Monday, February 28, 2005


Yesterday while chatting about the condition of the Pope, the individual said - I bet he's praying to God to take him away from this misery?
I quickly taught about it and you know what?
It wouldn't surprised me that the Pope has ADHD?
Look at him from the first day he came in as Pontiff! Do you believe that he was going to hang around Rome? Of course not!
He was full of energy and he flew all over the place to preach the words of the Lord!
Hey? Nothing wrong in having ADHD?
We're full of energy and nothing will stand in our way! Only in New Brunswick that with ADHD will be treated as close to mental Retardation! These are orders from those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!!
There's nothing wrong in having ADHD! It should be an honour to have ADHD! Which reminds me? I'll write more about those racist people later on in the week!
My prayers goes once again to the Pope!
Hey? Speaking of a near death experience? Paul Zed

landed in the Hospital after a heart attack!
I felt bad for Paul. For you people from outside of the Province, Paul Zed is an MP < Federal Politician > in his 50s and he's married to the daughter of J.K. Irving.
So he took an Heart attack? My God? I wonder how did will affect his matter to act as an MP?
The old saying is so true!!! If he or she has their health? They shouldn't complain!
OK..I received this Blog yesterday-

Hey Charles sorry to have to tell you this, but I doubt you'll be getting any letters in the gleaner anymore as Peter Haggert(you spell it huggert) has been appointed editor of the gleaner. But try sending them into the Telegraph again

A person must love the blogging system!!! This is just terrible news for the Fredericton area.
I made a few phone calls this morning and this story is true!
Peter Haggert is from Ontario and he was bought in by the Irvings to run the Telegraph Journal in Saint John!
Well? As a true loyal Irving employee who dedicated his life and soul to the Irving Empire < Doesn't this remind you of Germany all over again? >
He phoned me after I made a complaint to the Atlantic Press Council that the Irvings will not print my letters to the Editor concerning the Irvings!
Peter Haggert told me - We will not print critical letters of the Irvings!
Months later, he went further by writing a column telling the readers that the paper will only print one letter a month by a writer on any issue! Weeks later, the shipyard was announced close and the regular writers couldn't write about this issue! Irving interference? You tell me???
My God? I got 500 letters to the editor printed and thank God that he wasn't around this Province when I was writing because I would have been very very very upset!
Just last week, I phoned CFBC telling the audience that the staff of Bernard Lord stopped me from calling to talk shows and now we have this guy from Ontario who's going to dictate to Frederictonians of the way we will be able to speak our mind!
The Capital is in big trouble because Peter Haggert will make certain that the Irving way is followed in the Capital and stopping me from writing my views in the Daily Gleaner is a great start!
I heard this morning that one of the reason he's here is that the Daily Gleaner and the Telegraph Journal will merge in one newspaper!
This wouldn't surprised me because I said it years ago that the Irvings are buying all the Newspapers and they will merge all the papers in one with one editor who will dedicate her/himself to the Evil Irving Empire!
But the question is this? Do New Brunswickers care? You tell me???
A reporter told me that this was a demotion for Peter Haggert!
How can this be a demotion? J.D. Irving's son Jamie is in charge of the Telegraph Journal so that paper is being watch by the Irvings!!!!
Can you imagine a journalist doing an Anti-Irving story on the Irvings while the son of J.D. irving works in the building?
My God? It wouldn't take long for the Irving Gestapo to carry that reporter out the door!!!
Am I far off the mark???
I walked into a coffee shop yesterday and two young guys were talking about the same issue that I was thinking about! The Irving monopoly in this Province is totally out of control!
You tell me???
Leave a comment on this blog! Ok..I wrote enough!!! Bye bye and excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!
Send this note to all your friends on your list so they can be educated on the goings in the Province of New Brunswick!