Thursday, April 14, 2005


I just got word that the Lord Government will continue to DRUG and kill our children!!! There will be no study on the issue of Ritalin. I'll write more about this in the morning!!!!


The decision of the standing committee to study the issue of Ritalin will be announce next Thursday and not today!
The MLA’S who serves on this Committee are as follows-
Select Committee on Health Care
• Mr. Williams (C)
• Mr. Sherwood (VC)
• Mr. Stiles
• Mr. C. LeBlanc
• Mr. Holder
• Mr. Carr
• Mr. Malley • Mr. Albert
• Mr. R. Boudreau
• Mr. Kennedy
• Mr. V. Boudreau
• Ms. Weir

I know everyone of them so lets see what’s going to happen next week?

This has nothing to do with Charles LeBlanc! The issue of Ritalin is for the kids!!!

My God? I’m heading for a very busy week!

I will appear in front of the Senate Committee to explain the Irving Monopoly of newspapers in this Province.

The next morning I have to explain to a group of people the proper way kids with true ADHD should be treated in the school system!

Do you have any ideas? Please let me know!

Pretty scary stuff with the blog of the petition eh? < Canadian > The Irvings can have access to the names and in return they will hunt down anyone who dared to sign that piece of paper.

I bet there must be many battles going on within many families in the Saint John area as we speak! I am certain that many family members wanted to attend the protest in front of the Irving Refinery but their loved ones must have beg the other partner not to go because of the fear of being blacklisted by the Evil Irving Empire!

Is this Iraq or Canada! Why are people afraid? That’s the emotional question???

The LNG story came out four weeks ago and it’s still the number one issue with the talk show CFBC in Saint John!

Ok…yesterday was a very hectic day and I should have known better.

While watching the Daily Show last evening? It said - Wednesday April 13th!!! Yes, I am paranoid of the 13th day of every month! Not only Friday the 13th!!!!

I might add that yesterday the counter on this blog site hit 6,666 hits!!! Not 666 but 6,666 hits!!!! Anyway, it did indeed explain a lot of the actions that happened to me during the last 24 hours.

It all started yesterday afternoon. While watching question period at the Cafeteria at the Legislature, I began chatting with a bureaucrat from Family Services! < of course, we won’t mentioned any names >

I asked him < at least you know it’s a male > if the Department check on the girl who is suppose to be five month pregnant?

He answered- Charles? The girl is upset at you?

I replied- Upset with me? That’s funny! I seen her last night and she sounded ok?

You see, I volunteer at the Soup Kitchen and I don’t hang around to chat with the girl! I walked by and asked - Did Family Services contact you yet? Was the media around?

Since the time I’ve first asked her permission to write about this issue? The answer has always been – No!!!

From what I could understand from the bureaucrat of Family Services was the girl was upset with me because I wrote about her and soon afterwards Supply and Services boarded her home which was under the stairway at the Soup Kitchen.

I didn’t really pay much attention to his comments.

While outside of the Legislature? A politician told me that he would like to meet the girl in his office on Thursday!

I said- No problem! I’ll ask the girl if she wants to meet with ya??

I walked in the Soup Kitchen at 5:00pm and asked George Piers if they needed my help?

He told me that every position was full!

I said - Ok!!! I’ll be back later.

Once outside, I heard a loud voice- HEY?? YOU WANT SOME LISTERINE???

Behold heading towards me was a guy name- Pat!

A little background on this guy- I seen this guy ever since I began my protest. I never chatted with the guy! I saw him assault a few people around the shelter. He’s a very rogue individual and I guess he considers this area to be his territory! Just a few weeks ago, the police and the staff from an Ambulance crew came to get a person who he just assaulted!

He beat up a guy very badly!

Anyway, there he was heading towards me and he had a very mean expression on his face.

I knew that he didn’t want to talk to me for a friendly conversation.

He began shouting that I was a pill pusher.

I had a very difficult time understanding what he was talking about?

Moi a Pill Pusher? …lol..maybe he got the story wrong? I am against prescription drug!

I noticed that four other people were watching with a frighten look on their faces.

He continued by pointing at the stairway where Joanne used to live! I still couldn’t understand his point of view!


He continue to yell and took a hard swing and hit me on the cross which is located on my chest!

Hey? Maybe he’s an Atheist???

Who knows?

The punch threw me back a few inches.

I don’t mind a good old fist fight! It’s got for my frustrations! But in this case? It’s a total different ballgame!!!!

Lets say that I would have hit the guy and give him a beating? Do you think the story would have ended there? Of course not!

Guys like this kind? You just try to avoid confrontations because they will come back till you’re a dead man!!!

But in this case, it’s very hard to avoid when there right in your face.

I noticed that Joanne was watching in the group and no one interfered and why should they?

I decided to make an exit from the area. This area has been the target of many assaults during the past few months.

The Shelter is fast becoming a very dangerous place to walk by!

Fredericton Mens Emergency Shelter and Community Kitchen around right side...

I heard that Pat is maybe the Father of the child so maybe he believes that I’m interfering in his affairs? Who knows?

I left the area and you could still hear the guy shouting names at me from two blocks away! People were watching wondering what was all the commotion about?

I could have called the police but I din't bother. If I would have been really harm? I would have called them!

I went home but I wasn’t done yet because I had to return to the Kitchen to tell Joanne that a politician wants to meet with her.

I found an old booklet yesterday and the first page said - Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13.

Yeah and my Priest once told me that I am like a pittbull!!! Once I get a hold on a issue? I won’t let go!

Well? At that point maybe many people would say - Hey? I tried my best and move on!!!

Sorry that’s not my style!

I walked to the kitchen and I saw a friend of mine heading towards the same direction. I told him to wait for me and Thank God that I did because while walking through a tight walkway?

There was Pat waiting for me!

He never touched me but he continued to shout at me!

Once inside, I saw Joanne eating her meal and I told her about the meeting with the Politician!

I continue to asked her- What the hell was all that about anyway? Don’t he realizes that I’m just trying to help you?

She told me that he was having a bad day and he was yelling at everyone!


I quickly grabbed my cross and told her that this was the reason! I care about the unborn!

Once outside, Pat was there but as usual. I just kept on walking and trust me? I wasn’t running either!

Hey? If he has to attack me from behind? Than so be it!

While chatting with a citizen last evening, I saw Pat coming towards me but he just kept on walking by!

I got a question? Who change the story anyway? My updates goes to a few people at the shelter and the Kitchen!

Did someone change the story?

Why would a bureaucrat from Family Services tell me that Joanne was upset with me?

Did someone from that Department change the story so I would get hurt?

Did the story change between a drunken conversation between them?

Many questions that needs answers?

Am I afraid? Of course not! If the girl is pregnant? My main goal is to help the unborn!

I just find it funny that I was told this story at the Legislature and hours later I was assaulted?

Well? I wrote way too much already!

It’s 12:30pm and I’m suppose to meet Joanne at 12:45pm.

One thing is for certain!

If she’s not there?

Well? I am not getting involved in this issue any longer!
It’s all up to her because you can only help a person so much!

Hey? You know what? This bloggling business is getting really dangerous!

Please excuse the grammar and style of this blog. Especially this one because I have to meet the girl! Bye bye!!!


Last evening, I received this email -

Hi Charlie, this is ??????? asking you a personal question regarding petitions, as you know the concerned citizens for fair taxation has started one in saint john, they would like to know a few things if you can help out?

When they get the 10,000 signatures:

Where does the petition go?

Once the petition is presented to the House? The papers stays there until the next session!

Who sees them?

I was told this morning that since it’s the People’s House? Anyone is allowed to asked for the petition?

Can they copy them?

Yes! They can!!!

Who has access to the signatures on them?

Anyone can including the Irving’s bureaucrats in the Capital!!!

How do they destroy them or do they keep them who examines them
any other little details you may have for them?

They don’t destroy the petition! They keep them in the achieves.


I received this email a few minutes ago. I find this one funny!!! What do you think??? This individual has been a great supporter of mine so I told WCIE to send him all the photos. Here's his replisal---

yeah, I talked to him and got him to send all of them, at least I think it was all of them, it was a lot!

We should get you shaved and into a suit one day and have you do your daily routine-- then we'll send the pictures to
political magazines with the heading "who is this man and how does he know everybody in Fredericton?"
You'd make a fortune because everybody would think you were a lobbyist! LOL I guess in a way you are, you just don't get paid for it!