Wednesday, February 23, 2005

YOU WISH TO EMAIL YOUR MLA'S, HERE ARE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Ok..I received this little email from the White Collar Irving Employee.
This is what he wrote- Charlie,

I read some of the replies... I am willing to set up a Recall Bernard Lord Blog but want to remain anonymous... The only condition would be for someone
like your self to add content on a regular basis and be the mediator for the site. I will deal with all
the web stuff and compilation of html code but need someone to deal with comments. I will run both your blog and the new blog if it materializes very close
to each other so they would feed off each other. Think about and let me know.

WCIE < white collar Irving Employee >

Well? I got news for you readers? There will be no recallbernard blog site or any other blog because I got enough on my plate with this one!

I mean, I’m not greedy or shellfish but this blog site isn’t just on the issue of Ritalin!
I have ADHD < PROUD OF IT > I have five different brains therefore I have lots of issues to write about beside ADHD?
Other issues such as the homeless, methadone clinic, Dilaudid, human rights paid irving employees, the irving newspaper, the pollution, the family services, committees, etc etc etc…the list goes on and on!
You have a beef on a certain issue? Leave your comments in here because this is a site to debate issues!
The Here paper < IRVING PAPER > have a forum but they changed their system because only praising views of the Irvings will be printed in their forum! They demand a user name so they can know who writes about them.
Not here,,,,anyone can voice a opinion or debate any issues! Of course, I can trace the comment but it’s open to everyone around the world.
One funny story yesterday, one reporter was interviewing Shawn Graham < Leader of the Liberal Party > and afterwards I said- I came over to Blog a story! Lol…
You know what? I wonder if a blogger could pay $100.00 to attend the news conference the politicians give to the Irving media?
Hey? If the President of the United States can be confronted by a blogger? Why not Premier Bernard Lord?
Of course, I have to go through security at the Legislature and asked for a media pass and in return, I will have to pay $100.00! But then again? The Irving media must give the ok???
A news conference will never be the same again!…
Two more deaths occurred in Nova Scotia because of the Dilaudid problem but this time around it was different because it was the Methadone that killed the father of three!
They over prescribed the Methadone to the patients and they died.
Now, this doesn’t mean that methadone is no good for New Brunswickers. It’s the lesser of two evils!
The methadone can take the craving away from the oxy-contin and it’s much cheaper for the users.
There’s no methadone in Saint John and I don’t understand the reason?
During the last week some people got shot in the legs in Saint John and we all know it’s drug related! Crime is at an all time high in the Loyalist City because these Junkies need the money for their fixed! But then again, this is only Charles LeBlanc and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Ok…going to that rude Irving Photo Journalist. Yesterday afternoon at around 4:45pm, I noticed many emergency vehicles on Carlton street!
People were on the streets and the fire fighters were very occupied. They were running all over the place.
Being Charles? I wanted to know what was going on?
I noticed a Photo Journalist also watching the situation. I seen this high class dude in the past and I didn’t know his name until I saw the picture in the Daily Gleaner this morning.
His name is David Smith! Anyway? I approached the guy and asked him- What’s going on here???
He’s tall and always wear dark glasses! Anyway? He just turned his back on me and walked away! Rude??? VERY VERY VERY RUDE!!!
But there’s a reason that I’m writing about this jerk because in the past?
He’s always seem to be around when I show up at a meeting!
The time that I confronted those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission during a Anti-Poverty meeting and condemn them in front of 70 people! He was there!
The time that I condemn those racist members of the Commission at a Commun Front meeting? He was there!
The time that I angrily confronted Volpe at his meeting? He was also present!
He walks around like his sh@t don’t stinks and I believe that’s the way the Irvings wants its employees!
What I find funny is not once that my concerns were mention in the Irving Papers about my issues! Did this dude received his orders from the Irvings to ignore me???
I’m not a bad person and I have proven in the past that I‘m not a media hound!
Hey? You don’t wish to write in the papers my views? I WILL GIVE MY VIEWS TO ELECTED OFFICIALS IF THE MEDIA IS PRESENT OR NOT!!!
No problem but there’s no reason to be rude to my face!
I have lots of Photo Journalists friends which I won’t named! These photo journalists don’t walk around like they’re better than everyone else!!!
I wonder if this guy got orders from the Irvings to ignored moi?? Who knows? Hey? Maybe this has nothing to do with the Irivngs? MAYBE HE DON’T DOESN’T LIKE MOI???..LOL….Whocares anyway! I don’t even know why I decided to write about the guy anyway???
I never chatted with Mr.Smith and I don’t plan to in the future but that kind of ignorant attitude is just what J.D. Irving wants! Ok…I fell much better now!!!…
Excuse the style of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along on the information highway! Send my blogsite to all your friends on your list so they can continue reading the going one within the province of New Brunswick!!! Bye bye Here’s a few comments that I RECEIVED DURING THE LAST 24 HOURS

1- Security: Lord Government does have bunker mentality. Lord himself hides from people. If there are demonstrators in front of legislature he hides behind the walls of legislature. Otherwise he hides in Centennial Building. He has built walls everywhere to keep public out. The way he is going he will soon be wearing helmet and Armour from top to toe. At least you would be able to hear him anywhere he goes. Click clank, click Clank……….here comes the dank.

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/23/2005 10:44:23 AM

2- Do you know that the Department of Family and Community Services is the worst Department under Lord Government? Others may differ because the other Departments are not that hot either such as Health, Finance etc. That Minister Huntjens does not know if he is coming or going. Lord should get a muzzle for him if he wants to avoid any further embarrassment from blabbermouth Huntjens. Then Lord himself is equally bad.

They do need a special security at Family and Community Services. It is very essential. People of this province need to be protected from Huntjens and certain very incompetent officials he has. People who need special protection from this Department are seniors, poor, homeless, and children needing help and any other who might need social assistance of any kind. It is a disaster therefore need for special security to protect citizens.

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/22/2005 05:05:09 PM

3- Your web site looks good but I will not be able to read it today........too late coming on the system, I can only read them between 12:30 and 1. I am off tomorrow so you will not be hearing from me, just thought that I would let you know. What names do the politicians have for you? Talk to you

Dear Charles ,
I received a note from Premier Danny Williams this morning that I think you, as a Fair Deal supporter, should read. The note is pasted below, in its entirety:
February 22, 2005
Mr. Kevin McCann
Dear Mr. McCann:
Let me thank you publicly (through your web site), on behalf of the government and people of Newfoundland and Labrador, for the tremendous work you have done in creating a vehicle through which our province's residents and supporters have been able to campaign for a "fair deal" on offshore revenue sharing. I also want to thank the thousands of people who have availed of your web site to join the grassroots campaign for fairness. Together, you have been instrumental in helping us to achieve the historic Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Accord 2005. You have also convincingly demonstrated the power of the world-wide web to spur social and political change benefiting Newfoundland and Labrador. Well done!
The new Atlantic Accord 2005 is a monumental agreement of enormous and enduring significance for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and, ultimately, for all Canadians. It represents a just and timely expansion of our fiscal capacity and an unprecedented opportunity to harness our own resources for self-reliance. Even more importantly, it demonstrates what we can achieve together if we put our minds to it. With renewed pride and self-confidence, we can push beyond the limits of our past achievements to reach new goals and achieve our unrealized potential as a province in Canada.
We will be careful not to squander the money but to use this new fiscal tool wisely so that it provides a lasting legacy of benefits for both current and future generations of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. I believe we have a moral obligation to our children to use our nonrenewable resources in ways that lay a solid foundation for growth that will endure long after the resources are gone.
Already, we are looking ahead to our next opportunity to rally together in support of issues that are important to our province. By continuing to work together, we will accomplish a great deal more for Newfoundland and Labrador and put our province on track toward a prosperous, secure future.
Yours sincerely,
DANNY WILLIAMS, Q.C., M.H.A. (Humber West)
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Premier Williams, thank you for recognizing our efforts, and thank you for being the first Newfoundland and Labrador premier to recognize "the power of the world-wide web to spur social and political change".

Most importantly, thank you for securing this deal, and for working to "lay a solid foundation for growth that will endure long after the resources are gone".

The 2005 Atlantic Accord deal is significant because it can mean so much to the province, but also because it awoke the sleeping giant of online grassroots activism in Newfoundland and Labrador. We can continue what we have started, and continue to make a difference.

Visit the Fair Deal Blog Today

Kevin McCann


A Good Friend of Mine

Dorothy Dawson and Charles

This person was the back bone of my protest in front
of the Legislature. She droved me to the Capital and
lent me her tent. To this day, Dorothy prays that
Charles will do something usefull with his life. She
always encourage me to read books! I might add she's a
mother of eight children.