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I'm just curious to know how many readers heard of this blog from my column in the River Valley News. I had my own little column in that paper for the last 5 years! Here's a copy! If you don't wish to leave a comment? Send me a private email at

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A few weeks ago, another young person died from the Memramcook area. Last year, I wrote this little piece in my updates before I began bloggling! It's pretty scary!!

In 1986, I decided to look for work in Waltham Mass, U.S.A.!

Before I left I told my friend Julien Leger that when I return? I’ve have a 40 ounces of hard liquor.

I worked in the Boston area for over one year and I received the news that Julien in his late 20s had a terrible car accident and he was a vegetable in a wheelchair.

I collected $500.00 from people in the Waltham area and send it to the Family. Julien used to be to best pool player in the Moncton area and now is a vegetable.

Oscar LeBlanc in his mid 20s was planning to get married and was an avid hunter in the woods. He had an accident while driving his ATV. He’s now a vegetable
for the rest of his life!

In the early 1980s, Nicole Dupuis in her early 20s was a beautiful woman from Memramcook West. While walking near the road with her friend Louise in the Valley, she caught hit by a car and died!

I had a graduation picture from Nicole and you she wrote - Charles, always keep your will power!

Tom Malone, a well liked person in the Valley. He got electrocuted while doing his work and he quickly died soon afterwards. He was in his late 20s.

Marise Poirier was a very nice person who worked at a Super Market. In the 80s she quickly fainted and died. She was in her early 20s!

Rheal Gautreau< Cohouette > was a person who really love to agitate everyone around his surrounding. He loved sports! He died of Cancer in the early 80s at the age of 23 years old!

Marcel LeBlanc < george > was from Memramcook Lake and he was well liked by his friends. He died in a car accident. He was in his mid 20s!

Les Micros from Mmemramcook West! Two brothers who loved the wild life. They both died in the 80s and both were in their 20s and 30s.

Paul a Aurele another who love the wild life. He quickly died in his early 30s.

Mathieu Landry a young handsome kid from Mermramcook East decided to visit the world and drown near Australia. His body was never found again. Beautiful Mathieu was in his early 20s.

Thomas < Thomasman > love the wild life and died in a car accident. He was in his learly 30s.

Raoul LeBlanc and his sister Yvonne.

Raould committed suicide in his early 30s and his sister Yvonne died of Cancer in her early 40s.

Jean Guy Dupuis < Fune > a very good friend of mine. He died of Cancer. Jean Guy was in his mid 40s < with two little kids at home >

The Tingley family from Saint John who lost their only child in a car accident. He was in his late teen!

Michel LeBlanc< Calixte > died in the 70s. Mike wanted to visit the world and he drown in Swissland. Mike was in his mid 20s.

Gaston from Lourde who also love the fast life and he died in a car accident in the early 80s. Gaston was in his mid 20s.

A young 10 year old< I forgot his name> drown in the early 80 in the Village of Memramcook! He was 10 year old.

A Charles Leblanc from Saint Joseph drown in the Memramcook River. He was in his mid teen.

Jean Guy from Lourde < forgot his last name > died of cancer in his mid 40s.

Just a few weeks ago, Omer Dupuis from Lourde died of cancer. He was in his mid 40s!

Donald Richard < a Camille > from College Bridge died in his mid 20s!

Clovis a young girl of Charlotte a Paul Owen died while being hit by a car. Clovis was 8 years old.

Remi Cormier was killed in a tragic school bus accident a few months ago. Remi was 5 years old!

Guy Cormier, a young individual full of energy. He died in a car crash! He was in his mid 20s.


One young guy< I forgot his name > was killed in a tragic accident while working in Memramcook East. I guess he was welding and blew himself up! He was in
his late 20s.

Another young man in his late teen was killed while walking near the road in College Bridge. He was in his late teens.

Marcel Cormier from Cormier Cove was a very handsome and nice guy! He was in the Canadian Navy and took a heart attach. Marcel was in his mid 20s!

Bernard a Allie from Memramcook East had a child and beautiful wife. Bernard died in his early 40s from a heart Attack.
Jean Guy < I forgot his last name. > He live in the corner of Saint Joseph and Meramcook. He took his own life. Jean Guy was in his late 20s!

Romeo Cormier < Black Bear> was very well like by everyone in his own town of Pre D’en haut or Belliveau Village died while being a passenger in a Dune Buggy.
They drove down a hill on a main road and hit a bear!
Romeo was really missed! Romeo was in his early 20s!


Conrad Cormier from College Bridge died in the 60s at a young age of 5 years old!

Farold< forgot his name > used to run a pool room in Mermramcook. He found out he had Cancer and took his own life. He was in his mid 40s.

A happy young couple from Memramcook lost their first child to Still born! The father hair turned white over night. On a happy note? They were bless with two beautiful young girls afterwards.

Ok…what is this all about you asked?

These are the people that I have known during my 46 years on this planet and I’m certain that you must know a list of people yourself?

The bottom line is this! Think about it!

Life is so short! Enjoy it while you’re still on this beautiful planet!

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You have a good day!!!!


A few evening ago, I met a couple who’s been on my email list for a long while and
decided to go for a coffee.


Usually, we would say - Tim Horton’s but in last week blog. It’ace I wrote about
in last week blog. It’s clled Molly’s!!!! I noticed something that I didn’t mention in that blog.

Behind Molly’s on Queen Street across from Officer’s Square beside the private patio?

There’s a water fountain with huge gold fishes swimming freely. My God! They’re
huge!!! The couple agreed that it was a nice private spot especially located downtown! If you want a private meeting? May I suggest that you go there!

Ok…All the celebrations for New Brunswick day was cancel due to the rain! I still walked in the rain and went into the Lieutenant Governor building.


Once inside, there were no one around. I was alone for 10 minutes. I decided to sit on the fancy sofa while I waited for someone. Someone from Japan showed up and
he too was confuse that no one was station at the front door to greet the visitors.


I noticed the guest book and it had NEW BRUNSWICK DAY on top of the page.
No one signed the book so I was the first one on the list.

Later on in the afternoon, I walk in the huge building again trying to locate the Lieutenant Governor and asks him for his views on the Deportation of the Acadians.

Well? I still had no luck but this time around there were lots of highclass snobs present and I bumpred into Brad Green and his new wife.

Poor Brad, I believe that I ruined his day because I knew that once you meet these Ministers? You have to get to the point.

I told the Justice Minister about Boarders and roomers having no rights and he admitted that if the Rentalman received 5 to 6 complaints a week? That was a high number!


He took the info down on a piece of paper and told me that he will look into it but I
don’t believe that I finished my chat on a good note because I flatly told the Justice Minister that there was no way in hell that Bernard Lord will get
re-elected as Premier!

Lately, I have been debating this issue on many occasions with the P.C.’s! I have
to get them credit!

They truly believe in their mind that Bernard Lord is doing a fantastic job! They honestly believe they will win the next Provincial election!

I told Bard Green that he was out of his mind!

The conversation quickly ended and I was still looking for the Lieutenant Governor but he was nowhere to be found.


I Believe the staff was paying close attention to me so I asked them – How can a person meet the Lieutenanant Governor?

They told me to call the office in the morning.

I’ll wait till next week and send them a email!


Stay tune for more info on this issue in this blog!





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