Thursday, October 27, 2005


Rogers Telvision has sunk to a new low in New brunswick!!!!


It all started on Thursday evening when Rogers television had the issue of Autism on the program.

The new host is Rich Crosby.

rich web

He took the place of Dennis Melanson.

Charles 04_07_05 078

Dennis was there for a few years and I would always call in to get the ball rolling and it was a great way to share views with New Brunswick.


I would always praised these open talk shows!

One minute before I was going to go on the air?

The producer cut in and in a very polite way told me that Crosby got the orders from someone not to take my call.

rich web

I was very surprise that a young host would demand that certain callers are not allowed on the air?????

I told the producer to let me know what’s going on?

I won’t go publicly with this one but that all change this evening on Voice of the Province.


I called from a pay phone and the woman told me to leave a message on a voice mail.
They call it the viewers hotline.

I quickly replied - Yeahhh right!!!! But I soon found out that she was serious!!!!

She explained to me that they are not capable of transferring calls from a payphone.

Only from a resident phone.

No problem, I walked down the hallway and used someone else phone.

I called and left my number but the guy taking the calls wouldn’t put me on the air!

Phil Vincent 222x170_3

So Rogers has joined the Irvings of denying freedom of speech to New Brunswickers????

I have been calling these talk shows for years and never cross that line.

I always behave.

I remember last year when Bernard Lord was on?

They wouldn’t let me question the Premier.

Charles 04_07_05 071

Why is that now?

Who’s giving the orders to Rogers not to accept my calls.

Did Rich Crosby accept a bride from the Irvings?

rich web

Who knows? You tell me????

Many don’t like this new guy < Rich Crosby > and I heard many sad stories about the new host on Rogers and I guess that from what I’m hearing? It’s all true!

Well? As far as I’m concern?

It’s Rogers lost and not mine but I will let anyone who cross my path including all the Ministers of the Lord Government that they must listen to the public concerns!

Germany all over again???

You tell me????

I’ll tell you one thing!

I will never lower myself to the standards of Rogers and the Irvings!!!


Shame on them but this issue is not done yet!


Not from a long shot!!!!!

Freedom of speech must remain alive in New Brunswick!

It was bad enough that we’re not allowed to write letters to the Editor but now this? Shame…Shame,,,Shame….as I said last winter---- Hiiiiiiiii Lord!!!!!!

By the way? The issue that I wanted to bring up with the Minister of Education was why are we giving our kids chocolate milk in the classrooms????


Maybe she gave the orders? Who knows but one thing is certain!

I will confront the Minister face to face.

I always like her and I was going to praise her but who knows what was said in the studio of Rogers?

What next? Will these same people tell CFBC talk of the town that Charles is not allowed on the air???? Once Rick Mantle leaves?


Maybe one day I'll come home and my computer will be in the garbage????

Saint John June 04-05 003

It could be very well possible! Nothing surprise me no more of the happening in this Province?

The Irvings and the staff at Rogers are acting like this guy!!!!!


There's never a dull momment in my life. Always something but this is what keeps me going! Thank God that I have ADHD because I would have took a heart attack a long time ago!!!!


I'll see if I can get on????




SCOC dismisses Irving tax case
Last updated Oct 27 2005 12:55 PM ADT
CBC News
Irving Oil has lost its bid to have its property taxes reduced at its Saint John oil refinery.

Irving Oil has been fighting to have $20 million worth of oil tanks at the refinery classified as manufacturing equipment and declared tax free, but the Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed Irving's request for a hearing on the matter.

Irving originally won the tax case at trial, but that decision was overturned by the New Brunswick Court of Appeal last March. The Supreme Court has now ruled the Appeal Court decision should stand, meaning Irving is not entitled to a tax reduction.

Irving Oil had been fighting for years to have taxes on its oil refinery cut by about 25 per cent. At issue is a section of the property that holds dozens of huge oil tanks. The company pays about $4 million a year in property taxes, with about a million in taxes coming from the oil tanks.

The taxes are split between the province and City of Saint John.

Irving Oil claims the tanks shouldn't be taxed at all. It wants a reduction and would like the provincial government to refund taxes paid between 2001 and 2004.

Saint John Lawyer John Barry says oil storage tanks are normally subject to property tax in New Brunswick but manufacturing equipment is not. "The issue of the tanks is whether they're part of the manufacturing process or whether they're used for storage."

In Irving's case, the company says although the oil tanks store finished petroleum products, those products have to be constantly stirred, which makes the tanks part of the manufacturing process and should be tax free.

Barry does not represent either party in the dispute, but says the case is simple. "If they're part of the manufacturing process, they fall under machinery and they're exempt and not subject to property tax assesment. If they're storage tanks, they do fall under property tax assesment."

Irving Oil's property taxes are a sensitive issue in Saint John. Protests broke out on the streets and inside Saint John council chambers earlier this year after Irving Oil received a $100 million property tax cut, spread over 25 years, on a planned Liquified Natural Gas terminal in the city.

Saint John City Councillor Glen Tait says Irving Oil is well within its rights to fight property taxes at the refinery too but is afraid the public isn't in the mood to hear about it. "This certainly will revitalize the whole issue and bring it to the surface again, and there will be discussion on that whole issue we are –another tax break for the Irvings."