Thursday, March 03, 2005


Ok..lets get one thing straight right now!
I received a few angry comments from yesterday update. Many people were upset that I called Family Services - Nazis!
I never said that!
I wrote that a person who lost three tooth cannot have them replace
because Family Services won’t cover the cost.
The guy only makes $264.00 so therefore it’s like tattooing the
poor individual for life!
Try to go for an job interview with a few teethes missing?
First appearance is the most importance to land a job! Maybe that’s the reason that I’m not working?…
On ATV news last night that played a story from Ontario of someone who
wrote bad stories about a former employer on the information Highway.

He landed in court and was fine $50,000!
They said that it’s only a matter of time till the same action happens in this Province. They went on by saying that it’s very difficult to track down these people because they go under an Anonymous name!
Well? I got news for you readers?
I will never go under an Anonymous name! Sorry not going to happen because I speak La Veriter!!
Can I land in court for these following reasons-
1-Calling J.D. Irving a racist?
2-Calling New Brunswick Human Rights Commission racists?
3-Monopoly of the newspapers in this province is like the Hitler regime?
4-The rights of freedom of speech?
5-Etc etc etc…
My ADHD brains < five of them! > has many issues that I wish to write about and the information Highway is the only way to spread out views to New Brunswickers!
Hey? I got a good complement yesterday, while standing in line at Tim
Horton’s. Being Charles? I couldn’t shut up so I began a chat with the guy behind me!
I told the guy the staff at Tim treated me good! I was the guy who
protested in a tent for six months in front of the Legislature and I was always here every morning! I always mention the protest because this is where I hear stories about Ritalin!
He quickly replied - You must be Charles LeBlanc?
I said- Ok???
He continued by telling me that he loves my comments!
I answered- You mean on the net?
He told me that he enjoys them in the Daily Gleaner < IRVING PAPER > and I always make some good points!
It's nice to know that people in this area enjoys my views!
Which reminds me? My guest column hasn’t been printed yet? I got to phone the Editor. Maybe? Peter Huggert gave the orders not to print my column?
Hey? That would be a darn shame because I’ll have to make a complaint to the Atlantic Press Council but it won’t matter because I tried this around 3 years ago and they told me that the Irvings can deny people freedom of speech!
Thank God! We have the information Highway!
Hey? I believe that my blog site will improve next week because my column will appear in the River Valley News. The funny part is that I do have a following in that area because I have been writing for that paper for the last five years so therefore it’s going to be interesting to see how many citizens in the Southern Part of the Province will visit my blog site?
A person never knows????
Any way to spread the word!
While volunteering at the Soup Kitchen, I had a chat with two workers from the Mental health department and I told them about the orders from those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that adults with ADHD are close to mental Retardation!
They shook their heads in disbelief!
You see? Shooting rampage are happening in the States on a daily basis.
Just yesterday, a young child of 14 years old shot the female bus driver! People close to the kid are saying that he was depress!
Well? Let me tell you that kids are cruel and any kid in New Brunswick who takes Ritalin are labeled by the teachers and the students!
They called them Stupid and idiots! Just yesterday, I was standing by two strangers and they were talking about a person who was out of control!
Wouldn’t you believe that one said- he must have ADD??? Well? It didn’t take me long to intervene and began asking Questions?
I asked the age of the child?
He wasn’t a kid but 40 years old! They told me that his Father always called him stupid so therefore at the end?
His self Esteem was very very very low!
Well? You know what?
I had the same experience! My Father always called me stupid because a person with ADHD always asked questions before thinking and on many occasions they would turn out to be very stupid questions?
I might add that my father owned a grocery store so therefore this didn’t help the situation! That darn SUGAR!!!!
It was so bad that they kicked me out of the house in 1982 and I
never sleep over there since!
I don’t or won’t be in contact with them because I sure wasn’t treated good!
My self esteem took a huge beating! I truly believe that I was stupid so therefore I will not accomplished
anything in life!
Thank God for my uncle and aunt < My true parents > in Saint John because they really helped me by locating work at the shipyard! I made good money and had a good 12 years but all that came crashing down once I found out about ADHD? Those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission told the Government
that I was truly stupid because I have ADHD!!
Hey? Last spring a bureaucrat told me – Sorry Charles? We can’t find you work because the commission said that you are not capable! Yes! The Government workers can be cruel and this is the reason the battle will continue till the end of time!!!!
You know what??? I may get that Blowhorn yet? I’m a blogger now so therefore I have access to more readers!
My God? Over 1,000 words and I just wrote about nothing!
Oh well? I feel much better now!
In closing, the Methadone clinic has finally open in Saint John but there’s only one problem? It’s located outside of the City and the poor Junkies can’t get there!
I also heard that they’re only going to handle 20 people!
That Methadone Clinic must be located in the City! The bus only goes there three times a day and there’s no way these people are going to hang around the clinic for hours!
Here’s the story-
target="blank">UNB Article

Excuse the grammar and send this blog to all your friends on your list so they can continue reading the going on within the Province of New Brunswick!

Bye bye