Monday, July 31, 2006


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I phoned lawyer Danny Watters this morning and we had a good chat.

He’s ready to represent me in Saint John on August 16th.

I learn that my trial will have nothing to do with me being present at Atlantica as a blogger.

It will only focus on the Saint John Police officer John Park or Parks telling the court that he told me to leave the area but I didn’t so therefore I was knock on the ground and handcuff by three police officers.

I do have one question?

How the heck can we trust a police officer from the Saint John Police Force who deleted all my pictures.

I believe this is enough evidence to find me not guilty.

But there’s more to this story.

While in Saint John the legal Aid lawyer old stern < you know what! > told me that I’ll get a lawyer if the legal Aid accepts my application?

Once again, I was very confuse. I’m on social assistant so therefore why wouldn’t they accept my case?

I was told that it wasn’t enough of a serious charge.

In my opinion, having a record for the rest of life is serious enough!!!

Most people have to defend themselves in court.

Very strange indeed.

Surely, it’s those bureaucrats in Fredericton who came out with this new style of the way the poor will be treated in this province.

I walked into the Legal Aid New Brunswick office with my guards up.

The last time that I used the legal Aid system was 4 years ago when I was on U.I.C.!

I was charge with assault causing bloodily harm.

I was in a bar minding my own business and this guy approached me calling me a fruit...stupid and a frog!

Well he wasn’t a big guy but I was sitting in my chair and he was pointing his finger right in my face while standing up.

Well...minus two teeth later. He went to the bar and the police were called.

Once in court, I was told to go to legal Aid in Saint John.

Once there, I was confronted by an old hag who was very stern with me. She turned out ok once we realizes that I was the guy that was on talk of the town all the time.

At the end, the prosecutor threw the charges away.

Well, this time around? I’m in the Capital and it’s full of bureaucrats.

I have no used for bureaucrats whatsoever.

Especially after the way they treated me in the Legislature and other issues that I haven’t gone public yet.

I was ready for a heavy confrontation but it never happen.

I was met by a very friendly female.


She was a professional in her line of work.

She made me feel like I was a human being.

I might add that she’s very attractive.

She asked a lot of questions. These are questions that must be answered before the system will grant you a lawyer.

I just said that I live in a rooming house and I got nothing.

It was sort of like when you apply for social assistant.

I told her what was the charge and she looked in the book of law to find out if my charges are serious enough to grant me a lawyer?

I left the office with a good feeling but it’s ot her decision but the bureaucrats and we know for a fact that we cannot trust those bureaucrats in the Capital.

Every bureaucrats should have the same attitude as this woman, She was very friendly.

Before entering the office, I have been told that our legal Aid system is the worse of the country.

At the end, it’s a waste of time for the judges because they have to explain the law to the poor souls who are defending themselves in court.

It is very strange.

Lets say that I would go to court? Can I bring a friend like Tim Smith with me? You know sitting beside me giving me some advices?

I believe the answer is no.

So if Legal denies my right to a lawyer?

I will have to defend my self.

I heard that the prosecutor will say that I should be on probation?

Why would I accept to be on probation if I didn’t do nothing wrong!

This sure looks like a witch-hunt by the bureaucrats against the poor people of New Brunswick!

Stay tune for more.....

No more pictures!!! My flickr account ran out!!!!

Is everyone happy now???

Sunset in the Capital.

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Sorted of reminds me of a sunset in Texas.


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Monica Verma getting ready for tonight newscast....

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I am a Tennant in A rooming House Located in Dieppe, NB.

Shortly after giving the caretaker the rent for Aug,2006.

She proceeded to inform me that she had rented the room for the month of September, she at first told me it was on the account of my using someone’s dish soap and hand soap in the bathroom.

Later she came clean and said that she know’s I’m gay and there are tenentls that are not comfortable with me being here.

They are afraid they may get HIV.

I signed your petition and I will get my friends to do so also. I wish you luck in your endevour for both our sakes.

Sincerely, Chris

I am forwarding your message to Charles Leblanc who has been blogging this issue.

We won't use your real name, just the message if you don't mind.

You should contact your local MLA because a new Tenants Rights Act was passed in April of this year.

Whether it has come 'into effect' I don't know, but you can certainly try to 'bluff' your landlady into believing it has.

The bill is Bill 35, was given Royal Assent on April 13 of this year.

The NEW act reads:

Section 1 of The Residential Tenancies Act, chapter R-10.2 of the Acts of New Brunswick, 1975, is amended

a) by repealing the definition "premises" and substituting the following:

"premises" means premises used for residential purposes,
(a) and includes
(i) any house, dwelling, mobile home, apartment, flat, tenement or similar place that is occupied or may be occupied by an individual as a residence,
(iii) a room in a boarding house or lodging house,

You should also contact the local rentalsman, because under the act, the landlord must provide a notice of termination, and it must be presented to the rentalsman by the landlord.

Don't let them get away with this, as these are your rights now. Good luck. Charles blog is available at and we will post it and try to get some answers for you on the application of the new act.

Father Brien is on vacation till August 10th!!!!

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Trust me!!! He derves it! The life of a priest is not an easy task especially when you have to deal with many french bureaucrats!!!

Enjoy tes vacances Emery!!!

New Irving emblem????

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Just a reminder....

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Do you think that you scare me Charles???

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