Monday, September 12, 2005



WCIE Jr. announces the opening of New Brunswick's own independent
media outlet (besides Charles). You've heard of canadaeast, well this is


The main purpose of the site is to educate New Brunswickers on the upcoming referendum on proportional representation and urge them to vote 'yes'. However, the site also features a section devoted to campaign finances of New Brunswick federal politicians and how they voted.

The site also features political cartoons, reviews, legislation summaries,
community spotlights and announces many upcoming contests.

There is also an online store where NB'ers can purchase t shirts and other
accessories with the many site graphics.

The site is teaming up with many non-governmental agencies to keep pressure
on the vital issues leading up to election day, as well as spotlighting
New Brunswick home grown talent.


It can only get bigger from here. Go right to my site from here. Just click below.



Does hate and forgiveness go together? Good question?


We know for the past 4 years, I had no use for those members of the New Brunswick Human Right Commission.

They did me wrong and I’ll fight them till the last day I die. I will continue to fight against injustice and basic rights!

I know that I had a very racist supervisor as a boss at Gulf Operators. His name was Brian Grant and he would always call minorities racial slurs.


I told J.D. Irving about this guy and he gave the guy a promotion.


To make matter worst the Irvings faxed this note to the Human Rights Commission –

When Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operators he informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalin there were medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc. We accommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring that he was given jobs and duties that complied with his medical limitations.

Sherry Merssereau < Irving Human Resources with no Doctor’s paper! > Supported by the racist members of the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick >

Now, I told anyone who would listen that there’s no way in the world that the Commission would agree with the Irvings that Adults with ADHD are close to mental retardation.

Doing the same work as digging a hole and because you have ADHD? You will be paid at a lower scale?

Not allowed to drive a car or learn a trade.

You long time readers know the rest of the story.

I told P.R.U.D.E. on many occassions od racism in the Irving Empire!!!!


These appointed people told the Irvings that the assault against minorities can continue and people with ADHD should be ignored at any cost.

Which brings me to today blog.

This morning, I woke up with a very bad cold.

I needed copies of the letter I received from the caretaker.

Why should I pay for this anyway? I walked into the New Brunswick Human Rights Building.

Charles 04_07_05 004

Before entering, I even stayed on the sidewalk enjoying a smoke before I walked in. Therefore this would give them a warning that I’m coming through the door.


Once there, a girl answered the door but the door remain only inches open.

Charles 04_07_05 002

Another word – Yes? What do you want?

I just hate this line of communication.

Anyone who goes in those buildings should be invited with open arms or have a Commissionaire outside the door. The Commission must change their style of meeting people at the door!

Charles 04_07_05 015

I asked for a case worker? The same one I talked to last week came along. That approached at the door triggered me so therefore I was straight forward.

I told the case worker that since you people agreed with the Irvings blah blah blah…you didn’t seem to understand the writing of my complaint so therefore I want copies of a few letters I have here.

She gladly give me some copies and I left the building.

Hours later, someone reminded me that it was New Brunswick Human Rights Day!!

Arrgggggg!!!!! I want to do a blog about my views on this issue. I wanted to write a blog telling people on the information what I think of New Brunswick Human Rights Day!!!! I backed off!!! Maybe my problem has nothing to do with ADHD? Me mother is from Glasglow Scotland. Maybe that's my problem because we are very well known for our quick temper.


As you see in this picture, I’m giving Margaret Ann Blaney a piece of my mind about the Commission.


People are telling me that I should forgive or forget the past and move on because the people at the Commission are ready to fight for my case about Boarders and roomers rights in this Province.

Look at this guy from where I used to live? He's not allowed visitors from inside or outside the house. The only way we can talk to the guy is through this window.


I am so full of hate. Can I forgive???

I was chatting with this guy this afternoon.

Charles and Asaf Rashid

Brad Green walked by.


I quickly ended my little conversation and followed the Justice Minister and asked him if he’s looking into the rights of boarders and roomers in this Province?


He told me that they were working on it!

A person has got to love living in the Capital. These Ministers cannot escape my pray!…

So my priest message last Sunday was forgiveness but it’s a very difficult act to follow.


My complaint will be in the Human Rights Commission hands this week and lets see what will happen?


Does hate and forgiveness go together? Good question?





A couple of months ago, Tim Smith and I went for a little walk in downtown Saint John.


Of course, we met a lot of people whom I haven’t seen in years.

In Prince Edward Mall, I bumped into a woman I call - Princess. I first met this nice girl in the late 80s when I first came to the Loyalist City to work on the Frigate Program.


Later on, I bumped into Mike McGraw who’s a heavy player in the P.C. Party. I wanted to learn the Irving dance!.,,lol…


I notice an old buddy name snowball. He’s still kicking.


One site that I find disgusting is King’s Square.


Here in Fredericton, Officer’s Square is being used almost every weekend.


King’s Square could be use more often.

Another site that I don’t understand is this. I traveled across the States and Canada on a ten speed bicycle and I seen a lot of parks in the middle of the City. I wrote a letter to the Saint John Common Council that I didn’t understand the reason there isn’t two flag polls in the square. The Canadian and New Brunswick flags should be flying in the Square. It would beautify this area!

It could be located beside this war memorable for the veterans.


During the cold days of November, they place little flag poles beside the war statue.

When Chris Titus was first elected? I left a message on his answering machine telling him to mention the flag poles situation in King’s Square but he never did.


Queen square was heavily damage one morning. Take a look at this two by four with a huge nail sticking out!

Saint John June 04-05 022

I always enjoy this statue of Samuel De Champlain.

Saint John June 04-05 023

I was told that this statue used to have a sword on his side but it’s gone. I might add that there used to be a fish in each corner but they’re gone. That’s sad!!!

One guy Junior wanted to know what happen to the Melanson Live show? I guess he enjoys my point of views on these talk shows.


I met another buddy from the shipyard.


His name is Benny! I haven’t seen this guy in years.

Then I met this beautiful girl from P.R.U.D.E.! Ain’t she a beauty?


Then I bumped into this former politician. His name is Christopher Waldschutz.


I always liked this guy and he was the talk of the City on many issues. This guy wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.

He used to be a pilot for the Irvings!

I bumped into this individual who give me a tongue lashing on the new Anti- Smoking bylaws. She told me that business went down 50%!


This guy Peter Fugerson spoke out very loud for a anti-smoking by law. But he still has his VLT'S in his bar! I jokely told him that he should campaign very hard for its removal??? Ha didn't bite!!!! I wonder why????

I wonder how many other people feel the same way? We will know after the next provincial election.

Yes, a person can bumped into a lot of people in downtown Saint John.
Hey? I even bumped into a former Cabinet Minister - Jane Barry!!!


I was even looking for the Irvings but I couldn’t locate them!


Hey? I even bumped into the outspoken one!!!!!


Please excuse the grammar of this blog because I got a bad cold and it’s very hard to concentrate.