Thursday, November 23, 2006


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Ok...Today is the big day!! It feels like it’s been over one year since I’ve been arrested in Saint John.


My God...what an experience and a learning one at that!!!!

I learned a lot during these last few months.

I found out that Harold Doherty is a fantastic lawyer.

He’s like a pittbull in action. I knew the guy before he offered his services but not this Iron Horse who showed up in court.


I won’t go into any details because I promise Harold that I wouldn’t blog nothing about the trial.

But trust me? I’ll make up for lost time when this issue will come to a close at 10:00am!

I had a nightmare last evening. There I was in court standing in front of a judge and the verdict was guilty and I was sentenced to two years in jail.

I almost took a heart attack and to jail I went.

I later found out the Judge was murdered and we found out it was an Irving employee who played the part of the Judge. < It was just like a Mission Impossible movie!!! >


I woke up in sweat and wondered what I ate before going to bed???

Come on....everyone needs a good laugh once in a

Ok....10:00am in the morning and lets see what’s going to happen?

I made a promise to my lawyer not to blog any issues so I’ll leave it at that!

Since there’s many around the world who are watching this very closely? After the verdict comes down?

I can be reach at 1-506-693-9464

Wish me luck!

Bye bye


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I must give credit where it's due! That girl had more patience than me to stay in the court room. This is from my court trial on November 2th!


“The bottom line of this trial is freedom of speech!” claimed Charles LeBlanc after his first day in a Saint John courtroom. Although he is formally charged with obstruction, Mr. LeBlanc believes that this trial goes far beyond that. According to Mr. LeBlanc, this case will not only determine if he was obstructing a police officer at the “Reaching Atlantica” conference on June 9th, but will test the definition of journalism in the province.

The first day of the trial of Charles LeBlanc was held at Saint John City Hall on November 2nd and was attended by LeBlanc supporters, local media and members of the Saint John Police Force.

At the end of the day, the prosecution had presented 11 witnesses, none of whom produced any evidence directly concerning Mr. LeBlanc’s charge of obstruction.

The majority of testimony concerned the group of protestors who attempted to force their way into the Atlantica conference. According to witnesses, a group of approximately 20 masked protestors swarmed the doors of the Trade and Convention Centre, trying to force their way past members of the Saint John Police Force. The protesters were allegedly behaving very aggressively, chanting “Stop Atlantica!” and “You’re being watched!”

Many of the witnesses found the whole experience quite frightening.
Terri MacDonald Riedle, president of Revolution Strategy and event organizer, was outside the Trade and Convention Centre when things began to get rough.

Masked protestors began pushing the two police officers hired by the conference back towards the doors, shouting “We have a right to be here!” Many of the protesters were carrying digital cameras and video cameras, chanting “You’re being watched!”

Most of the staff retreated to the shelter of the registration area, located in the coat check kiosk, and closed the gate. As Ms. MacDonald Riedle placed a call to 911, the uproar continued.

She could hear police and protestors yelling and tables being pushed around. She estimated that the chaos continued for five minutes before the police regained control of the situation.

Harold Doherty, Mr. LeBlanc’s defence attorney, questioned Ms. MacDonald Riedle at length about the “Reaching Atlantica” media passes.

She stated that there were no specific qualifications required for a pass, but the applicant did have to be a member of the media. Ms. MacDonald Riedle claimed that invitations were sent out to all the major media outlets in the city; newspapers, radio and television stations.

Mr. Doherty made a point to remind her that all the newspapers in the province are owned by the Irvings.

When asked if she knew anything about Charles LeBlanc applying for a media pass, Ms. MacDonald Riedle stated that she did not.

The trial is set to resume on November 20th at 9:30 am.

Charles LeBlanc, who was just voted “Local hero for actions” in here magazine’s “Best of Fredericton” poll, claims that he was not involved with the protestors at all.

He was just chasing a scoop for his blog, and standing with the rest of the media representatives.

Mr. LeBlanc also claims that the members of the Saint John Police Force were overly aggressive towards him and deleted all his pictures. “If I lose this case, only Irving employees will be allowed to take pictures in the province of New Brunswick!” said Mr. LeBlanc. “

You’ll have to phone an Irving employee if you see anything newsworthy!

The Police could attack anyone on the street with a camera and delete their pictures. This could be the new law in Canada!”

Judge William McCarroll could rule on the obstruction charges as soon as November 20th, if the case is completed on that day.

However, an individual’s ability to take independent photos in the province has yet to be addressed.

In the meantime, independent media, such as the Baron, will continue to forge on into the future, taking pictures as they desire.


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I waited to write about this issue for months and months. I feel it’s a very important one and I don’t understand the reason I delay this one.

Last winter, I was asked by someone who works for the Federal Government to asked any poor person in the Capital to meet in a secret place.

They would pay each individual 20 bucks each just for showing up.

It was at a very secret location because if New Brunswick Family Services found out the poor were being paid 20 bucks?

They would have invaded the location and cut off the welfare recipient’s check because they didn’t disclose the money to the bureaucrats.

I found around 20 people and they all showed up for the meeting. It was cold outside and it was in the afternoon.

The people in charge of the meeting went around and gave everyone 20 bucks!!!

I said to myself - Boy!!!! That’s a huge mistake because now a few will say - Excuse me? I have to use the washroom and BINGO they will be gone with their money!

The meeting lasted for more than two hours and I was very outspoken at that one. < Surprise? >

These poor people were force to listen to me. My God? They should have been paid much more!!!

Guess what?


You know why??? They wanted someone to listen to their sad stories.

There’s no place in Fredericton where a poor person can share their sad stories.

Take a look at the Common Front for Social Justice over one month ago.

This woman Irma Munn was asked to speak in front of 200 people.


It's everyone who's like me to speak out in front of an audience.


She lasted around five minutes before starting to cry and quickly ran outside the building.

I quickly followed Irma and told her that this was indeed her 15 minutes of fame and she should go back in there and speak proudly to the audience.


She did just that and everyone had tears in their eyes.


Yesterday, I noticed the French CBC crew at the soup kitchen interviewing the poor.


Everyone wanted to tell the media their sad stories but you can just report so much.

The poor in this Province are in desperate need for people they can chat with.


The Government must act on this issue but the question is how?????


Cats do indeed have nine lives!!!

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Yes, this cat has nine lives. Last evening at around 9:00pm while walking on Regent Street.

I noticed this cat running across the busy street. The cat almost got hit by a car.

Anyway, he began to jump on me like a dog would. I never saw a cat so friendly.


I couldn’t leave the cat alone so I grabbed the cute little thing but I had a problem? What to do with the darn thing?

I knew a woman in the area so I knocked at her door.

A stranger answered the door and said- That’s my kitty!!!! Well, I got lucky that I knocked at the right door. Cute little thing!!! Everyone was happy so I went home!!!

This guy really works hard for New Brunswickers!!!

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Last night at around 7:30pm. I walked by his office and there he was on the phone in his office. Most bureaucrats goes home at 4:30pm but not this guy. He works so hard that the job might kill him. Can you guess who???

Harper Conservatives Reject National Autism Strategy

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Harper Conservatives Reject National Autism Strategy

The Harper government has indicated that it will fund a research chair in autism which, in itself, is a good thing.

Unfortunately it is being done to placate the autism community and maintain its public relations image as it rejects a Private Members motion by Liberal Andy Scott and NDP Peter Stoffer which calls for a more comprehensive and serious national autism strategy. If the Harper conservatives reject this motion families and friends of autistic children and adults should prepare to organize and vote against Harper Conservatives in the next federal election.

Approximately 1 in 166 Canadians have an autism spectrum disorder. If we organize effectively we should be able to have some impact; especially if the vote is close in specific ridings.

Taken from Harold Doherty blog site!!!!

Drug bust in Fredericton!!!

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A woman was place in the police vehicle so we could calm down. You could hear her one block away. Lots of action in the Capital. One of the person who was caught knew me so I took this picture. I couldn't get too close because I could have gotten in trouble again. It wasn't Dilaudid or heavy drugs. It was just marijuana