Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Ok…I added some readers comments or the end of
this update.
Opppss forgot the meals served at the Fredericton
Soup Kitchen----
Noon- 113 meals
Supper- 72 meals
Noon- 162 meals
Supper- 85 meals
What should I do for lent???? NO MORE UPDATES????
Let me know….lol
Lately, I have a problem?????? < many of you
readers could have told me that years ago!! >…lol…
I phoned the Talk Show Melanson live a few days
ago and I was stuttering!
This morning, I phone CFBC talk of the town and I
had the same problem!
Why am I stuttering???
I always stutter as a child because I have so much
to say that it didn’t come out right.
I would call myself a professional when it comes
to these talk shows because I know the hosts and I’m
I’ll tell you one thing? I wasn’t stuttering when
I face Minister Volpe at the meeting!….loll…
Speaking of politicians? Bernard Lord and his
Ministers are touring the Province giving gifts to the
What’s going on here anyway? There must be an
election in the air!
Politicians don’t go around meeting the public for
no other reason than an election!
The Lord Government are on their way out and this
is a certain fact! I am no political adviser but I am
the man on the streets!
I shouted at an P.C. Bureaucrat yesterday that
Bernard Lord is on their way out of office!
I’m not usually like this. I have in the past been
very polite with the Ministers of the Lord Government.
This is the reason my protest lasted so long< six
months > because I was polite!
But I soon found out that they are going by the
verdict of these racists members of the New Brunswick
Human Rights Commission that I should be ignored at
any cost!
Sorry not going to happen!
A young ADD child wrote a letter to the Editor
last week that he was thinking of suicide because he
has ADD and the Lord Government don’t care if Children
are taking their lives away!
Sorry! The Party is over and no Ministers is going
to cross my path without hearing my very direct
comments about the kids committing suicide because
that are labelled for life!
I confronted Volpe, Brad Green on Voice of the
Province and yesterday the Executive of the P.C.
I wasn’t done yet because while walking in the
hall of the Legislature, I notice Madelaine Dube <
Minister of Education> speaking with reporters!
I said to myself - There’s my next victim but I
got to be careful because if I cross that line?
The security staff would gladly have me ban from
the Legislature but this wouldn’t be an easy task
because they are all from Quebec???
But that’s another story for another day!
I waited for the Minister to finish her interview
and I went for the kill telling her that Teachers
Assistants isn’t the answer and the Government should
study the issue of Ritalin because 10,000 people sign
my petition.
It’s cheaper to drug our kids than to treat them
with Dignity!
This Minister did it to me again!
She looked at me with her nice smile and touched
my shoulder and told me- I understand Charles!
You see? A person cannot get mad with this
Even the Liberal members respects Madelaine Dube!
I told her that I wish Elvy Robichaud would return
as Education Minister because he’s a stubborn Mull and
I could tell him my views in a direct fashion but this
good hearted Minister isn’t at fault anyway! A person
cannot get upset with Mrs. Dube because she is really
a good hearted individual!
It’s the bureaucrats who gives the orders!
Read this note that was said by Robert Gerald on
CBC Information Morning a few days ago-
Terry Seguin <>

Who makes the decision weather a student is a
special need student????

Robert Gerard

Generally the classroom teacher Terry the
classroom teacher is the person who is closest to the
scene and is the person who is most capable of
determining the learning the learning capability of
that student base of what’s happening right here in
the classrooms!
So there you go!!!! Teachers acting like Doctors
A few people from the P.C. side told me - Do you
really believe if the Liberal takes power that the
issue of Ritalin will be studied?
My answer is this - YES!!!! IT WILL BE STUDIED!!!
I will be very upset with the Liberals if they ignored
this issue and I might add that almost all them signed
my petition.
There’s a major problem with prescription drugs in
this Province and we need a Party that cares for New
Brunswickers concerns.
I heard yesterday that Bernard Lord is going
around this Province listening to every Brunswickers
concerns but this time around it’s for invites only!
Only the elites will be invite to praise the
Government and not people like myself who should be
ignored at any cost!
Hey? 10,000 people signed my petition!!! That
doesn’t count because it’s only Charles LeBlanc!!
Well? I dedicated the last 5 years of my life on
this issue and will carry on till the end of time!
This has nothing to do with me but it’s for the
One more thing! I heard some sad stories from some
parents who are at the end of their ropes with their
kids and you know what?
If this trend continues? Someone is going to cross
that line and it won’t be a loud mouth person like me!
If I hear these stories? What the hell is going on
in the rest of the Province???
That’s the emotional question???
You can just push a Human Being so far and at the
end? They will crack up!!!
As I said- It won’t my type but the quiet type who
keeps everything inside their little brain until they
crack up!!!!
Some innocent by standers are going to get hurt! <
As God as my witness, I hope this never happens! >
Yes, thank God we have an Education Minister with
a good heart but it’s those evil Bureaucrats who gives
the orders that drugging our children is much
Sh@t!!! over 1,000 words already!!!! Ok..excuse
the grammar because I just write the darn thing and
send it along! Send this to all your friends on your
list so they can understand what’s going on in this
Province. Here’s some comments that I received during
the last few days! Enjoy!!!
1-I have been away from home the last 2 days going to
job interviews and taking my son to his out of town
hockey games. I didn't get a chance to call last night
after all due to hockey. I phoned ????? this
afternoon and got her answering machine. I left my
name and number and I will call again tonight. Your
update said that she has a meeting with the school
officials tomorrow? Well....I remember going through
that at the end of grade 1 but in Kindergarten? That
is too young...the kids are still in play mode. Lets
hope she is a strong person and I can give her some
other options besides using drugs to please the
2-Hey, OK, you want comments again do you? Feeling
lonely? Don't worry, you aren't the 'last true
protester', there's lots of us working away in various
capacities. I really suggest New Brunswickers pay
attention to the legislative democracy commission,
it's report is pretty lousy (predictably), however,
New Brunswickers really have to pay attention. Take a
look at British Columbia, there they have many forms
of direct democracy and this spring they will vote on
a referendum setting up citizen's initiatives
coalitions so that 'ordinary folks' can get heard. In
New Brunswick most people didn't even know that the
referendum on video lottery terminals was New
Brunswick's first provincial referendum as part of
Canada, the other was before confederation where
NB'ers voted against the union! The problem is not
Bernard Lord, just like the solution is not a new
Premier. The protestors in Belledune who wanted an
environmental assessment done of the company that even
the Harris government threw out of Ontario (and he was
as good a friend to hazardous waste polluters as
you're likely to find barring Ralph Klein) couldn't
get the liberals to sign on to a study any more than
the conservatives.
The answer is Switzerland's model of direct
democracy where the people are allowed to get
petitions and force the government to answer their
concerns. This suggestion was quickly rejected by the
so-called legislative democracy commission and a
reading of the report quickly shows why. As long as
everything stays the same they are all for more
democracy. There are literally dozens of issues where
New Brunswickers should be able to reign in the
government. The best thing about direct democracy is
it makes government a lot less cocky in forcing their
ideals on everyone else. Who wouldn't support public
insurance when it's proven to lower rates? Who
wouldn't support managing forests with a line to
increased employment rather than a better bottom line
for Irving and Fraser? Who wouldn't support health
and education reforms which get kids exercising rather
than sitting? Perhaps very few, unfortunately, we
will never know.
3- You do whatever you want Charles, since you
ultimately take responsibility for it. If you
suddenly find people are leaving your mailing list by
the dozens or hundreds, then you know you may have to
change. To be honest, the only thing about the human
rights commission is that now most people know about
it, so it's just repetition. But it's your life that
was affected so it's your right to vent. I really
appreciated that last article about the commission and
posting the comments they made to you, it was the
first time I got some real information about just what
I would agree with the poster who mentioned the
'just like Germany' comment, especially since your
letter today had the words 'the final solution'. I
think some perspective is in order, since we are not
talking about the government inflicting 'direct' harm
on people. There's 'fascism' and then there's
'nazism', the two are separate things. While I agree
that governments in Canada are fascist, they are not
nazi's. Fascism means the state comes first in
everything and that people are subordinate.
Just for feedback purposes, I do like that you have
all kinds of information that I don't find anywhere
else. If your letters were just repeated attacks on
the human rights commission then I'd probably have
left the mailing list long ago. I wouldn't bother
with the offer for editing, over time and with input
from readers you'll do your own editing and so outside
influence isn't necessary. Plus, I seen to recall the
guy offering didn't have the best grammar and
bon soir
4-Hey Charlie;
I can relate quite well with what you are saying about
not having the funds to take on the government, as
related in your case with the Compensation board. As
mentioned on one of my articles on my blog site,, I my daughter
had a problem with Premier Lord's government when she
submitted a Harassment Complaint against a few
supervisors in the Department of APA/AFA.
Keeping the story short, it turned out that all of the
players supported the government. This included the
investigator who was a friend of the Deputy Minister
of that department at that time, the New Brunswick
Public Employees Association (NBPEA) which is suppose
to represent a union, and of course all the way up to
the Justice Minister and Premier Lord himself.
It is little wonder that public employees are afraid
to make Harassment Complaints within the government.
The top end are all friends and who do you think will
take the fall if the choise is between a employee or
supervisor? The employee of course. This is even
though she has/had the personal protection of Premier
Bernard Lord himself, as he was the minister
responsible for women’s concerns.
His protection of this female employee was that he
showed complete ignorance in not having a external
investigation of the incident. When we sent a request
to have the Deputy Minister of AFA/APA investigated
for his part in the harassment, through upper line
management, and that he may be in a conflict of
interest position Premier Lord was ignorant enough to
send the request on to the same Deputy Minister to
investigate himself.
Another ignorant display was done by the Justice
Minister, Brad Green. When a request was submitted to
him to ask him to look into the matter of whether or
not Premier Lord or other down line supervisors did
anything illegal, the Justice Minister replied that
the Deputy Minister of AFA/APA had already spoken for
Isn’t it great when the Deputy Minister of AFA/APA can
speak for the Premier’s Office and the Justice
Minister of New Brunswick?
In closing this note I would like to explain one thing
to any public employees who may read your notes.
Deputy Minister has the final say whether or not you
are proven correct. He does not have to act on it,
especially if even he was involved. Your union or in
this case the pitiful NBPEA are have a agreement in
their agreement with the government that they are not
allowed to support a worker that files a Harassment
Complaint. Perhaps that has changed with the new
revisions that came out in Dec/Jan 2002. If it did not
then you should bring it up with your union. And as
you mentioned the government would be using the taxes
that you paid to help them fight your lawsuit, if you
could afford to take legal action.
Bev Stack
Minto NB
5-I am not from the maritimes and I was just wondering
if you could outline what these Irvings did that was
so racist cause i read your emails and i dont know
what has happened?
6-Keep up the good work Charlie.

Unfortunately, I must request that you take this email
address off your list as this address is shared by
several people in the office.

7-Good morning Charlie
I must thank you Charlie for making me aware of the
effects of ADD/ADHD. Althoug I still do not understand
the true meaning of the effects on a person I am sure
more knowledgeable now that I was before I started to
read your posts.
I have posted the below mentioned note on my blog site
at in the hopes that I can send a few more readers
your way. I hope that you do not mind.
8-If its not in the Act, it means they are not
obligated by law to do it,
that is, in this case, to have a face-to-face meeting
with any of the
parties involved in a complaint before they decide if
that complaint is
"without merit".
9-Charles, tu as envoyé quelque chose avec mon nom
encore une fois; je ne
suis pas intéressé à lire tes courriels pour la simple
raison que je
les trouve négatif; alors pour la dernière fois,
pourrais-tu s.v.p. ne
plus m'en envoyer, merci et bonne journée et oui, le
monde est tanné de
lire tes mises à jour; le monde n'est pas tanné de toi
mais des mêmes
histoires alors Charles, trouves toi un autre moyen
pour remplir tes
journées. Bonne Chance dans tes recherches d'emplois.
10-hi charlie, wondering what you are going to do
about your book, any chance of it being printed.
regards ps keep up the good work, as my mother told
me years ago, where there is a will, there is a
11-No, I'm not ignoring you....I just have a ton of
homework,,and read your updates faster than
12-hey i need to be deleted from your email list;
find a job, and don't tell me it is the
government's responsibility to find you a job.
14-Good stuff Charles....I also have a list of my own.
Life is short.
15-F@CK YOU, TOO!!
16-Well his is wrong. The breakfast was in the Legion
and that was open to anyone in the area. The meeting
in Quispamsis was also open to the public and his walk
through the City Market was certainly for anyone who
was there.
17-The night Julien had his accident I beat him 3 out
of 4 pool games. He was hard to beat 2 in a row.

18-I could hug my cat!!!
My Cat's breath smells like cat food!!!
19-What the hell are you on? Hug my mate? You crazy?
20-Last April the Premier spent a week travelling in
the south and another two weeks in the North. This
year he intends to do this several times to
really talk to the people. It's a good idea and
getting good feedback.
21-I doubt that very much. Too bad you weren't here on
Saturday when the
Premier went through the Market and also had breakfast
here in Grand
There were no negatives, and I was surprised at the
amount of support
got, especially for his Health Care initiatives. If
you keep listening
your Liberal friends your nose will begin to grow just
like Shawn
Ask any two of them what they will do on any problem
area if they were
power and you will not get the same answer from any
two. They have no
leadership and no plan. If an election were called now
the PCs would
22-That is terrible, but what shocks you about this
government? I have
to keep the faith because without that I have nothing.
Today is pancake
Tuesday and lent starts tommorrow and what are you
giving up? I am
Giving up chocolate bars, chips and french fries.
23-They played your comments on CBC radio this sounded fine. I can't figure out how
to listen to the interview from the CBC website. I
have downloaded the media player, but when I click
into the icon to listen to the sends me
back to downloading the media player. Any idea?

I am home on stress leave again....and have no voice.
I am worn out and don't give a shit about anyone or

how do I get the article in the rivervalley
I’ve checked the web site but it doesn’t exist??
25-They are heavily polling and recruiting candidates.
PC organizers say
they have been at more meetings in last month than
last 3 years. They
say if we slip at all in March polls they pull plug.
Lord touring... When
is last time you saw that? <>
Subject: here are some your ADDhd brain forgot
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 17:30:48 -0400
One young guy was killed in
a tragic accident while working in Memramcook East.
He died when the fuel tank he was cutting exploded He
was in
his late 20s.
His Dad Alex killed himself by fuming himself in his
in his garage not long after that. His Uncle Emile
also committed suicide around that time.
Another young man LUC LEBLANC in his EARLY TEEN teen
was killed
while walking near the road in College Bridge with his
2 friends. He was
in his mid teens.
(was hit by a drunk driver )
A young 10 year old(Narcise) drown in
the early 80 in the Village of Memramcook! He was 10
year old.
Romeo was killed when they hit and killed a black bear
with a dune buggy.
The strange thing was that his nickname was black
Want some more?
Francise (frank man) his 5 year old daughter was
killed when she was accidentally ran over by a car
driven by her mother in her driveway. early 80s
Denise a Georgie from College Bridge was killed by a
drunk driver in front of her house in the early 70s
She was 5 year old and had a twin sister.
Ti cob lost a few brothers in car accidents and the
family of moose
lost some too
Le Pti pruce was killed when he fell or was pushed
down a flight of stairs
in his house. early 90s

Richard a Noer died when he fell down while walking on
the street of moncton. early 90?
A little girl was killed when she was struck by a pick
up truck on old shediac rd.
mid 90s
Maurice (Lowins brother) was killed ....I think he
killed himself when he jumped in front of a truck.
Freaky Frank died the same thing.
Ben a Camille died when his liver exploded at his

Charles Leblanc got assassinated in a mob type hit.
Rumors are the Irving's are involved.
It wasn't printed in any newspapers so info is
sketchy. Spring 2005