Sunday, May 08, 2005


It’s raining outside and it’s cold. I don’t really feel like writing but I feel that I must write on an issue that I am really close to.

Remember when I went down to Memramcook a few weeks ago?

I stayed over my Uncle Al place. He’s the father that I never had. He got me a job at the Shipyard in the early eighties and I made good money.

It’s funny that in today’s world? I got no money compared to the shipyard days? I might add that I’m not the only former shipyard worker who is in this position.

He’s the one who approached me about ADHD!

If it wasn’t for him, I would have never have known about ADHD and Ritalin.

While in his home in Mermamcook? He explained to me that once the body gets older? Many parts lets go.

He gave me a nice watch and told me to keep it!

Afterwards, we went for a drive and he stop at the Cemetery in Memramcook East proudly showed me his tombstone.

It was the larger one in the whole cemetery. I never really paid close attention to his message until I got to Fredericton? I began to rethink all the messages he told me.

I phoned my female cousin and told her that I believe that he’s telling me that he’s dying?????

We were both concern but try to ignore the sad news.

All this change last Friday when I received a email from my cousin telling me that they just raced my Uncle to the Hospital in Saint John.

He was supposed to have an operation on Monday morning. I guess because of the cutbacks of the Lord Government?

They couldn’t keep my uncle in the hospital until his plan operation on Monday! I’m going to get to the bottom of this one? I will have a chat with the Health
Minister Elvy Robichaud.

A person has to love it living in the Capital because you can see those
politicians and bureaucrats face to face on different issue.

I phoned my uncle last night and my aunt bought the phone to his couch.

I knew something wasn’t right because my uncle is very hyper and usually he jumps up and take the phone but not in this case.

I began talking and I don’t know what came over me?

I began to break down and cry! Moi? Cry? Come on now! I told my Uncle that I love him and hung up the phone.

My God? I was in bad shape! Trust me on this one! We don’t used the word LOVE too often. It’s not our style but if someone in the family needs help?

Just as a soldier in the Army, we will step forward without a moment notice.

It’s funny because every time I hear someone telling me they lost a love one who died at the age of 72?

I would always say - Hey? They're off to a better place and we will never reach that age?

I didn’t have that feeling and this was the first time my friends ever saw me break down!

They made certain that I wasn’t left alone and I really appreciate them for comforting me at a time of need.

My Priest picked me up for Church and he knew that something wasn’t right because I broke down again.

I went to Church at 10:00am and after the Messe? I asked the Priest if he would phone my Aunt and Uncle in Saint john in which he did!

This was very nice of the Priest.

My relatives knows this Priest because he practiced in Memramcook for many years!

Afterwards, I felt very good about my Uncle and I’m certain that they had the same feelings in Saint John!

I thanked the Priest very very very much for his fine actions in a time of need!

I felt so good about this issue that I went to a Church Service again at 12:00pm!

Two Church services in one day???? This is truly a new one for this Protester!!!

By now? You must asks yourself - Why is Charlie writing about his personal family matters?

Well? I believe that it’s not a bad thing to ask you to pray for my Uncle who’s going to be operated on in the morning.

Please pray that my Uncle will be ok!

Is that too much to asks? Thank You!!!

Many thanks goes out to my favorite Priest for a job very well Done! Merci Beaucoup Emery!!!