Saturday, May 21, 2005


My God? It’s terrible out there.

Tomorrow it’s suppose to be the Indianapolis 500 and usually it’s very hot in New Brunswick during the race but I don’t believe this will be the case in this year.
This cold cloudy weather must match today’s voters attitude towards the Lord Government.
The weather is such a downer that a person feels like jumping from the bridge.
Charles 04_07_05 050
It feels like fall out there.

OK…I volunteered at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen today and it sure was funny.

I decided to clean the dishes and trays and I would pass it to the guy next to me.
Charles 04_11_05 021
He would spray the dishes before pushing them in the dishwasher. Team work at it’s best!

My God? I take my hat off to the people who volunteered before the dishwasher came along. Can you imagine washing all those dishes by hands???
Charles 04_11_05 022
Charles 04_11_05 020

Anyway, this time around I ran into a little problem.

The guy beside me was a guy name Mike. He’s a tall individual 6,2 and weights close to 280 pounds.

So what’s the problem you asked?

Mike is blind!!!!

Can you imagine a blind man working beside a person with ADHD????

All you could hear was sorry and excuse me?
Charles 04_11_05 003

Mike is a religious person and on a few occasions he lost his temper with me or the machine. As for me? I am the hyper type and he makes certain everything is in place in a slow way. So you can just imagine the situation?

Yes…ADHD and blindness don’t go hand in hand!!!…all in fun!

Anyway? I found out something very interesting at the Soup Kitchen today.

I noticed many plastic spoons on the trays. I threw some out but I asked the reason we had so many plastic spoons?

Usually the volunteers always serve the poor with silverware but they’re almost all gone!

The reason? The Junkies steals the spoons to do their drug habit! The do their Crack Cocaine and Dilaudid with the spoons.

Certain part of the year, forks would be stolen for their marijuana use.

So if the Fredericton Police Department wishes to know what kind of drugs are in this City?

Just give Georges Piers a call because he can tell by which silverware is missing!

Georges Piers did tell me that only 15% of the people who goes at the Soup Kitchen do have a drug problem.

Therefore ruining it for the other 85%! It doesn’t seem to be fair.

Do you have any silverware such as Spoons and forks?

Please drop them over at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen.

They sure need some.

Ok here’s the statistics from the Soup Kitchen for the month of April!

Noon- 167 meals a day.

Supper-117 meals a day.

Lunches are given out to the poor. 183 lunches were given to the needy.
Charles 04_11_05 017
The Soup Kitchen also gave a helping hand to 67 families and individuals with Food boxes.

I would love to know the stats in the rest of the Province?
Charles 04_11_05 024

This evening, I was invited for a coffee with a dear good friend of mine.

Once outside, we began a little chat then suddenly I noticed this guy with a grey Leather jacket given me a very stern look.

I will say that he was in his late 50s staring at me with a dirty look and shouted - Charles Leblanc??? You don’t know me but I know you Charles LeBlanc!!!!

I quickly ran behind my female friend and said - When they come out with a leather Jacket looking like a hitman? I must run for cover!

I’m certain that the female believe that I was a coward…lol…

He told me that he listens to me all the time on Talk of the Town in Saint John.

He quickly added that all the regular callers should get a life!!!

He continued by defending the Irvings!!!If it wasn’t the Irvings? This province would be dead he shouted!!!

I reminded the guy if the Irvings wasn’t here? Someone else would be in their place.

His wife came out and he continued to his vehicle while still debating with me.

I shouted- Did you dedicate your life and soul to the evil Irving Empire?? < In a Hitler salute >
He replied - You must do that with all big companies and quickly jump in his vehicle and left the area.

Before he sat in his car, I shouted - When you hear my voice? Do you put the volume down or do you listen?

He shouted- I listen!!!!

LOL..I get this all the time. I just can’t disguise my voice. It’s impossible. You can hear my voice at?????

Then you’ll know what I’m talking about!…

Ok….It’s almost Midnight and I’m tired. So please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway. Don’t be afraid to voice your views because many people do read it!!!

Bye bye