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Family settles lawsuit over boy's death
Last updated Feb 24 2006 09:21 AM AST
CBC News


The family of a five-year-old New Brunswick boy struck and killed by his school bus has settled its lawsuit with the province. Both parties agreed to keep the details confidential.


Remi Cormier's family launched the suit about eight months after his death in April of 2004, because they say the driver failed to follow proper safety procedures.

bus driver

* FROM APRIL 8, 2004: Five-year-old killed in bus accident

Remi was run over in front of his home in Grand Barachois. The school bus had stopped to pick up the kindergarden student and his older brother.


The first boy got on the bus, and the driver pulled away, not realizing there was another child in front of the vehicle.

In its court filing, the family claimed the school bus driver was negligent by failing to use proper care or attention. They claimed the driver didn't check his mirrors, was driving too fast for road conditions and failed to stop in the right location.


Besides Remi's parents, Nadine and Michel, the lawsuit listed his brother Justin, grandmother Huguette LeBlanc and several other relatives as plaintiffs seeking unspecified damages relating to 23 conditions.


Conditions ranged from pain and suffering, funeral expenses and psychological treatment to loss of employment income and the cost of moving to a new home.

The defence countered that Remi and his family were at fault for not being more careful.


A coroner's inquest was held into Remi's death last year and recommended several changes to improve school bus safety. An RCMP investigation ruled out charges.



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Yes, I had a weapon. Nothing worse then showing up with a nice box of Pot of Gold Milk Chocolate. A person with ADHD with all that sugar? That's why I didn't see anyone around the area!!


quebec flag

People with ADHD are well known for their quick fuss.

I always said that 90% of the people who are convicted with assault have ADHD.


Before I found out about this great disorder? I would have a good old fashion fist fight and afterwards I would feel relax.

I mean really relax!!!!

My body was so calm because all that hypertension was gone.

Mind you the other person didn’t look so good.

The six months protest was a God sent to me because I have learn to control my temper in which brings me today’s blog.


The Quebec Commissionaire Andre Ouellette is really trying hard to make me cross that line but he won’t succeed in his quest.

You see? The Administration Standing Committee told the Quebec Commissionaires that I should be closely monitored.

I am told that they focus their camera very close to me but that’s ok because they cannot hear the conversation I have with others.

Anyway, this week Andre told me that I should remove my ballcap once I walked through the doors of the Legislature.


I told Andre that others come in with their hats so therefore I will only remove my hat in the gallery like others.

We know the time he approached me in the Library and told me off.

Picture 021

I still remain calm.

A few weeks ago, I was told to print my name. I told the commissionaire that others don’t print their name in the signing book so why should I???

Once I enter the ground of the Legislature, they quickly focus their camera on me.

How do I know this?

Well? Andre started a new game with this former protester.


He signs my name on the guest book for me and hands me the card but it’s not a friendly feeling. I believe that I have my own little signature.

This week, he followed me in the gallery.

You know saying- Go ahead??? Make my day!!!

Yesterday afternoon, I believe he crossed the line.

I was in the hallway and he shouted at me not to go into the DO NOT ENTER ZONE!!!

I replied – Leave me alone!!!!

I mean…. I know where to go and where not to go.

This Commissionaire is really getting on my nerves but I will find out the going on with my Human Rights Complaint during the next few weeks.

title="Photo Sharing">Picture 017

I know what’s going on and I can’t wait to tell the readers what the staff at the Legislature told the Commission about me. It’s sad!!!

So? Why is this Quebec Commissionaire on my back?

Is he following orders from his boss Dan Bussieres?


Someone from the Government?

Who knows????

I would love to know.

I remember after I finished my little book about the protest.

I asked Terry Andow if he could find me some work somewhere?

Picture 055

After the decision of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that people with ADHD taking Ritalin are close to mental retardation?

Well? The Government should prove that I can be a benefit to society and not a menace.

After a few weeks, Terry Andow told me that he couldn’t locate me some work because I offended a lot of people during my protest!!!

Picture 043

I quickly told him- If you believe that I offended a lot of people then??? What do you think is going to happen when I’m doing nothing but thinking????

This was one year before Bloggling.

I was sending long winded updates to everyone. It got so bad that the Government blocked me!

They quickly unblocked me when the media said they were going to cover my story.

These days, it’s much worse!!

I’m a blogger with a camera and looking for news!!!!

Picture 021

I’m certain if they could go back in time? I would have never been in that tent more than a few days or Terry Andow would have located me some work.

Same goes with the Security staff from Quebec?

If they finally succeed in breaking me? Would I just go home?

Of course not!!!!

I would return with my bigot buddy and willing to be arrested by my freedom.


One fact is certainly clear!!!!

Me Mother …YES ME ME MOTHER is from Glasgow Scotland so therefore I’m half Scottish and we all know there’s nothing more stubborn than a darn Scotsman!!! …lol…


My battle is for the thousands of kids who are force on Ritalin so therefore the fight will continue.

The Lord Government succeeded in stopping me from phoning these talk shows.

Roger television and the Lord Government are hand in hand.

The Irvings have gave orders not to print my letters to the editor.

Charles 04_07_05 020

These Quebec Commissionaire better get used to me because the way things are going?

I’m going to be around for a while yet.

It’s ok for them to label me as a security risk but trying to push me over the edge is going overboard. They can follow me with their camera. Someone is trying to land me in big trouble but they will not succeed in their quest.

Charles 04_07_05 053

This tactic of security should come to a stop.

All they have to do is leave me alone and everything will be ok!!!

Is that too much to asks for???