Wednesday, March 09, 2005


By the way? Global News is doing a three part series on VLT’S during the next few days and Tim Smith will be interviewed by Global News! Look for it!!!

Ok……it’s been quite a last 24 hours in the Capital.
I met Tim Smith < You can see his picture in my photo album. He’s number#3> at the bus station and we went for a nice Tim Horton’s Coffee!
My God? Does that guy ever love his coffee?
We walked around and made a stopover at the Legislature. I introduced the guy to the people at the Library and I knocked at the Sergeant At Arms door and asked him where could two protesters set up a tent to protest? All in the fun!
I decided to introduced him to the Ombudsman – Bernard Lord.
Before walking in the building, I asked Tim - Do you know what that building is? He didn’t have a clue???

It was the building of those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!
He knew of them from my updates! We had a good laugh when I told him of the time that I showed up in front of that building with a Blowhorn!
It shook the building and it didn’t take long for those racists members to come out of the building with a white flag! I might stop calling them –Racists and call them Irving Employees! What do you think?
Anyway, I introduced him to Bernard Richard and expected the conversation to last a few minutes because I know that the Ombudsman is a very busy individual.
My God? Tim and Bernard debated the issue for over 10 minutes and it was interesting!
I’ll let Tim tell you what they debated about if he wants too?
At around 4:15pm, I bought Tim to my place and something bad happen! I won’t go into the details at the moment. I’ll write more about this issue during the next few days. It had nothing to do with Tim Smith. It was my caretaker and this morning, I found out some interesting facts about this issue so stay tune!
At 5:30pm, Tim was hungry so we went at the Soup Kitchen. I was surprise to notice that this activist is very popular with the boys!
You see? Tim has no money and when he was protesting in front of the Legislature during the cold winter winds of January? He stayed at the Shelter.
Afterwards, he stopped at the shelter and asked if he could sleep in that needy place over night?
The guy told Tim that the place was full during the last three days so he couldn’t promise anything but he did tell Tim that the Fredericton Police could put him in the lock up over night!
Hey? Tim didn’t care where he stayed? As long that he stayed in a place that was warm!
We visited a friend’s place and at 7:00pm we walked in the heavy rain to Rogers Television for his one hour of fame.
Tim asked me - Are we going to walked by a Tim Horton’s?????
My God? The guy must have drank ten cup of coffees during the day and I was a close second!
My God, was I ever hyper with all that caffeine and sugar in my body???
Thanked God that Tim had an umbrella because the rain just came down very very very heavy!
Once we arrived at the building, I noticed the producer of the show standing outside and of course being Charles the agitator?
I shouted- Hiiiiiiiiii Lord!!!!!
The individual just walked away! I was still upset that the staff took orders from the Staff at the Premier’s office not to let me confront the Premier on a talk show!
Minutes later, I bumped into the same individual again and said- Hiiiii Lord!!!!
Well. The person told me that it was a mistake! They totally forgot about me! I replied - Come on now? You don’t expect me to believe that one???? I have been calling that show for the last 5 years???
Anyway….I dropped the issue but not totally! That’s for later.
Denis Melanson < host > showed up and was he ever in bad shape! He looked terrible. He has problem with his knee and he only had a couple of hours sleep!
I was more worried about the host being ok than the guest?
Once inside the producer told Tim Smith that he couldn’t wear a white t-shirt because the colour wouldn’t show on Television.
Poor Tim didn’t have an extra shirt so the producer gave the brown sweater off his back to the activist.
The producer told me that he was busy so I could sit in the producer’s chair! I said- No problem! Now? Listen to me Staff??? When Charles LeBlanc phones in? Tell him that we will get back to him but we won’t!!! Hiiii Lord!!!!!
We had a good chuckle and I guess that will be the end of the Hiiii Lord story!
I was going to confront the Premier himself on this issue with a good Hiii Lord but why bother? If he wishes to listen to his staff and don’t take calls from me? Then so be it?
Hey???? I am only talking about moi moi moi here!!!
My God close to 900 words! Sh@t!!!!!
The show went great! I was surprise of the way that Denis Melanson can change his attitude. Before the show? He looked half dead but once the music started and he began to introduce his guest? He changed just like night and day! My God? What an actor? I don’t know how he does it? He should receive an Oscar for that kind of acting???
I predicted 15 calls but he got 13 callers!
The show could have went on for one more hour. No problem whatsoever because people or addicts were calling in telling the audience of their own personal problems with the VLT’S!
Lets not forget one thing? It’s not everyone who has the guts to phone a talk show! The producer said that Tim Smith acted like an expert and they will do a follow up!
We all felt that Tim Smith did a superb job!
One more surprise was right around the corner.
The Producer asked Tim if he wanted to stay in a Motel?
My God? That was awfully nice of the producer to offer him a place to stay?
He stayed at the Silverwood Motel! I gave Tim a little hug and they droved the Protester at the guest house!
I met the guy this morning at Tim Horton’s! DOES THAT SURPRISE YOU???????? TIM HORTON’S TIM HORTON’S TIM HORTON’S! ,,,lol,,, We went to the Rentalsman office and had a very good interesting chat about the issue of the caretaker in my building!
You readers are going to be very surprise of the stories that I’m going to write about during the next few days!
It was 11:15am and the bus was ready to go!
I asked Tim Smith if the Government doesn’t do anything of the issue of the VLT’S? Will he be coming back to the Capital?
He said - That’s a known fact! I’ll be back to continue the fight!
I guess the guy isn’t going nowhere!
I gave the guy a hug! That’s not my style to hug people but I feel a little bond with the Guy!
Minutes later, he was on his way back to Saint John while the sun began to shine!!!
Tim Smith should be congratulated for a job very well done and lets pray that the Lord Government will listen and act on his concerns?
Did you watch the show last night?
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