Friday, March 18, 2005


Also don’t forget the big Rally against the war in Iraq at 1:00pm at City Hall in Fredericton on Saturday!!
Be there or be square!!!
I just received a lot of emails about the story that Ritalin causes Cancer.
Well? This is what I have been saying for the last 5 years. Many kids came to me and said - I don’t like taking Ritalin because it hurts my tummy!
Why does their Tummy hurts? That’s the emotional question?
I’ve just received an email from an elected official.

This is the email


I inform you of the committee decision on your request. The committee
held public meetings on Bill 60 and has not met since.
Don't know where you get your info. Will let you know of committee
decision when they take one.

So there’s still a little bit of hope yet for the 10,000 kids with ADHD around this Province.
The issue to do a study isn’t done yet but I will let you know once it’s official!
I phoned the talk show Voice of the Province last evening and we talked about the Irvings and their monopoly of the newspapers in this Province and of course I mentioned my blog!
This morning on talk of the Town on CFBC, I gave credit to the Irvings!
Many callers were phoning in to voice their concern of the future LNG Plant!
They were saying that the Iirvings would board in a helicopter and leave the area if the area would be ready to explode?
Well? I phoned the host and told the audience that I hope that you’re sitting down because I’m going to praise the Irvings!
I reminded the host of the explosion at the Refinery < one worker died > every workers ran from the Refinery and shouted to the people- RUN RUN RUN WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!
Did the Iirvings run to their nearest helicopter? Of course not!
THEY’RE NUTS!!! Arthur, Kenneth and J.K. Irving were helping the firefighters to put down the fire!
Personally if I would be a Billionaire? I would have left the area! I guess they follow their memo! They live by the sword? They shall die by the sword! The Iirvings are nuts!!!!
Speaking of the Irvings? I received this email this morning-

Hi Charlie, I heard the ????????? of a friend of the Zed's tells us
That Mrs Zed packed Mr Zed bags and put him out, that's all I could find out So far.

So marriage problem in the Irving Empire? Well? I did hear this story around one month ago but decided to remain silent until I received all the facts!
That’s too bad because they have 5 kids! Hey? I don’t wish any hardship on anyone but I wish them well!
Maybe the Zeds can straighten out their problems for the stakes of the kids!
Ok…This is not the National Enquirer!
Hey? You never know what you will read in this Blog???
I went to the food bank in this City this week. It was the first time that I ever went to that needy place in the Capital!!!!
I must tell you that I was very surprised by the huge lined up at this needy place. This is the Capital of New Brunswick and it goes to show you people are hurting!
Saint John is much worse than the Capital so therefore it makes you wonder???
The amounts of meals being given to the poor in the Capital is in the hundreds on a daily basic and that’s too bad!
I heard a sad story, in a certain village in this Province?
The food bank are making certain that everyone on the streets knows who the poor people are.
They give the poor families food but in a Sobey’s bag????
There’s only one problem with this gesture?
THERE’S NO SOBEY’S in the area for miles!
It’s bad enough to go to these places and asked for help but being degraded in public? That’s a total different ballgame! Too bad so sad!!
Speaking of poor! I wonder if the welfare rate is going to go up during the next Provincial budget? How much? $20.00????
Bernard Lord is going through a public relation nightmare lately! He told New Brunswickers that the citizens can afford a rate hike in their power bills!
He also told New Bbrunswickers a few days ago! Let me see if I can locate the story in the internet? Can’t find it but he did say that he will not try to stop the taxes break that the City of Saint John are giving to the Irvings!
I also told the host of the talk show that many people would not show up for a protest against the Irvings propose tax break because someone from the Irving Gestapo Security staff will show up with a video camera and everyone would run home because many Saint Johners have love ones who works for the Irvings!
The host didn’t agree with me and I did see this sort of action in the past! The cameras are out there and the Irvings will put these people who dares to speak out on a black list and this is sad!
Sh@t!! Closing in on 900 words already!
Some one told me yesterday that if I continue to call those people at the New Brunswick Human Rights Racists that I would land in court!!! You know what? There’s nothing that I would love to hear a Judge tell me that the Irvings can begin hanging niggers and frogs by the necks!!!
Can you imagine the story? I was the target of Racism and I know it! Those racist people at the Commission sent me a letter telling me that my complaint was denied! No explanations! No Comments! Nothing!
They told the Irvings that the witch hunt can continue! My battle with those Racist Irving Employees at the New Brunswick Human Rights will continue till the end of time! I will not be silent until the Commission is eliminated! When you have a Human Rights Commission who promotes or support Racism? U\You have a major problem but then again? Take a close look who is on the Commission? Ok…enough on that issue!
Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Have a good weekend!