Sunday, June 18, 2006

But...Do this have a future in the South End of Saint John???

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Saint John South End....

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Maybe if the Irvings paid their share on the new LNG Plant? Maybe the City could find the money for new Park Benches??? What a sore sight for our tourists.

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They took over the old Bank of Nova Scotia on Charlotte Street in Saint John but no flags? I wonder why???


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Take a good guess where this is located???

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There has been a terrible accident on Princess St. In Saint John N.B.
Details are scetchy but from what I've been told a backyard deck on the third floor of a building had colapsed sending four females crashing to the ground this afternoon.

I was told there was two adults as well as two younger girls and that
they are all in pretty bad condition.

Hopes and Prayers are sent out to them from all of us here at this

MY HOUR WITH 555!!!! BE WARN!!!! THESE PICTURES ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!! < Viewer discretion advised >

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Once I located 555 in her room. We began to have a little chat and the issue hasn’t change since we crossed paths a few months earlier.

We chatted about the seriousness of the Drug problem in Saint John. She told me that most junkies are stealing from family members and breaking into people’s homes to get their daily fixe which cost over $150.00 per day.

She mentioned a few people who has died during the last few months.

In Nova Scotia these deaths are public knowledge but in this Province they only say - Died from heart failure.

She said that she’s certain that 1/3 of the people in Saint John are on drugs of some kind or another.

I told her that the Liberal MLA Dr. Ed Doherty was expecting her in his office on Monday morning at 11 am.


I suggested to her that we should go for a nice walk around town?

She told me that she was waiting for her pill.

A horn went off and away she went for her fixed.

Minutes later, she came back with a little smile on her face.


I asked her if she would allow me to take pictures of her preparing her fix? I was very surprised that she said - Sure...go for it!

She knows my hobby and she wants to let the public know what’s going on in this City.

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She began to crush the pill in the spoon and once this was done?

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She added water and mixed it for a few minutes.

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Afterwards, she heated the spoon with her lighter. Once this was all done, she suck all the drug into a syringe.

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She told me that she never shares needles with anyone. After she used all the needles, she brings them to Aids Saint John.

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She tied her arm really tight so she could locate a vein.

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555 had a problem? She had a difficult time to locate a vein in her arm.

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In a joking matter, I said - You can used one of mine? I have all kinds!!’s not going to happen in the near future. I love my beers but I hate drugs!!!

I also told her that it would be just too funny if the cops raided her place and found me inside.

They would say - YOU AGAIN???

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I would once again say - I’m a independent Journalist. I’m covering a story for my readers?

In the jail cell again!!! this time I don’t believe they would keep my pictures.

Suddenly someone knocked at the door and 555 quickly hid all her stuff.

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At the door was a taxi driver in his 50s and he was surprised that someone was with 555.

He didn’t look too comfortable.

The guy bluntly asked - What the hell are you doing here???

555 told the taxi driver that I was doing a story on her.

Once I began talking? He quickly stop me and asked me if I was Charles LeBlanc who’s on the CFBC Talk of the Town???

I just can’t escape the public with my voice. I have been hearing this all week in Saint John.

At the end, he was glad that I was trying to help 555 and he wish me all the luck in the world and left the building.

555 quickly continued with her needle and began the hard task looking for a vein.

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After 30 minutes and picking the blood? She finally got the fix that she needed.

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Some junkies are so bad that they put a needle under their tongue.

This is the cycle of a junkie. Her high lasts for around 5 hours but until then? She has to work the streets to locate the $100.00 for her next date with the needle.

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She added that the cops are nice to her and don’t give her a hard time.

She’s on Dilaudid for the pain and the system isn’t there to help her.

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I gave 555 a hug and told her to meet me the next morning at 11:00am for a meeting with Ed Doherty.

Tim Smith is also trying to help another friend with the same problem (Details coming soon) and so far he didn’t succeed so he asked me if he could join me and 555 at Dr. Ed Doherty’s office on Monday morning to check on any progress for his friend?

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I told him that I think it would be good for him to tag along. You know? “Kill two birds with one stone” Opps I don’t think that fits in this story?

The next morning 555 was all set to go and away we went to the MLA office.

Once in the office? Ed began asking for very straight forward questions?

He asked if she injects the drug? I quickly stood up and showed the arms of 555!

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After a 30 minutes meeting we left Ed’s office. Everything is in his hands.

There’s over 30 girls on the streets in Saint John selling their bodies for dugs and at the end?

New Brunswickers are going to pay big time.

555 told me that she always used a condom and she don’t share needles.

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But not all prostitutes are the same and I’m sure that the spread of deceases will cost New brunswickers a lot in Health care cost for years into the future.

You can hear an interview about this issue by clicking here.????

The interview was done just last week.

I’m certain that 555 would grant an interview with anyone who’s concern about this issue.

What does the future holds for 555? Time will tell so stay tune for more on this very emotional story. Lets see if Ed can help the poor girl?


I have to return to Saint John on July 25th for my court date and I will make certain that I hunt down 555 for an update.

As well as checking in on Tim Smith to see if there was any help with another person he too is trying desperately to help with this hugh drug problem.