold Doherty showed up with a smile on his face because of the news story the evening before by Robert Jones.

Pictures 064

Robert did a fantastic job showing the facts of what happen at Atlantica when I was arrested. We proceeded towards the court room.

Pictures 051

I decided to step outside for a smoke. I wasn’t nervous at all because I truly know deep inside that I didn’t do anything wrong.

Once outside, I noticed Robert Jones and congratulated the guy for his fine work.

Pictures 053

There’s no favoritism with Robert Jones.

He just covers the facts. He’s been doing this for the last 15 years.

One reporter wanted to do an interview en Francais over the phone but I totally forgot to call him back.

Pictures 055

Ok..never mind that....

Myself and Tim Smith proceeded towards the court room.


Once there, I never saw so many cops in all my life and if looks could kill? I would have been dead!!!

I expected a little more people in the room but there wasn’t. I believe the public was very smart not to attend the hearings.

My God!!! It was terrible. < I’ll get to that later.> >

In the room, were Dorothy Dawson.

My cousin and Aunt and a friend from Fredericton made the trip to Saint John. There was a small group of reporters and around eight people from the Saint John police Force. They were also five people who organize Atlantica!

I said to myself - What a waste of taxpayers money!

My lawyer called me outside from the court room for a minute and told me that the prosecutor once again offered me a chance to plead guilty. Therefore, I would get a conditional discharge and no record.

Pictures 052

It’s his job to give me the chance for a clean record.

Why would I plead guilty for something I knew that I didn’t do wrong?

I sat in the middle of the court room. I didn’t know that I was allowed to sit beside my lawyer?

This issue was bought up by an Irving reporter.

There should also have headphones in the court room because it’s very difficult to hear all is said.

One thing is certain? On November 20th? I will be sitting right beside my lawyer.

You must understand that I’m new in this!

The Judge walked in the room and the countdown was over!!! IT’S SHOWTIME!!!

Finally, I’m going to hear all the evidence against me. All of my five ADHD was concentrating on the issue in hand but that quickly disappeared because all they were talking about were the protesters.

Where did you see the protesters? What were they wearing? Were they loud? How old were they?

I quickly lost interest because I wasn’t one of the protesters so therefore why talk about this issue?

A police officer took some pictures of the main entrance and it was shown over and over again!

Where did the protesters come from? What do you see? What was your reaction?


Tim Smith left for a few minutes and I was going to follow him for a smoke because this issue didn’t interest me at all!

Once Tim left? The Judge quickly stops the precedings and asked the lawyer if it was his client that left the courtroom? But it wasn’t me!

I said to myself- You mean that I have to stay in this court room all day long listening to the stories of the protesters???

For once in my life? I COULD HAVE USED TEN RITALIN!!!!

It was terrible.

The prosecutor Cathy McNally was always questioning the witnesses of the protesters?

I was a little uncomfortable in the court room because the Saint John police officers were sitting right behind me. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at the female Police officer of Kung Fu fighting.

Pictures 109

In a way, I felt bad for her because she looks like a nice person but she wasn’t too nice with me during my arrest so that’s the way it goes!

They had people who organize Atlantica on the stand and not one of them said a bad word about me.

I felt good when one of them said that I was in the age of between 30 and 40 years old! Hey? That felt very good!!!

They told the prosecutor that they never noticed me.

One of the witnesses said that I was on the floor and my legs weren’t moving but in another hand the cop said that I was resisting arrest.

I believe the witnesses didn’t help their case against me.

It was a total waste of time. But what do I know? I’m not a lawyer. Maybe the prosecutor had a reason for all this? Who truly knows?

During the proceeding, the Robert Jones story came to light.

Carol McNally said- I never saw the tape! The first time I heard about this issue was on Charles’s website! So she reads my blog??? Hey? That’s a good thing because maybe she can get all the facts of what happen at Atlantica?

Thank God that I don’t write lies in this blog!! She can confront me on any blog and I’ll give her an honest answer.

I hope the judge also reads the blog so he can truly understand what’s at Stake in this trial?

Ok....jumping the issue here...ADHD brains are working

One police officer said - That he couldn’t hear me yelling that I was a blogger because of all the noise.

I quickly learned that everyone had a different number of the protesters in the area. One would say - 20. The other 30 or 40! The numbers are not matching but one thing is certain?

If the Saint John Police Force didn’t delete all my pictures? We would know the true numbers because I had some great pictures. I did my job as a reporter but it’s a shame that they deleted all my pictures.

I’m certain that I took 150 pictures all day long but all that is gone.

This is the reason, the New Brunswick Police Commission or the Government must hold a public inquiry on this issue.

This could set up a very dangerous precedent in this country is the Police Force is allowed to delete pictures from any citizens.

Opppsss jumping the issue again!!! Sorry about that....

Finally, the Judge announce a break in the proceedings.

My God!!! It was about time!!!! I was really getting frustrated!!!

I can truly understand the reason a child sometime goes nuts in the classroom.

I had 50 minutes till the trial resume so I joined my cousin and Aunt for a quick meal. I never ate a Hot Turkey so fast in all my life!!!

Pictures 066

Sure was nice to see my Aunt again! She’s like the mother that I never had.

They also couldn’t stand the stories in the court room so they didn’t bother coming back for the afternoon session. I wish that I could also do home with them but I couldn’t! I had to stay!!!! It was terrible but what could I do?

Once in the courtroom, I noticed a group of reporters gathered in a group.

I walked in the group and said- Hey? I’m also the media so I may as well join in.

They all had a good chuckle.

I said - So? Is Charles going to be hung?

These reporters always gather in a group.

Such as in the Legislature, they exchange their views and come to a conclusion what to report to the public.

I was introduced to Bruce Barllett from the Irving Paper.
I quickly said- Tell Jamie Irving? No hard feeling! I like the kid!

I told the media that what is at risk here is if the public is allowed to take pictures such as a protest?

I quickly grabbed my camera and pretended to take a picture.

Explaining that if the case goes against me?

Since the Irvings owns all the newspapers?

We will have to call in an Irving employee???

At that moment, a police officer walked by in front of the camera and I made myself clear that I didn’t take a picture.

My God, can you imagine all the cops in that court room jumping on me?

Deja-vu all over again but in a court room!!

Pictures 059

A sheriff told me that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the court room!!!

Duuuhhhhhhh...I might be crazy but not stupid!!! Sigh.....

This is a true fact. I got nothing against the Irving on a personal note. Take a look at Kenneth Irving who organizes Atlantica?


Over one month after the arrest. I was chatting with the Billionaire for over 15 minutes. She had a good little chat on different issues.

You can read the blog by clicking below -


The Irvings always give me the time of day when I bumped into them.

The session did begin on time < never does >

Myself and Tim Smith when outside in the hallway. Now? There was a funny scene.

We noticed the prosecutor talking to all the Police Officers like a coach during a football game. It was funny to watch them in action.

Myself and Tim Smith both had our cameras but we didn’t dare to take a picture.

It was like a football coach telling the Police Officers - Come on guys? We got too win this case!

The proceeding began and it was the same o same o same o! It was 2:15pm and there still three media present and nine police officers.

One officer testified that I wanted a French cop and he showed up.

It was funny the way he explain to the court room that he came from French emersion and Mr.LeBlanc took it in a stride.

He was a nice guy and I remember joking with him in my cell of the way the English people don’t stand a chance to practice the French language in a population which is mainly English.

The cop didn’t say anything bad about me.

He was a nice witness by saying that I was laughing with him. So therefore I showed to the court that I wasn’t a bad guy!!!

I noticed three cops sitting in the back bench and one of them was asked to step forward.

What I found odd that he didn’t walk by the two other Police Officers who were sitting on the bench of the court room.

He quickly jumped over the bench and proceeded towards the witness stand.

Jumping over a bench in the court room? I wonder what would have happened if I did that???

The Police Officer must have ADHD???..LOL...

One each occasion, the police officers were asked if they recognized Charles in the court room?

The problem was that I wasn’t sitting at the same place during the proceeding. They look to the old area but I wasn’t there. I moved on three occasions during the trial. I was bored.

The Judge said- I believe we know who Mr.LeBlanc is! He likes to move!!!!

The judge does have a sense of ha ha!!! I like the guy. Ever since I first appeared in court? He’s been very nice with me.

The trial was adjourned till November 20th because of the Robert Jones story so this means another trip to Saint John. My God! I never traveled so often between Saint John and Fredericton so much in all my life.

I remember the first time I appeared in court.

The prosecutor said - Your honor? This will only last half a day!!!

I quickly stood up and said - This will take at least one week!!!

You know what? If we could bring in all the witnesses that I wanted to put on the witness stand? It would take one week but Legal Aid New Brunswick will say that it cost too much money.

My God? I would subpoena Kenneth Irving so he could tell the court that I’m not a bad guy!!!

Harold Doherty is a great lawyer and very smart.

Pictures 064

Thank God that he steps forward to help me because it would be an impossible task to represent myself.

How many poor people are in jail because New Brunswick Legal Aid denied them the right to a lawyer but all that is going to change in the near future.

Because the day after T.J. Burke was appointed Justice Minister? He quickly told me that he’s going to look into the Legal Aid issue. I guess he reads my blog.

This issue made me an advocate for better Legal Aid in New Brunswick. I was told by many lawyers that we truly have the worst legal Aid in Canada.

Is this just a way to jail the poor? Who truly knows?

So, from I saw and heard < force to stay in the court room > there’s no evidence whatsoever that I was with the protesters.

I wonder why the prosecutor took that route? I could write on more issues but I can’t because my lawyer would be upset with me.

I can’t wait for this trial to be over because I have lots of issues to blog about!

Pease excuse the way I wrote this blog because it’s a long one and I’m certain that once again? I have some poor grammar mistakes!!! Stay tunes for more on this blog.

We will find out once and for all if democracy is truly dead in Canada????



Just a reminder...

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The Irvings - A reader asking a question about the Irvings???

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I guess you can say we are another casualty of the Irving empire...our sawmill was bought by them last spring and they cut the workforce in half after 2 weeks...those job cuts turned out to be permanent.

The other half was saved because there was a special license attached to the mill .

Any wood obtained from the license 10 area had to be processed at our mill.

This license has been in existence for over 20 years! But now with the new liberal seems the license will apply no longer.

Mr Irving himself boasted to our conservative MLA that he would do what he wanted with our mill in Baker Brook once the Liberals took office...Well done Mr Irving!

Who cares about those little towns and those stupid people...The worst thing is that we can't even get a newspaper to print our story!

Is New Brunswick really a democracy or just a herd of mindless people run by bought politicians?

Could someone tell me how much total land the Irvings own in forestry alone?

Where are the anti-monopoly laws when you need them?

Hmmm, maybe North Korea would be a nicer place to live....By the way, Irving is shutting a mill in Quebec so the one in Baker Brook can stay they are saving 30 jobs in Baker Brook after cutting 35 here and 28 in Quebec...all this so they can supplement their mill in St Leonard.

A million acres bought from Bowater so that 30 people can work in Baker Brook...that is what I call sharing our resources!

nov 3,2006

Sunset in Saint John South!!!

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