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The Irvings = I like it better when you couldn't see it.....

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Sunset in Fredericton from a Van.....

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On July 22th, lately I’ve been hearing lots of stories about ADHD such as-It’s the early stage of Drug abuse or this allege disorder?

I like that line, the Government is forcing these kids on drugs for a allege disorder?

Don’t seem right at all.

It’s raining hard outside and it’s been 30 days since my protest began and I’m beginning to feel a little tired but I must continue.

Abel Leblanc < Liberal MLA from Saint John > told me that I have been here for too long and it’s time for me to leave because I’ve proved my point.

I told Abel that I couldn’t leave because I haven’t heard one word on this emotional issue from the Government.

I’ve known Abel for 15 years and I might add that Abel have been very good to me.

I remember one instance around 15 years ago, I needed someone to co-sign for me a loan and he helped me.

Abel was President of the Longshoremen Union and he wasn’t
afraid to speak up on issues.

I first met this guy at a meeting at the Saint John district Labour Council. I was a delegate from the shipyard. He introduced himself to me and I said- Vous parlez Francais?

He couldn’t speak French and that was normal in this City.

I told Abel that I was glad that I wasn’t the only LeBlanc with a big mouth.

My cousin Cecile’s family supported Abel during the election because she felt that since her husband was injured on the job and had a problem with pain killers that he would fight for a much needed methadone clinic in the Loyalist City.

He’s in the opposition and he speaks out very loud on different issues and lets pray that he’ll do the same once the Liberals go in power.

I was down last evening and decided to read a book.

I fell asleep until someone woke me up.

A couple name - Jason and Colleen gave me two beach chairs and
a nice pillow. Jason and Colleen have two kids and the system suspects that their son Michael has ADHD.

The afternoon of July 22th while chatting with a couple about my protest, I noticed a red vehicle near my tent.

I quickly went to the scene and it was a guy name Jason.

He was very curious about my protest. I must admit that at first I strongly believe that the guy was gay. < will explain later on Halloween day >

Anyway, he told me that he has a wife and two kids. It was a relief for me to hear this and he told me that he’ll return later in the afternoon.

A few hours later, he introduced me to his wife Colleen and I found her very comical.

She’s full of energy and looks Native.

She’s the type of girl who’ll speak her mind on different issues and really doesn’t care what the people around her thinks.

I’ll come to these stories later on.

After chatting with these fine people for over 30 minutes, they continued on their way.

During this protest, I talked to a lot of people and once we had a conversation; they continued with their life and I didn’t hear from them again.

This is the reason that I was very surprise to once again see this couple at my tent.

They showed up with two nice beach chairs. I might add that they also gave me a pillow and a can of Ham.

I was surprise with the can of ham but they must believe that a protester has to eat.

I refused to accept these gifts but they insisted because I’m fighting for the kids!

The Lord works in mysterious ways because the evening before my chair was stolen and this time I get not one but two nice beach chairs!

I made two nice new friends and little did anyone know, how much this friendship would change my life in months to come.

At around 10:00pm,the police and fire trucks were called to the Legislature last night because a commissionaire name Gordon got his hand caught in a window.

Gordon is an older man in his late 60s and he always teased me because I smoke. Gordon has smoke for over 50 years and he just quit. I would always tell Gordon that the only reason that he quit was because he couldn’t breath.

I was told of the accident by a man who phoned 911.

While walking by my tent, he told me that he heard someone shouting for help.

It goes to show you that two members of the security outfit should be present at the Legislature during the evening shift but I guess it all comes down to money.

Maybe this little accident will open up some eyes?

I feel like a family member at the Legislature because the minute I heard that the older man was sent to the hospital?

I quickly ran toward the building asking for some info about Gordon? He left the hospital at 2:00am and he lost a lot of blood but he’s ok.

The newspaper from UNB < The Brunswickan > made a interview with me and they are concerned of the manner that the Irvings are buying all the newspapers in this province.

I hope they don’t praise me too much because the Irvings will not give any money to the campus in the future.

I had a visitor yesterday and his name is Marc.

Marc is a homeless person.

He used to work for the City as a labourer but something happened?

I don’t really know why but I would be very concerned for Marc during the next few months.

He would lay down on the lawn for ten minutes and continue his walk around the Capital.

At first, he didn’t say much and kept a lot to himself but little did anyone know that he would be a big help to me and my protest.

I didn’t mind someone who didn’t smoke drugs or drink beer around my tent.

Marc did neither and was welcome to hang around as long as he wanted.

Myself, I am a big agitator and I won’t deny it. I am very surprise that during the next few weeks that Marc didn’t punched me in the face.

Remember Dan Fielding and his side kick bum friend Phil on the TV show Night Court?

I felt like Dan because I would say to Marc- You’re a nice guy but look at you???? You haven’t taken a bath in over one month!

I gave him seven cents that I found on the ground and ordered him to look for more money so he can buy a bar of soap. There would be many stories about Marc during the length of my protest and later on I would find out that Marc lives under a bridge on Westmorland Road.

When I was lonely? I would feed the Pigeons and the Squirrels.

The kids would love to watch me feed the squirrels.

After a few weeks, they would come and eat off my hand.

The pigeons would follow me in the City. What did I feed them you asked? There would be muffins at the entrance of the soup kitchen and I would fill my grocery bag with old muffins and break them up in
little pieces and feed the wild creatures on the ground of
the Legislature.

The area wasn’t pretty with flowers and those little pets would liven up the place.

On July 24th it was quiet and there’s not much going on during the last couple of days because of the rain.

It brings a person down. I didn’t dare asking people about ADD/ADHD because I believe that I’ll be told politely where to go?

I got a big problem!

I got a full can of Tobacco but I can't roll it because the weather made it to moist to roll.

I feel like a bum asking a person for a smoke and I hope that they’re not tailor-made because they cost money.

The moisture is bad and there’s not much a person can do because of all the rain.

I just walk around to past the time.

I did approach Milt Sherwood < MLA for Grand Bay > for three dollars to buy a box of rollies and he gave me five bucks.

I didn't feel guilty for asking Milt because I did write a letter of
support for Milt in my column a couple of days before the election!

Maybe..I can call it a bribe??

No…. Milt is really a nice guy.

I just had a chat with Charles Gagnon from L’Acadie Nouvelle.

Charles is a French reporter and he’s very quiet.

I wasn’t certain how this reporter would cover my protest?

I knew that the Irvings didn’t own the paper and this would be a great
way for my message to go out to the Acadian Population.

I know there’s a major problem in the Acadian population with the usage of Ritalin.

Why is that now?

I wonder if the reason is that we Acadians are more radical? Could that be this be the reason?

The Government wishes to calm us down by drugging us.

On July 25th, I was in a hurry because the place has been going crazy. I took all my stuff from my tent to dry it out.

The sun is finally coming out after three days of rain!

The evening before, I received a visit from Bob Peters whom I consider a good friend and we sat in our beach
chairs on the ground of the Legislature for three

He was really impressed of the number of people who wanted to chat about ADD/ADHD!

Bob is a Vice Principal at Hampton High School and is a PHD < Stores Management in Psychology >

He agreed with me that there’s a major problem in the school
system with this disorder.

Bob loves politics, he used to be the Mayor of Quispamsis.

I met Bob a few years ago and considered him a good friend
because we would chat on many different issues.

He was amazed of the manner that I could preach about the same issue over and over.

I had to tell the story like it was the first time. It was a very difficult task but if I wanted the citizens to sign my petition? I had to give a good presentation.

It was hard work and I always had the kids with ADD/ADHD in mind.

On the same morning of July 25th, I hit my 900th name on my petition and in my opinion this is very good!

Especially since I don’t know anyone from this area.

I had a couple of bucks left so therefore I went over to the Laundromat to wash my clothes. A protester must be clean.

I was glad that the sun is out because I tried to dry my tobacco. I need my smoke during my protest. It’s been eight days since I chatted with Bernard Lord and I haven’t heard from his office yet!< surprise…surprise….. surprise >

After thirty one days on the lawn of the Legislator; I was beginning to adjust and enjoy my stay in the Capital. I was ready to
collect my 1000th signatures during the weekend.

That Friday afternoon, I noticed a group of protesters near my tent. They were parents fighting for the rights of Autistic children.

I would become very close to these fighters during the next few months.

I wasn’t too educated on the issue of Austism but I do remember around six years ago when I first found out that I had ADHD, I approached a Cabinet Minister from the Frank McKenna era.

His name was Roly McIntyre. He gave a phone number of a person name –Debby MacDonald who takes care of kids with ADD/ADHD. At the end, his side kick Pat Pelly told me that Debby MacDonald takes care of Autistic kids.

I was very upset and confronted Roly on his mistake.

He answered - What? ADHD and Autism are both the same.

I knew the different and it sort of goes like this.

I had a friend name Steve Tyler and he’s black and lives with his family on the Old Black River Road
in Saint John. He has two children with Autism and they can’t talk but once the country music starts

They jump up and down. The music really wakes them up.

I really feel bad for those kids.

On the other hand? Kids with ADHD have a lot to say and once in a while we can manage to put our message
across. People with ADHD just have to learn to keep their mouth shut once in a while.

So education is the key and Roly is a worst agitator than myself.

I remember at the beginning of my protest. I approached Roly in front of the Legislature with this question?

So Rolly? Do you now know the difference between Autism and

Being Rolly he quickly answered- What are you?????

I gently grabbed the former minister by the neck and said- ROOLLLLYYY?????

He’s the king of the agitator and he’s a nice guy.

I just have to educate the guy.

Going back to the parents who were protesting the rights of these kids with Autism, I would find out in later months just how organize these people are.

They protested for over one hour and they received the media coverage.

I was in a tent for over one month and
I got nothing!

Excuse me but don’t tell me that no
one was told to back off from my story?

At this point? I didn’t really care if I received the news coverage or not?

I was very glad for those protesters because they fought for a very good cause.

We had something in
common and would become very close friends in future months.

A former teacher who interviewed me a few weeks ago showed up with a nice chair and I told her that it was ok because a couple dropped me two chairs the evening before.

I was chatting with someone when
she arrived on the scene and I didn’t have time to chat with the former
teacher. I was hoping that she didn’t think that I was rude because I never saw her again.

I even forgot her name. She used to be on my email list but as I do every three months, I deleted her name and I feel bad because months later, I would like to thank her for her support.

The real heroes in this protest are the
citizens who gave me a helping hand at the beginning.

People like Dorothy Dawson and the many citizens in the Capital. A politician offered me a chair but it
was too late.

When I am in need; all I have to do is send an email and the people come to my rescue.

People are sure friendly in this city.

This is July 28th and over the weekend I collected my 1000th signatures over thirty five days. Mother Nature seems to hit the Capital very hard on Fridays.

This was the second Friday in a row that we were hit with a big thunder storm.

I use to love to be in my tent during a rain storm but ever since that young girl got kill by lighting, I’ve learned that tent+trees+lighting=serious

During the past few weeks, I noticed many vehicles in the parking lot every Saturday morning. I was told that there’s a Farmers Market just a few
blocks away.

At first, I believe that it was like the City Market in Saint so therefore it wasn’t no big deal.

On the morning of July 26th, With my
chair, sign and petition in hand, I decided to attend the market with my sign.

Guess who was the first person I bumped into?

His name is Brad Green< Justice Minister> I told Brad that
the Union Jack isn’t flying in front of the Justice building in the Capital and it should be because the Acadian, New Brunswick and Canadian flags are flying on top of the Legislature. The same should be done in
all the Provincial buildings.

I might add that August 15th < Acadian Day > is right around the corner. It could cause problems between the English and Acadian population.

I’ve been telling this to Mr.Green for three years and there must be some radical Acadian at the Justice
building wanting to cause problems between the Acadian and the English population.

I should have attended the market weeks ago because I got many
people to sign my petition.

It was a very busy area and I noticed that people were in a big hurry to get
their daily duties done.

I noticed a man with a dancing stuff monkey on a soap box.

He made the monkey dance and pass-by would give the poor guy money.

Yes, it was the place to be to collect signatures but little did I knew that many people wouldn’t agree that
I should be there.

At one point there was even a line
up and I asked one woman if she knew what she was signing?

She answered in a stern voice—YES I DO KNOW!!!

She quickly signed and left the area.

I collected around forty names.

Hours later, I sat under a tree reading a nice book.

Suddenly a couple stopped by
and asked me if I would be interested in a nice home cook meal at their house and a few cold beers?

My God? It didn’t take long for this protester to accept their invitation. I had 945 names left and I was going to
1,000th names on my petition.

This would give me a good reason to celebrate.

I worked very hard to reach my goal and you much realize that I am still
collecting names in front of the Legislature. The public didn’t know about my protest and this made it
more difficult to collect names.

I did manage to reach my goal and once at the couple place, Colleen gave me a cold Canadian beer.

Once I finish the bottle, she would show up with another cold one. I must admit that I got drunk and it felt good.

Hey? It was the first time in 35 days that I really enjoyed a few Beers.

Even a protester needs a break.

Colleen and Jason treated me like a King and I was in their debts.

The police arrested a drunken man in front of the legislator Saturday evening. I guess the drunken individual drove his bicycle in the building beside the Legislature.

I hope they don’t believe that it was me?

Last evening, Father Brien drop by. I was down on my tobacco and I
call Emery if he would borrow me fifty dollars.

He did come over and he let it be known that he doesn’t mind
helping a person but for smokes? He didn’t agree with that one at all.

I might add that he bought with him a
form for my back.

As a former tourist, he knows that’s
it’s very important to sleep as comfortable as possible.

We sat down under a tree under the night skies and chatted for hours and many different issues.

One issue that stands in my head was the sex scandal in the church. Pere Brien was very well love by the
children and he told me that he used to allow the kids hug him but these days, it’s a total different system.

If the parents are around? He’ll hug the kids but if they’re alone? He’s very careful.

He blames the sex scandal on Power. He says that if an individual is
powerful? They believe that they’re above the law and can get away with everything.

A few days afterward, Bernard Lord told me that he seen me and the priest
talking. I wish that Bernard would have joined us because maybe Father Brien could have ended my protest
earlier than expected.

Pere Brien return the next morning for Church.

This was the first time in my life
that I felt very comfortable going to Church!

Merv Griffin dead at 82!!!!

Merv Griffin
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Looks like the young ones survive? It must have been a big Bang because the power went out....


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Crowne Plaza - They don't make Cnadian Flags like they used to...

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Robert Glover is nearing Halifax......

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Notre Père

Notre Père qui es aux cieux,
que ton Nom soit sanctifié,
que ton règne vienne,
que ta volonté soit faite sur la terre comme au ciel.
Donne-nous aujourd'hui notre pain de ce jour.
Pardonne-nous nos offenses,
comme nous pardonnons aussi à ceux qui nous ont offensés.
Et ne nous soumets pas à la tentation,
mais délivre nous du mal.


( PSALM 96:2 *NIV )

Dear Charles,
as you know Hymns are part of most Worship Services today,
Therefore we are to: "SING TO GOD, SING PRAISES TO HIS
( PSALM 147:1 ) & ( PSALM 68:4 )

Now have you ever wondered when music became part of our
Worship, Charles? Well, Moses and the Israelites sang the first
song to the Lord ( EXODUS 15:1-18 ) However King David played
a major role in bring Hymns to the Temple, for he wrote most of
the PSALMS or "Songs," found in the Book of PSALMS. The
words of those ancient Hymns are found in our Bibles, however
the actual music has been lost through the ages.

WITH MUSIC AND SONG." ( PSALM 95:1-2 ) Just as God's
Children have been doing for thousands of years now!

Have a wonderful day Charles, and why not attend your
Church today, and Worship your Heavenly Father with songs
and praise! Amen.

In His Love & Service,
Pastor Allen
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