Sunday, December 27, 2009

Premier Shawn Graham should resign now???


SHAWN GRAHAM IS A LIAR, HE IS QUOTED ON THE RADIO TODAY AS SAYING HE WILL STAKE HIS POLITICAL CAREER ON THE SALE OF NB POWER..............That is a lie, he is going to sell it then have the election next Sept.

Thinking people will forget by then...........I beg to differ with him, he should step down from office now as he is one of the worst Premiers' this province has ever had.

He is bankrupting NB and still giving money away to big business and forgetting about the poor tax payers who will pick up the bill for all of this, not to mention the low income who can not afford to pay the winter hydro bills at the rates we have now, and you can beg, plead and scrounge with this government and all you get is talk to some one else who wants all your personal and private information before they will help you out with a hydro bill payment....It is time for Graham to hit the road...............

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Minister of Justice Mike Murphy is confronted by blogger for his Anti-Blogging Bill???

This little youtube I made yesterday goes all over the place. Minister Rick Brewer to Minister Jack Keir.

Anti Blogging Bill in the works?

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