Thursday, January 24, 2008


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I wrote my views on this issue in the Irving's paper 15 years ago.

I say- NO TAG!!!!!

But Atlantic-Loto always print a number saying- NO TAG PLAYED!!!

I'll never forget the time that a shipyard worker didn't pay that extra buck and all the numbers came up!!!

He almost commited suicide!!!



THE VERDICT IS IN!!!! The Gregory Allen Despres trail resumes next week and he will not be criminally responsible for the murders!!!!

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Someone told me the sad news this morning.

My God!!!! I guess the Family members are very upset!!!

So? What does this mean???? Will Despres be allowed to be free in 15 to 20 years???

I really feel bad for the familes!!!!


Rookie Liberal MLA Chris Collins had a fist fight with a member of the P.C. Party???

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I was debating to blog this one?

It’s sad but it goes to show ya a lot of things can happen in the New Brunswick politics.

I remember the time that Stuart Jamieson and Milt Sherwood almost went at it in the Cafeteria of the New Brunswick Legislature.

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Well, this time around it happen in a bar in Moncton.

Chris Collins < rookie Liberal Mla from Moncton > walked in and a member from the P.C. Party reminded the young politician that he got elected because of the sympathy vote.

His son Sean died of Cancer.


That did it for the poor grieving father and a fist fight followed.

My god??? That’s terrible!!!

I wonder who’s the jerk from the P.C. Party who mentioned that sick comment?

Does anyone know?

Good for Chris to stand up against sad comments like this one?


P.S.- I heard this story this afternoon and I was told it was in the washroom of the New Brunswick Legislature.

I was wrong...It was just on the CBC!!! I was ready to press - Post Blog but CBC saved the day!!!

Thank God for CBC!!!!...

Here's the story -

MLA apologizes for bar 'confrontation'

Last Updated: Thursday, January 24, 2008 | 3:20 PM AT
CBC News

A New Brunswick Liberal MLA has apologized for what he calls a "confrontation" that took place at a Fredericton bar.

Moncton East MLA Chris Collins presented a written statement on Thursday that said an incident he was involved in December was unacceptable and out of character.

Fredericton police have been investigating an allegation filed by another man regarding an assault on Dec. 19 at the Back Nine bar.

"There was a confrontation that occurred that involved me and another individual," says Collins' statement. "I deeply regret allowing myself to become involved in such an incident. It was completely out of character for me."

In the short statement Collins goes on to say it wouldn't be appropriate to discuss what led to the confrontation at the bar. The investigation is ongoing, police said.

"I can only speak for myself in saying what happened was unacceptable," Collins writes. "My family and friends understand this is not in my nature. I apologize to them, colleagues and coworkers for any strain this may have caused them."

Collins' office has said he won't be commenting further on the incident.

Collins is a former Moncton city councillor. He was elected to the provincial riding of Moncton East in a March 2007 byelection after former premier Bernard Lord resigned from politics.

Collins' 12-year-old son, Sean, died of cancer in July 2007.


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Think about it for one minute???

The other media outlets don’t have a website where the news of the day is located.

Stories such as my arrest in Saint John would have been totally ignored.

The verdict of my trial had to be printed in the New York Times before the Irvings told its readers.


Very sad....

The reason behind this is because of lack of resources.

Global News is laying off employees so less news event will be covered in this Province.

If CBC put a story on their website? I’ll use it and paste it on my blog.

This is a good way for the readers to debate the issue in of the day.

Now we come to the Evil Irving Empire.


Any stories they cover? New Brunswickers are not allowed to use their stories to debate the concern issue.

The Irvings are pure evil and this was proven when they made a complaint to Google that I used a story of a young person who died 2 years ago!!!

They demanded that I remove the story from my blog.

The Senate must come back and investigate the Irving’s monopoly in this Province.

It's just like old germany all over again in New Brunswick! Once Hitler took power? He took control of the media to brainwash the people in Germany. Same would happen here if we didn't have the CBC!!!!


Just like the ECMA? They made certain that only their photographers will be allowed to take pictures of the events so they can sell them to the public.


Yes, we are very lucky to have the CBC in New Brunswick.

What would New Brunswickers do without the CBC?

They sure could run a better open line Talk Show but beside that?


They are a very useful tool of communication for New Brunswickers.

Ok Spinks???? It’s your turn!!!




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Wait list for N.B. drug treatment shrinks, needle-exchange numbers rise

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 | 6:08 PM AT
CBC News

The decreasing numbers on methadone treatment waiting lists in New Brunswick does not reflect the reality of the drug problem in the province, say some frontline workers.

Methadone is used to help fight addiction to opium-based drugs. In 2007, more than 600 people in the province were on the waiting list for the pharmaceutical treatment program that helps wean addicts off heroin and prescription drugs such as Oxycontin, Dilaudid, Percodan and Percocet.

In Saint John, the waiting list for the treatment fell from 186 people in 2006 to 49 in 2007.

The decreased numbers stem from a new policy of removing people from the waiting list if they can't be reached.

"It's one thing to say this person's on the waiting list but if we spend three weeks trying to track you down, if we said 'I'm going to admit you' and I can't get a hold of you, you're not really on the waiting list," said Marjorie Mullin, co-ordinator at the Saint John methadone clinic.

The original list wasn't realistic and the new list reflects the number of people who are ready for treatment if they're called, Mullin said.

Health Minister Mike Murphy committed in 2007 to tackle the long waiting lists for drug treatment in the province.

Taking people off the list may make the province's drug situation look better on paper but isn't a proper solution, said Julie Dingwell, a spokeswoman with AIDS Saint John.

The removal of names amounts to the abandonment of drug addicts, Dingwell said.

"The sex-trade workers, the injection-drug users, the people who are committing thefts to get money and are in or out of jail all the time — the program isn't working well for those people," she said.

The solution to the waiting list problem is to expand the methadone program, not removing names, Dingwell said.

Many addicts end up on the waiting list for a year or more, she said, while others come into AIDS Saint John and beg to be admitted to the treatment program.

"We don't talk about the number of people that have died waiting for methadone while they've been on that bloody list," Dingwell told CBC News.

People are committing suicide, contracting hepatitis C and HIV and being sent to jail while they wait to get treatment, she said.

"Why do we think it's ethical to abandon them like this?"

Based on the number of people participating in the needle exchange at AIDS Saint John, the number of addicts in the city seems to be increasing, she said.

About 200,000 needles were given out in Saint John in 2007 while 100,000 were disturbed in the city in 2006.

In Fredericton, 74,000 syringes were handed out last year, compared to 40,000 in 2006.

"Addiction is a public health-care crisis … over 200 people [are] getting hepatitis C in New Brunswick every year and the majority of them are coming from the injection-drug use community. This is crippling our health-care system," Dingwell said.

The increase in Saint John is partially a result of more people in the city becoming addicted to crack cocaine, she said. Crack addicts can use up to 10 needles per day.

Police in Saint John said they have also noticed an increase in the amount of cocaine on the streets over the last year.

"There's no question that the amount of it and the amount of people that are using it has been steadily on the rise," said Sgt. John Wilcox.

The highly addictive drug crystal meth is not yet a problem in New Brunswick, Wilcox said, but its arrival on the East Coast is inevitable.

Is rookie Minister blogger Jack Keir in trouble???

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NB Power contract process independent: minister
But Energy Minister Jack Keir maintains that the government does not involve itself in how NB Power awards contracts.

Keir said the government plays no role in the way NB Power issues requests for proposals or awards contracts to companies that want to sell wind energy.

"Not any, as a matter of fact," Keir told CBC News. "NB Power on their own have gone to that RFP process. It's NB Power that went through the RFP process and we're very happy with the result."

The government does, however, discuss government priorities on occasion with Hay, Keir said. He said the government and the utility are in agreement in most instances.

"When we're not, we talk about it," the minister said. "We discuss where we have to go and what we have to do, what the roadblocks are, and we try to get over those roadblocks. If we can't get over those roadblocks, we don't do it."


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This is very strange indeed.

The only liquor store in the Downtown area will close its door forever on Saturday and the employees don’t have a clue where they’re going to be transferred?

The only guy who was offered a job was the Manager I guess?

He was given the task to travel around the province for the Liquor Store. He was just two years away from retirement.

There’s only one itty bitty problem?

The guy only has one leg!!!!

Pretty nice of the Government eh?

The owners of the restaurants, clubs or bars haven’t been told where they can buy their liquor.

This is the only place that I know where a business can quickly shut down and the employees don’t have a clue what’s going on????


Can you imagine how the rest of the non government owners treats its employees????

Very scary stuff!!!