Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My reply to Brent Taylor column on me might not be printed?

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I have been told that Brent Taylor made a phone call < maybe the Irvings? > that my letter shouldn't be printed.

Now? This is were it's going to be very interesting because this will mean that all Irving columnists can condemn someone in public and the public are not allowed to fight back.

Of course,, this will go to the Atlantic Press Council and I will blog this issue to death!

Maybe the Canadian Senate gave the ok to the Irvings to do this kind of witch-hunt? Who knows?

Stay tune for more on this issue!!!!

I feel that I have no other choice but to reply to Brent’s Taylor views , June 29, 2006 - Bloggers can take their messages too far

I must admit that I never read brent’s column. I am not interested in his views especially being a former member of the C.O.R. Party. His column was bought to my attention by a reader of my blog.

I am very glad Mr.Taylor shared his views on my situation because he sure knows something that I don’t.

He wrote - Legitimate bloggers are fighting, and winning battles over their accreditation as true journalists.

I do call myself a legitimate blogger because I’m the man on the streets talking to poor people and I did bring a lot of issues to all MLA’s such as roomers Boarding rights.

He claims that I was harassing employees at their workplace.

I also learned that many unionized employees went on stress leave for the summer months because of my attitude? Absolutely not once have I have been approached by the staff to stop harassing people.

He wrote - There is no point in any of them suing this blogger,

I got a question for Mr.Taylor? How can a person be sued for speaking the truth? My blogs are always written with a true message..

Despite the kooks, blogging has become increasingly mainstream.

I take exception to be call - A Kook. I would rather be called a Kook than being a Bigot from the C.O.R. Party any day.

As an Acadian, I remember Brent’s very anti-French speech while running for the leadership in 1992. This is one reason that I don’t read his column.

I might add that Brent is no legitimate Blogger. I just check Brent’s blog. His last update was in February. He sure isn’t a blogger.

The Fredericton blogger banned from the legislature would not even come close to meeting the standards set forth by the MBA.

What standards would be acceptable to Mr.Taylor? Attend a journalist course at Saint Thomas where the Irvings gave one million dollars to train their future employees?

A blogger is the columnist, the editor and the owner. A blogger reports the news but with an opinion.

Down the States, bloggers are treated with great respect.

Mind you, is you get a blogger upset?

Look out!!!!

Because their views goes on the information highway in minutes. I had over 100,000 visitors to my site so therefore I can’t be truly a kook.

Brent wrote The application was not approved, and rightly so.

Maybe Brent believes that since the Irvings owns all the major newspapers in New brunswick. Only Irving employees can apply as Bloggers?

Former C.O.R. MLA’S had a bad habit of speaking out before thinking and true was the case with this one - For instance, union representative Tom Mann wrote this newspaper last week defending the blogger's banishment, and was promptly termed a "bigot."

Now? If I wasn’t a legitimate Blogger? Why would Brent visit my blog? Very good question indeed?

One thing is certain. I might be banned for life from the Legislature but I will continue to blog away my views on political issues.

I may not be there to asked MLA'S questions on the issues of day so therefore I will asks them in my blog.

Bloggling is the journalist way of the future. Weather you like it or not! Bloggers will be around till the end of time.

Charles LeBlanc


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Think about it? That dirty air going into your body at a very fast rate? I wonder if exercising in Saint John could do more harm than good.


One certain fact is that I don't use my inhaler as much since I've been in frederictron. I hardly used it at all!

Pictures 041

Maybe this guy from the Saint John Police Force deleted all my pictures while I was in the cell!

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He was very quiet and he followed me all over the place.

At first, I believe he was an Irving employee? Could the Irvings have played a roll in deleting all my pictures?

The citizens in Saint John better watch themselves.

I haven't heard from the police in over one week so maybe they can take any camera from any citizen on the streets and delete their pictures?

My answer to Rogers Television < Old Germany > Thanks but no thanks!!!

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They asked me of my view on Canada Day? The minute I saw that it was Rogers Television? < Old Germany > I quickly left the scene.

Last weekend was the teddy bear run....

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Hundreds or motor-cycles were flying down Regent street. It was sharp!!!


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At least they would be New brunswickers taking control of the People's House. How many New Brunswickers working at Assemble National in Quebec? The answer - NONE!!!!!


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I was asked by a Saint John Police officer - How long were you in jail?

A few asked - How long it took for you to get a lawyer?

It’s always time...time...time...

Did you know once they put you in a cell, there’s no clock on the wall so a person can keep track of the time?

Is this a way to confuse once the person arrested goes to court?

Shame on the Saint John Police Force.

They should have a clock on the wall so a person can get their facts straight.

This is one reason that I refuse to be interviewed by a officer from the Saint John Police Force in front of a video camera.

I couldn’t give the officer the proper time.

The Saint John Police Force are playing a very dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Its bad enough that they can arrest anyone on the streets without just cause and delete their pictures from the citizen camera but now this?

Come on!!! Put a darn clock across from the cell!!!


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Pictures 118
Pictures 073

I'm telling you readers one thing!!! This week is going to be very nasty in this blog!!!

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I hope you didn't believe that I was just going to walk away from being banned for life from the Legislature?

Sorry...not going to happen. I have been a very individual during the past two weeks.

All the MLA'S who voted to have be banned are going to be blogged BIG TIME!!!! There's 5 P.C.'s and 3 Liberals.

This ADHD activist is going to tell it as it is! Shawn Graham should resign as leader? Stay tune and I got another trick up my sleeve....

Always a lot action in the Capital.

The only person who benefitted from all this is Bernard Lord. I haven't wrote about the Premier for a long time but I will make up for lost time.

Trust me.