Sunday, January 06, 2008


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Just like 20 millions < or more > citizens?

I just watched Roger Clemens on 60 Minutes!

Mike Wallace pointly blank asked Roger Clemens if he took steroids???

The former Cy Young award angrily denied ever using the drug!!

You know what?

I believe him!!!

Did you????

Lets go clean those walking trails in Fredericton!!!!

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George Piers decides to stay one more year!!!!

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This is very good news!!!!

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1- Fredericton train station gets a new roof and the Irvings don’t pay one dollar.


2-Kelly Lamrock announce the drugging and the killings of our children will continue. It’s cheaper to drug our kids than to treat them with dignity.


3-Prescription drugs used is on the rise. Crime goes way up because people can buy Dilaudid on the streets. Government finds out the major seller of oxy-contin are Seniors. They have to sell their prescription to survive.

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4-Mayor Brad Woodside wins race for Mayor. Nobody runs against him.

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5-Ivan Court becomes the new Mayor of Saint John!!! The members of the Friends of Rockwood Park follows Norm McFarlane all over the place. The Irvings refuse to cover the protesters but other media do cover their concerns.

ivancPictures 403Pictures 435

6-After lots of snow in Fredericton <> Early spring and beautiful summer. The snow help to bring in much needed water to the City!!!


7-The City of Fredericton announce that more less fortunate people are leaving Saint John for the Capital causing concerns.


8-Kelly Lamrock announce the end of French Immersion in New Brunswick causing chaos in the school system.


9-Another New Brunswicker is killed by a taser gun.


10-Huge accident in suicide alley between Riviere du Loup and New Brunswick. People are demanding the area be divided to a four lane highway.


11- The citizens in New Brunswick goes into an outrage once the Government announce many minerals are located on people’s land but the owners won’t receive one single cent. The only citizens to benefit are the Irvings!


13- The Province will announce that our Legal Aid won’t change so the less fortunate will continue to be charge and not have the right to a lawyer. It’s a way to keep the poor in jail!!!


14- The Federal Government is concern that the less fortunate in Saint John are in great danger because of the second refinery. They can’t escape!!!


15-Barack Obama is shot causing a huge backlash in the States!!! I hope this don't happen!!!!


16- Liberal Party hauls Charles LeBlanc in court for speaking his mind.


17-Charles will be assaulted on the streets. After a court trial, we find out that it was someone connected to the Liberal Party who ordered the assault.

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18-Health Canada announce that jogging in Saint John can kill ya!!!


19-One of three Irving’s brothers suddenly move to the Bahamas forever!!!


20- The Irvings put for sale many of their newspapers because they can’t sell the darn thing.

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21- Big floods during the spring near the Saint John River.

STA_2529Picture 015

22-Federal election is called and the results are the same. Minority P.C. Government.


23- Frank McKenna announce his running for the Federal Liberal Leadership.


24- The Liberal Party expel Charles from the Party. They make a deal with the Irvings to crucify in the papers anyone who dares to voice their objection against the Party therefore turning New Brunswick into a Second Germany!!!


25- Charles goes public with the reason he’s ban from the Legislature causing an uproar within the Liberals. Charles explain that he was ban because of a murder and explain the details. I had the picture of the victim but after a few people told me they were offended? I remove the pic. This came from Kelly Lamrock mouth and I told you readers for the last year and a half that the issue is dirty and flithy!!! This is the reason I've been calling the Liberals - Flithy Rats!!!! To go public with this issue is not human!!! The Liberal Party are quickly changing!!! Stay tuned for more on this one.

26-Dan Bussieres is force to resign from the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

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27-Mataquac Dam is destroyed causing major flooding!!!!

28- Tim Smith quits his memorial protest for the victims who committed suicide because of the VLT’S. Tim realizes that the Liberal Policy on VLT’S are worst than the P.C.’s! Tim goes into oblivion never to heard from again!!!!!! But Charles will take his place for one day during the hot summer months in memory of the poor souls who killed themselve because of these dreadful machines!!!!


29- Shawn Graham announce the arrest of many former paper workers in Dalhousie. The courts deals with the former workers in a very harsh way!!!


30-Shawn Graham announce his wife Roxane is pregnant. He’s so happy that he also tells New Brunswickers that he’s going to award the Order of New Brunswick to all the Irving family members!!!!


31- The new head macho of the Education Department is a lobbyist from Pharmaceutical drug Company therefore guaranteeing the drugging and the killings of our children for years to come!!!


32- The Carleton comes back!!!


33- Dennis Melanson is found Not Guilty!!!!


34 - Bernard Richard calls it quit and runs for Federal Politics.


35- Shawn Graham is the first Premier in history to hire Bodyguards. He hires Mafia type Bouncers from Sweetwaters.

IMG_8033sweetwatersbouncers 2

36 - Mafia type of bouncers kills a drunken individual in the club.


37 - New England Patriots wins the Superbowl!!!!


38 - Kelly Lamrock to once again try to eliminate Pittbulls in New Brunswick!!!


39 - The Mazzucca's opens a new store in Fredericton!!!!!


40-The Irvings announce that no critical letters of the Provincial Liberal Party will be printed!!!


41-Brad Woodside starts smoking again.


42- UNBSJ students protest in big numbers in front of the Irving headquarters in Saint John. The Saint John Police riot squad kills one student. The protest goes on for days until the Irvings backs down!!!

Charles Leblanc 188Pictures 070

42- UNBSJ Radio Talk show gets very popular during the Municipal Election. There's no other way to get the word out but blogging and that talk show!!!!

Charles Leblanc 191

43- The Mayor of Saint John and the Police Chief announce that only Irving's employees are allow to take pictures at major events!!!!

logan 353logan 510

44- Pat Bonner and Janet Holt retires from the Saint John Police Force!!!

logan 349logan 525

45 - Gregory Allen Despres is found guilty and sentence to 50 years in jail without any chance of parole.


46-After great success with the Carleton FreePress, Dwight Fraser opens two more newspapers in New Brunswick!!!!


47- Number one investigative reporter in New Brunswick will be sued by the Irvings causing a National uproar across Canada!!!!


48 - People in Fredericton finds out that the Mary Keith who showed up at a meeting a few months ago was indeed a robot from the future!!!!


49-The Irvings tries to hide the Fredericton Train station from the public by burying the building with snow.


50- Since my predictions are way off the wall? I may as well finish with a dozzy!!!! CHARLES WILL BECOME THE NEW EDITOR OF THE DAILY GLEANER TAKING THE PLACE OF PETER HAGGERT!!!!!!!!

chuckiePicture 028Picture 026

I hope you guys and gals had a good laugh!!!!! Now to continue blogging on important issues!!!!