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Yesterday morning someone asked me if I could add
this individual on my email list?
I told the person there would be no problem. I
added their name and send the person my update.
Minutes later, I received an email asking me to please
remove this individual from my list!
You could say this was the shortest individual in
history to be on my list!……
This person works for an advertisement firm so
maybe my anti- Irving stories scared the day light out
of this individual!….
I saw the person afterward, the individual told
me- My Father told me believe in half of what you see
and nothing from what you hear!!! But I did let it
known that I don’t lie in my updates and it’s all La
Speaking of the Irvings? Someone from Saint John
sent me an email telling me that a letter I sent to
the HERE paper is printed in the Newspaper!
There’s only one itty bitty problem? I didn’t
send this email as a letter to the Editor? Let me see
how they put it???
If it’s only a way for the Irvings to dis-credit
me? Well? What can a person do? I’ll be very upset!
Ok…Never mind moi, me, moi for the rest of this
Yesterday afternoon, I noticed someone walking
with signs behind his back and in the front!
The guy name is Tim Smith and he’s from Saint
He’s against the VLT’S in this Province. He told
me during the last ten years, that he has lost
$140,000 in these machines and he knows a close friend
who committed suicide because of these dreadful
addictive machines.
He’s in his forties and at first, I guess he
wanted to chained himself in the hallway of City Hall
but he woke up one morning and decided to go at the
He has two daughters at home and he has been on a
hunger strike for two days!
There’s only one itty bitty problem with this
IT’S COLD OUT THERE!!!!! BRRRRRRR…..I just had a
chat with the guy and my toes are still cold!!!!
He’s lucky because he hasn’t felt the cold
Northern winds in front of the Legislature.
Last evening, he slept over at the Shelter and I
went over to see if he was ok? He told me that his
feet were cold so I bought the guy a nice pair of wool
soxes which was given to me by someone during my
I noticed in this morning paper Telegraph Journal
<> His story is in that paper with a
huge picture of him!
You can see it at
Now? I phoned the local talk show this morning
and asked the host this question?
I was protesting in a tent for 50 days until the
Irving Newspapers covered my protest! This guy protest
for six hours and he gets the publicity????
What’s wrong with this picture anyway? Is he
better looking than me???? ,,,,lol
But I’m glad for the guy! Ok…he wears a pair of
earmuffs and a couple of sweaters.
I’m a pretty good judgement of character and he
sounds very determine in his fight!
He told me that he has died ten times over during
these last 10 years and he’s not afraid to die! He
just doesn’t want to become just a another statistic
for the Government.
He could go and blow his head off but he has two
young daughters at home.
I told the protester where he could use the
washroom at the BeaverBrook Hotel. He told me that
once the sun hides behind the clouds? It’s very cold!
I told the guy that I know all about it!!
Last night, he told me that Rolly McIntyre <
Liberal MLA > came to chat for him and he’s going to
invite the protester inside the Legislature and
introduce him.
Hey? This is good because I sure wasn’t invited
inside during my protest but I reminded the protester
that it was the Liberals who first introduced these
machines in the 80s?
This morning, Rick Doucet an MLA from Charlotte
County! <> walked by and I shouted that he
should chat with the protester! Of course, the guy
noticed that I shouted at everyone who walked by! I
can’t help myself because I’m an huge
Don’t forget this area was my home for six months
so therefore I know a lot of people!
Rick Doucet came to chat with the protester and I
reminded the young MLA that it was the Liberals who
began this mess!
He told me - Yes, it is true but we can still try
to find some solution to this very emotional problem!
One suggestion Tim Smith said was these VLT’S
should be shut down on Sundays and during the month of
Sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe just maybe
that if a person don’t play these addicted machine for
one day? He/she would maybe kick this very expensive
Tim said - It’s like the Government won the Super
7 every Friday evening! The Government collects 2.5
million dollars every week from the less dreadful
citizen. He says that the Government is collection 125
Million dollars every year from a population of only
Something is very very very wrong with this
The cash is flowing but something must give in at
the bottom! Some families are really hurting because
of these machines!!!
I noticed while he chatted with the MLA? He began
to show some emotion while he was speaking about his
kids at home.
I might admit that this act really touch me and I
notice that the MLA was also touch!
He told me the story of a guy in Saint John. He
collects empty bottles all day long and at the end of
the day he walks close to two miles at a bottle
exchange to get his money. He quickly runs to a
machine and loses his money in 5 minutes! Works all
day collecting empties and loses everything in 5
But gambling has been around for centuries but it
seems to be worst these days!
If I was this protester? I would have pitch an
winterizes tent! At least, he would be away from the
cold Northern winds!
I wish that he wouldn’t go on a hunger strike
because his body surely wouldn’t stand the cold
But he’s a very determine individual! Someone
came over this morning from CBC and he was wearing a
Irving winter hat.
I told the guy to get rid of that hat! He quickly
changed his hat inside out! He gave a number to the
Protester to told him to phoned CBC collect in Saint
The protester asked me if I knew the guy because
I ordered him to change his hat and he did!!!
I told the guy that I didn’t know him but he knew
I would shout at the politicians who’s running
inside the Legislature to come and chat with the
Especially the P.C.’S! I told the protester that
he should stay on the right side of the Legislature
because this is the area the politicians goes outside
to enjoy a smoke!
Sh@t over 1,000 words already! I got more issues
but they will have to wait in the morning! Ok…if you
have some nice winter boots or a winterizes Jacket?
Drop it over or lend it to the Protester! I gave
him my radio but he only has a small bag with him and
he hates to carry a radio around!!!
He’s genuine and I’m certain that he won’t accept
the help but you never know????
Please excuse the grammar of this update because
I wrote this one in a very fast manner! Send this to
all your friends on your list so they can continue
reading the going on within the Province of New
Brunswick! BYE BYE