Saturday, June 10, 2006


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Ok...Here we go.....I’m going to try to give a detail account of what happened yesterday.

It all began in the morning after I phoned the talk show’ “talk of the town” telling the listeners about Atlantica!!!

Afterwards, I walked to King’s Square!!!

Once I arrived, there must have been around 50 people in the area.

I was a little surprise because if you took the protesters from Fredericton and Halifax out?

There wouldn’t be too many left from Saint John!!

I made it very clear in the Capital that I would be present as a Blogger and not as a Protester. I have a little blog and I will spread the word of the going ons of what happens during the protest.

The protesters decided they would walk down King Street toward the Trade and Convention Center just for a try out and afterwards they would meet at noon at King Square.

The protesters walked down to Market Square and I was surprise they were allowed in the trade convention centre.

There were three cops around but I could feel some tension in the air.

The protesters walked to the main area in Market Square and took the stage and began preaching their message via a bullhorn.

I was surprised by this approach and security quickly came to put the matter to an end. The police chatted with the protesters and they seem to come to an agreement.

From there they continued their march to the Library where the Labor Leaders were holding a news conference.

I took a few pictures and met a few people who I haven’t seen for a long time. I took a few pictures for souvenirs.

I left the area because I had to meet someone at 11:30am.

At noon, everyone gathered at King’s Square to plan for their next step.

Myself and David Thompson decided to leave the protesters alone and began walking towards Market Square.

I met a lot of people while walking around. I bumped into media personal Robert Jones, Mike Cameron and others.

They went and asked for a pass to attend the news conference that Kenneth Irving was holding.

I noticed two cops who gave me a very dirty look but I just ignored them. I went to the front desk and asks if I could attend the conference as a blogger?

Sorry, not allowed! I wonder why?

A few business people shouted at me a Hi Charles!!!

I was maybe hoping to get a picture of me and Kenneth Irving?

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He’s one of the Irvings who always been good to me. I like this young Billionaire, he pretty interesting to listen to.

I decided to walked around toward Market Square until I bumped into one of the young female protesters.

I asked her - Where’s are the protesters?

She didn’t know. I noticed convicted thief Carl White walking by and I just turned my head and continue chatting with the young girl.

She was chatting on a radio. The next thing I knew, the protesters showed up at this entrance.

They opened the door and began running like crazy.

One by one they zoomed by me. I didn’t really know what was going on?

I began to take pictures while they ran past me. In the past, I protested on many occasions but not in this style.

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They had masks on and where shouting very loud.

I quickly decided to followed them from behind. Hey? I’m sure I could take some good pictures. This could end up being a good blog?

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They open an fire exit door and walked in the entrance of the Convention.

If they would have took a right? They would have ended right in the middle of the conference.

They didn’t.

They went right at the main entrance. I took many pictures while following these protesters. There were two cops at the front door and a confrontation took place.

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I stayed back and I was clicking away while the mayhem continued.

The media quickly left the conference to witness this showdown.

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The Saint John Police < Irving Gestapo > quickly put one of the protesters on the ground.

I continued to take pictures.

I was beside a CBC cameraman until one of the police Irving gestapo singled me out!

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Surprise surprise surprise!!!

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The young protesters were trying to force their way into the Conference and at the same time the Police singled ((me)) out????

The Officer quickly put my arm behind my back and push me against the wall!

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I told the cop that I was an independent Amateur Journalist. I’m not with the protesters!

He got really angry and walked me 20 feet until they forced me on the ground.

You see, only journalists who dedicated their life and soul to the Evil Irving Empire will be considered at true journalist! Sorry...I just had to add that

I noticed that all the media was filming the Irving gestapo.

Once on the graound I shouted- I’m a Blogger!!!! I WAS TAKING PICTURES!!!

The woman had her knee on the back on my neck. They handcuff me and I was surprised that they didn’t carry me out the front door.

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Just like the citizens in France a few years ago. They paraded them in the streets before sending them to the Guillotine.

This time around they carry me through the convention in front of the business people.

I shouted again- What are you doing??? I was taking pictures!!!!

I wanted to attend the conference but not in this style?

It was degrading because I knew a few of them.

Once outside, this undercover cop and the female gestapo read me my rights.

They treated me like dirt and I told them that I don’t understand some English!

Je suis Acadian!!!

Well? That didn’t go over to well because I believe it was at that very moment that they really decided to give me a hard time.

Acadians have been hunted down for years in Saint John and this was no exception.

They drove me to the Police Station. Once there, a cop walked by and said- Hey Charlie!!! Long time no see???

It was a cop that I knew on the streets. I quickly said - In the past, I came here drunk but this is the first time that I’m sober!!! I showed that I had a sense of humor but it didn’t work.

They told me to remove everything from my pockets as well as removing my sneakers and rushed me in a jail cell.

Around 15minutes later, they connected me to a lawyer via an old phone. I couldn’t hear the lawyer.

He shouted that if I couldn’t hear him? It’s no use for him to chat with me.

I told the cops what happen and I expected to be transferred to another phone. But to my surprise that didn’t happen!

They rushed me into the cell and it was only after two hours that I finally got to talk with a lawyer.

I might add that both of the cops were there and the female was very selfish.

I told the other inmates beside me that these cops were racists! They won’t even allow me the right to a lawyer! I really didn’t understand the charge of obstruction?

The female cop said - You want a french lawyer??? We’ll get you one.

I told her to drop it!!! I knew by the tone of her voice that it could take days to find a french lawyer in the Loyalist City!

I had no right to be in the jail cell and I believe that they knew it! I predicted that I would be arrested by the Irving Gestapo and that’s exactly what happen.

Beside me were two protesters from Halifax.

We couldn’t see each other but I felt sorry for them because they had to listen to this ADHD Blogger in the cell and they couldn’t

I noticed that my eye had a little bump so I asked the cop for a bag of ice? I was surprised that the paramedics showed up.

They took my blood pressure and told me that I was in perfect health. I was surprised that my blood pressure was normal after all that excitement. They gave me a bag of ice and left.

This morning, I noticed a lump on the left side of my head and I’m sore all over the place. I’m getting up there in age.

One inmate heard my voice and said - Charles LeBlanc? Is that you???

He was a fan of mine. He always listens to me on talk of the town. I will have a lot to say come Monday morning.

Finally, after a couple of hours, they put me in contact with a french lawyer. He told me that the police will let me go if I signed papers agreeing to certain conditions and restrictions but that I’ll also have to return on July 25th.2006
for a court appearance to answer to obstruction charges

I told the lawyer that I wasn’t one of the protesters.

I was just an innocent bystander taking pictures.

He told me they would let me go
but that wasn’t the case. I’m certain because I demanded my service en Francais? It took the cops 45 minutes to get me out.

They went to each individual in the cell and read them their charge. Each of them were charge with 4 charges.

In my case? It was only obstruction in which I will fight these Irving gestapo real hard.

The Saint John Police Forces < Irving Gestapo > weren’t done with me.

They told me that I wasn’t allowed anywhere in the uptown area ((or)) I would be arrested on the spot! They forced me to sign these papers and If I refused I would stay in jail for a long time until my Court date which would have been until July 25th 2006.

I just wanted to get the hell out of there!!!

The cop asked me - DO YOU WORK??? I mentioned in a soft voice. I work at the Leg!!!

He said - WHAT???

I told the cop that everything I got to say?

You’ll hear about it! Trust me!

He shouted- YOU’RE A TROUBLEMAKER!!!! (( Labeled Me))

Yes, the Irving Gestapo were tempting me but I wasn’t going to bite. No way!!!

I got my camera and once outside. I noticed that all my pictures were deleted. Even the ones I took of good friends. All gone!!!!

This is were the theme IRVING GESTAPO came from!

The Gestapo in Germany controled the media and the Saint John Force should have never deleted all my pictures!

I walked out and it was nice to enjoy a smoke.

I will write another blog later on.

Now, I more than anyone knows that I can get things twisted a bit at times but in all honesty the CBC news peace clearly shows that this had absolutely nothing to do with me being connected to these protesters in any way Stay Tuned on this shameful episode.

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It’s Midnight and I have to blog this story before the Irvings media can shout - STOP THE PRESS!!!!

Will the Irvings crucify me in today's paper?

If the Irvings even mention my name without even interviewing me first?

Well? This goes to show New Brunswickers what their newspapers is like?

We are going to find out if the Irvings are truly an Old Germany style of Newspaper?

I’m bloglling this one at midnight because I believe they cannot stop the press in time!!!!

Lets watch and see what’s in the Irving morning newspaper about my episode?

I might add that I’m not allowed to write a reprisal!!!

I’m writing every details so stay tune!!