Tuesday, July 25, 2006


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It was a very exciting day. Myself and Tim Smith left for my day in court.

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We bumped into a few people on the way. Such as these protesters from Fredericton. They were all camera shy and I wonder why?

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I was told that I had to give my fingerprint and pose for a mug shot.

The only good thing about this one? The cop asked me how much I weighted?

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I said - 195 pounds. I quickly learned I was 215 pounds!!!! That’s a lot!!!!

In the hallway, I bumped into this guy?

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I told the guy that I believe you were an Irving employee?

I told Tim to take a picture of the guy and me. The police officer told me that he would be back but I never saw him again. I wonder where he went???...lol...

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Once in the hallway of the courts. I decided that I was going to take a couple of pictures.

I succeeded in taking this group.

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But once I tried to take the paper that my name was on?


I was quickly confronted by a Sheriff. The guy was tall and stern.

He ordered me not to take pictures and quickly put his hand in front of the camera.

I wasn’t amuse so I said - Do you see any signs out here telling me that I cannot take pictures?

The guy remain silent and never said a whisper.

Tim Smith repeated the same question I asked just as a Police officer intervened.

It was the same guy who interviewed me in Fredericton about my complaint of the way the Police deleted all my pictures.

He quickly directed us away from the area.

He said that the police might have found my pictures? It could be in someone computers.

You see? For someone to delete all my pictures from my camera, they might have place the chip in a computer.

I did make myself very clear that if they find my pictures? I still want an inquiry.

I also learn that the female officer who arrested me has been with the Force for 10 years and she’s on leave!

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My God? Don’t tell me she’s on stress leave?

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How many people do I affect anyway???..lol...I met a few people while going to court.

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Once in court, I quickly found out that we indeed have a major drug problem in this city.

I had a chuckle about one case.

One man was found guilty of stealing a huge 32 inch television from Sears which was only discovered because he went back several months later to steal bedding and got caught.

Later while reviewing previous tapes the television theft was discovered!

The strange part is that he had $41,000 cash on him!!!

Another case was a woman who was given the choice or 2 years in jail or 2 years Plus a day.

She chose the 2 years Plus a day because the Judge suggested that the Federal Program was Much better than the Provincial Programs for her problem. The sad part is that in the Provincial jail system? There’s no help.

Too bad so sad. These are the poor souls who are stealing to feed their drug habit. Stay tune for more on this issue in the near future.

Ok....I was all ready but I soon found out that it was a long wait. I even went outside for a smoke. It was terrible.

I had Judge William McCarroll.

Once he noticed my name?

He asked me if I wanted to have a French Judge?

He also asked me if I wanted to plead guilty or not guilty?

I told the Judge that I didn’t understand the charge of obstruction?

After a few minutes, he told me that I will have a French judge and trial.

I reminded the Judge that I was a Acadian from Memramcook and I speak Le Chiac! < Slang French >

I wouldn’t be able to understand the long legal words in French.

I just wanted someone to explain to me the charge of obstruction?

He told me that after the recess the legal-aid defense would help explain it to me.

Once a recess was ordered.

I proceeded to chat with my buddy Tim Smith. The lady lawyer < in her sixties > shouted my name and ordered me into a room.

I told her that I wanted a witness with me and I’ll get my buddy.

She shouted and ordered me one more time in the room.

I noticed a sheriff who quickly stopped me in my track.

I told the guy to tell Tim Smith that I was in a room.

Once in there, the lawyer was very straight forward and very rude.

Thank God that Tim Smith came in the room he suggested to her that see was a little too in your face direct, he did admit that she was a little rude.

I asked her if I could have a Judge and Jury.

She quickly told me that this was totally out of the question because my charge isn’t a serious one.

Not serious? Ok!!!!

It was at that moment that I found out exactly what the charges were.

Supposedly, I was told by the police officers to leave the area and I refused.

So it’s a game of who said what? I know for a fact that they never once told me to leave the area and it should be interesting.

I once again face the judge and it was interesting because I was the only one in the room with a few supporters.

I asked the Judge if I could make a comment or asked a question.

He allowed me to speak so I asked the Judge if I could have trial with a judge and jury.

From the answer I got? I guess it’s all about money!!!

I asked the Judge if he knew what a blogger was?

He told me that it was something that had to do with the internet right?

I explain that this could be the first case in New Brunswick history. It could be a unique case because the Irvings own all the newspapers in this Province so therefore I’m a independent journalist.

I went on by saying that it was the first time that I ever heard the charges and these are all lies!!!

But a trial will decide this!

I also was concern that all my pictures were deleted!!!!

At the end the Judge William McCarroll said- It could be a very interesting case? The Judge asked the prosecutor- How long will this case last? The female lawyer with her back turned to me answered - Ohh..half a day your honor!! I quickly jumped up and said- HALF A DAY??? I WOULD SAY AT LEAST ONE WEEK!!!Everyone just looked at me like I was crazy!! < But little did anyone know that the trial would last longer than a week!!!

Yes, it could be an interesting case so stay tune to this blog!!!

CFBC and CBC did a good job covering the story.

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Everything is ok but stay tune for a funny blog!!!!

Later on this evening!!!