Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Ok..lay back and relax because this could be a long blog.

Last Thursday, I left the Capital with $1.50 in my pocket and I just came back this morning. Hey? Not too many people can say they went on a vacation for $1.50??..lol

I was picked up outside of Fredericton Thursday morning by a driver who should have continued on his trek without me in his truck because once the guy found out who I was?

He began to raise his voice against the Federal Government. His arms were flying all over the place like a true Frenchman!

My God? Was he ever mad? He was what we call - The working poor!!!

He made one good point. He said- These days people have no money to upgrade their homes therefore in 15 to 20 years from now?

It’s going to be a real mess!

You know what? Think about it?

This Province might look like a real have not province in 15 years! It could look like a third world country? He droved me till Gagetown and was on his way!

Minutes later, I was picked up by a businessman. The funny part was that I was listening to talk of the town on my radio and once I open the door? He was listening to the same show with the volume very high.

Once again, he knew who I was because he heard my voice on the talk show on many occasions and drove me right at the Motel where I would meet the Senate.

Later in the day, I visited a friend in Dieppe and she droved me to my hometown of Memramcook.

I haven’t been in this Acadian area for years and it felt good to be back home. One interesting view was the Church in Memramcook!

While walking through College Bridge? I noticed the Church across the River. My God? Is it ever beautiful in the night skies!

They placed two huge spotlights out front and it looks very nice.

A lot of stories happened during my stay in the Valley but I’ll get to those in days ahead.

After a couple of days in the Valley, I decided to hitch a ride to Saint John.

I had to meet Tim Smith < VLT’S protester > and encourage him not to pursue his protest!

Once again, I got to the Port in a very short time period.

Once over Tim’s Smith, his daughter Shena came and met me at the door.

She has heard a lot about this Charles guy and she was anxious to know what this guy was all about?

She’s eight years old and she’s a cutty!

Afterwards, I set my concentration on Tim Smith.

He has a beautiful place and he could be happy with his daughter but this is not the case.

He’s not happy of the attitude of the Lord Government towards the issue of VLT’S.

Tim began to go in great details of the time that Bernard Lord was on Voice of the Province and sorta told Tim Smith that none of his suggestions would be taken seriously!

Let me tell you that he was not amuse by the ignorant attitude of the Premier!

He reminded me of myself before my six months protest.

I was talking to myself with great anger of the way that those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission handle my racist case against the Irvings! I had to do something about my issue!

There was no way that I could tell Tim to let it go because I know what he’s going through!

It’s very difficult mentally wise when you have a Government who ignores the people but I don’t agree with the Hunger strike.

He shouldn’t go without food. He needs his strength to be the spoke person for the poor addicted soul.

Many people are committing suicide and the Lord Government calls it entertainment?

The next morning, I decided to blog his story. I pasted the blog and sent the info to all the people on my email list.

I was surprised because 20 minutes later the Telegraph Journal phoned Tim and asked him if it was true that he was returning to the Capital to resume his protest?

I might add that Global News showed up 45 minutes later with camera in tow to interview Tim Smith!

Later in the day, A photographer showed up for a picture and I asked - Hey? Can I be in the Irving paper??? Please??< while jumping up and down like a child >…lol…

Yes, bloggling is a fine way to spread the message to the public and it’s nice to see that other reporters are reading my blogs!

Hey? There’s only one itty bitty proble with this situation!

They get paid for their work and I don’t!!!

I don’t care because Bloggling is just a hobby of mine.

But I soon found out that if I don’t write in my blog on a daily basis? The numbers goes down very quickly.

Last week, my numbers were up to 150 hits a day and this morning it’s down to 100! A person has to upgrade the blog every day!

I have much more to write about but it will have to wait to tonight or the morning!

Here’s Tim Smith story which was on the front page in today’s paper!

Hey? A question? If Charles LeBlanc would write in his blog that he’s going to continue his protest about the issue of Ritalin next week!!!!

Would the Irving newspapers cover the Story??? You tell me??? Here’s Tim’s story!!

By the way? I confronted many MLA’S this morning about Tim’s protest! I’m trying to have his suggestions go in actions so he wouldn’t have to travel to the Capital to voice his concerns.

The Politicians in the Lord Government must understand that he’s not the only one with this problem and New Brunswickers want action and I might add that it’s not healthy for his beautiful daughter Sheana!

Stay tune for more on this issue in the days ahead!!!! Ok..here’s his story-

SJ Telegraph-Journal | Provincial News
As published on page A1/A6 on April 26, 2005

Hunger striker ready to resume VLT protest
(David Nickerson/Telegraph-Journal)
Gambling addict Tim Smith will be back in Fredericton next week.


Gambling addict Tim Smith says he will go hungry again.

The Saint John man, who this winter staged a hunger strike for eight days at the legislature to protest video lottery terminals, will return to Fredericton next week to resume his post.

"People are suffering and this is wrong. They're exploiting (an) obsessive compulsive disorder and addictive personalities," he said.

Mr. Smith said Monday that he is fed up with the inaction of Bernard Lord's government when it comes to VLTs.

In the hopes of spurring officials in Fredericton to take his plight seriously, Mr. Smith said he will return with signs of protest and a will to ignore his appetite for as long as it takes.

"They lied to me. Bernard Lord doesn't understand the severity of it.

"Something's got to be done," he said.

It was only three months ago that Mr. Smith paced a short path in front of the legislature, while temperatures dipped well below zero, to wear a sandwich board that read "Vulnerable Lives Taken Senselessly.

"Our government is as addicted as the people they're killing."

He admitted to gambling away about $100,000 since 1995, losing his cars and his daughter to child welfare services.

He finally ended his hunger strike, looking thin and haggard, when four Tory cabinet ministers agree to meet with him and hear his suggestions on curbing VLT usage across New Brunswick.

Specifically, he asked the government to institute a day of rest when VLTs would be inactive, and reviewing hours of operation for VLTs.

Those ministers, including Finance Minister Jeannot Volpé, said they were taking Mr. Smith's concerns very seriously.

But Mr. Volpé, whose responsibilities include video lottery terminals, said he doesn't think he'll have anything new to tell Mr. Smith next week.

"I've never said no to any meeting with anyone. But the message might be the same for me," he said.

Mr. Volpé said his government is reviewing VLT usage across New Brunswick.

Total Atlantic Lottery Corporation sales in New Brunswick hit $298.8 million in 2003-04, of which 45.5 per cent came from VLTs.

Still, he will meet with Mr. Smith in Fredericton, if or when he asks.

"I do understand what he's saying. What we're saying is we're looking at what's happening in other jurisdictions, and we'll listen to him again. There will always be someone saying that is not enough.

"But at the same time there are also most people who gamble for fun."

Mr. Smith said he doesn't believe anything government says now.

Instead, Mr. Smith, who hasn't gambled for 105 days, will take the drastic measure of trying to place his eight-year-old daughter in foster care so he may return to his protest.

"I still crave it, I want to (gamble) really bad, but the point is I don't want to lie to myself and too anybody else. Something has to be done about this, I have to hold out, I have to be true to what I'm doing for my friends, and myself and other people," he said.

Someone must stand up for gamblers who are in too deep, especially when government officials say some people use VLTs for entertainment only, he said.

"I don't find it entertaining to watch people totally devastate themselves and kill themselves to pay the bills of this province," he said.

Do you have any comments? Leave them in this blog because politicians and Tim Smith reads them with great interest! Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Bye bye!!!!