Monday, August 08, 2005


For you long time readers? Remember in the spring, I wrote once this snow bank is gone? Summer is officially here!!! This was the last snow that melted in the Capital! Well? Next year this will not happen because they're building a parking lot in that location. The building in the back is a parking lot and a few homeless people sleeps there in the winter months!!!!

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Last evening I noticed that the horses were gone.

May 4-2005-T & C-2




While I was still in Saint John. I wanted to have a final chat with 555!

She was nowhere to be seen but I noticed another young girl in the same area.

We will call her 777!

She was sitting down on the front steps of a Church.


I approached her and asked her if she seen 555 around? She told that she hasn’t seen her all morning.

I quickly went down to the business in hand. I told her that I was a concern friend.

I asked her if she remembered the guy who was protesting about the use of Ritalin in front of the Legislature?


She told me that she signed my petition while I was in Saint John.

Ok…She knows of me and this was good!

She knew that I wasn’t an undercover cop! I asked her if she was on Dilaudid?


She told that she has been on Dilaudid for the last 6 months.

She’s 26 years old and you could tell by the looks of her face that she looks older than her age.

She told me that she’s hooked on the drug because of her nerves.

She has two children 3 and 7 years old.


Her two kids are in foster care.

She sold all her stuff so we could buy some heavy prescription drugs!

I asked her if she’s a prostitute?

She told me that she has been selling her body on the streets for the past month.

She added there were 20 other girls on the streets selling their bodies for drugs!

She continued by telling me that the day before she made $120.00 and it all went towards Dilaudid!

She told me that if the Methadone clinic was located at Saint Joe’s?

She would seek help!

She also added there’s were 20 other girls on the streets selling their bodies for prescription drug.

Our conversation quickly came to a end when she noticed a costumer waiting for her across the street.

Just like 777? She was gone from the area going her thing to get some cash for her fixes.

I have been warning the Lord Government about this issue for years but they don’t care.

Take a close look at the long term damage?

The spread of Aids, herpes and other disease. The children of these young mothers will end up on welfare and the Government will have to support them till the
end of time.

The crime spree being done to get those pills is totally out of control.

Yes, it’s very sad and nothing is being done about it!

I must give credit where it’s due!

The mayor of Fredericton spoke out very loud on the issue.


Someone told me that it was because his house was broken into by a junkie.


Well? Who cares the reason our elected officials are speaking out?

I never heard one whisper from Norm MacIrving on this issue!

Saint John is trying to tell the world that there’s not a problem with Dilaudid on the streets but we know better!


But then again? Wasn’t Norm MacIrving a member of the Lord Cabinet?


Even when he was in the room of power? He didn’t do anything about the Dilaudid problem in this province.

I’m going to dedicate this week to the prescription drug problem in this Problem so stay tune for some other good stories that you never heard of!!!!!!


How many more people have to die before the Government acts on the drug problem in this Province?



When a person volunteers at the Soup Kitchen in different cities around the Province?

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You often hear stories that you wouldn’t hear in the media.

Last Tuesday, I heard some of those sad tales.

There’s a guy who frequent the Soup Kitchens and shelters in both Saint John and the Capital.

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We will call him 333!

He wasn’t a bad guy. He had red hair and he was a hard drunk. He was a very nice guy when he was sober but after a few drink of Listerine?

Well lets say that he was in another world.

You could tell that he was tired of that life.

333 once told me during the cold January winter winds – Hey? There’s should be a place for us to go to escape the cold!!!!

You could tell that he was sick of the life of an alcoholic.

Charles 04_07_05 097

Anyway? 333 finally got his wish!

Someone found him in this exact position under some hedges.


He took a turn for the worse and last week the family pulled the plug on the poor soul.

His problems were finally over but the sad or scary part is that I was told that 4 other individuals who died during the last month alone.

These are the same people who drinks Listerine to get their high!

Charles 04_07_05 103

As you know, there’s two of them located in my building I board in.

They’re not bad people! They just have a problem and they don’t bother me at all!

It’s strange that these people died during the summer months and not during the cold hard windy winter?

So? Why are these poor souls dropping dead like flies lately???

Did we always have this problem? Are these people expected to die? Is this all part of life because alcoholism has been around for centuries?

You tell me because I believe that 5 deaths from the same crowd is very suspicious!

May God Bless their poor souls!!!!