Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Domi....Domi....Domi.... Please say it isn't so??????

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Something is very strange here.

There’s a young reporter who’s on the paper trial of me being ban from the Legislature and my arrest at Atlantica in Saint John.

She called Dan Bussieres, Loredana Catalli Sonier.

but they had no comments.

The young journalist student wish to know the reasons that I was banned for life from the Legislature but no answers from anyone.

Of course, I know a few of the reasons but I can’t go publicly yet because it’s going to hurt a lot of people.

This is a very dirty tactics from the staff of the Legislature.

All I will say is this. The people who said that I harassed them at the Legislature?

Well, I’m coming and once I get a hold of the names involved???

Well? It’s not going to be pretty.

There’s two things that’s going to happen here. Either I’m going to sue them for lying or blog them to death!!!

I don’t know what’s worst???

I know one individual and this person always says hello to me but I don’t say a word because I know that person is going to be hurt mentally once everything comes out in the open.


Am I a bad person? Of course not but I will fight tooth and nail against mis-justice.

All I can do is wait for the new speaker and hopefully this ugly act will be history but I doubt it because those Quebec security staff are very stubborn.

Have you ever had to deal with a Quebecois?

Dan Bussieres
I rest my case.

I’ll be in Saint John in the morning to set up a trial date and I’m told that the prosecutor will not drop the charges.

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I believe the prosecutor is being push from the bureaucrats in the Capital to find me guilty at any cost.

If I’m found guilty? I will be on probation and of course I may break the probation and end up in jail.

Once in jail they could arrange to have me killed.

Now you would say that I’m way off on this one?

Sorry, there’s too much at stake in this case and this is the reason that I wanted a judge and jury but I guess the poor cannot be equal in the eyes of the law.


I can’t disclosed the details of the case but I will say this!

It’s shouldn’t be me on trial for obstruction. It should be the Saint John Police Force!!!

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Of course, the Irvings gave the orders not to call me a blogger in the media.

They always call me a protester.

This is one reason that’s it’s so important to have outside newspapers media covering this sad mis-justice.

CBC did a good job in educating the public of the facts.

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When you have bureaucrats denying rights to New Brunswickers?

It’s the end of demoncracy as we know it!!!

Voice of the Province from Rogers Television < Old Germany > is back!!!

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But is it a true talk show??? Certain New Brunswickers are not allowed to call in.


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I will offer you a challenge. Stop by Molly’s on Queen Street and order a loaf of home bread for $2.50.

Try to eat only one slice? It’s impossible. I first tasted her home made bread this summer and there’s a taste in that bread that blew me away.

I bough a loaf to my place and made the big mistake of offering someone a slice. Well, the individual wanted another one!

Give it a try and let me know.
Now? For you big fan readers < I speak loosely >who are ready to leave comments such as - How much did I get paid and all kinds of other comments.

I just wish to say that I didn’t get paid and I feel it’s a crime that nobody knows about Molly’s secret recipe!
It’s located across Officer’s Square!

Charles will be in a Saint John court at 10:00am in the morning!!!

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The Rights to information Act meeting was ok but.....

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I heard over the weekend, there was going to be a meeting at the education building for people who wanted to know about more on - The right to information act.


The guy who was going to give the presentation was Christian Whalen. I have known this guy for over 4 years. He used to be a lawyer for the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission but now works for the Ombudsman office.

He’s the guy that I first dealt with when I first landed in the Capital in 2002.

I was very upset that the Commission sent me a letter telling me that my complaint against the Irvings was without merit.

I had a very racist supervisor at Gulf Operators < An Irving company > His name was Brian Grant. He told his employees- If I own this Empire? There would be no niggers or frogs working here or How come the states got the niggers and Canada got the Frogs? They had first choice!!!

This went on for six LONG months and at the end? The Irvings got the ok from New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that minorities can continue to be label in the workplace!!

So? I was very upset and wanted to know the reason the Commission reach that verdict?

But never mind that issue. < I’ll write more on this one in future weeks ahead >

I showed up at that meeting yesterday at noon and I was surprised of the amount of people who was present for this session. I took a chair against the wall and watch.


Everyone introduced themselves so I decided to introduce myself as a blogger.

I really didn’t understand what was going during the meeting.


The room was full of bureaucrats and I wasn’t going to let them stopping me from asking questions.

At the end, I told the Christian that I had a four part questions.

Number one - I told the people in the room that I had a job at the Legislature but the contractor was force to fire me by orders of the Sergeant At Arms Dan Bussieres. I showed them all the books they sent to the Commission.

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How can I find out how much it cost taxpayers to printed and write all these books?


2- I was banned for life from the Legislature and everyone from Brent Taylor < Irving Employee > and Tom Mann < Union Leader > knows the reason but not me. Under the right to information act? Can I find out what are the reason that I’m ban?

TaylorPictures 007

3- I was arrested in Saint John for taking pictures of a protest. New Brunswick Legal have a group of people < six of them > in Saint John. They denied my right to legal Aid. How can I found out who those people are?

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I wanted to continue to my next question which would have been about the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.


We have the worst Commission in Canada. These bureaucrats don’t have a clue about rights here in New Brunswick. I wanted to know how can a person find out what is said during their hearings behind close doors?

Such as my case 5 years ago. Carl White is the only case worker in Saint John and I called the guy and he hung up the phone on my ear.

I later found out that Carl White is a convicted thief who stole from the Irvings in the late 80s and now works for the Commission. How did he get in there?

Next week, the Commission are going to go through the worst public relation nightmare they ever saw in their history.

They will announce that the poor in New Brunswick are not human and should die. Pretty far fetch eh??? Stay tune.


The meeting had to end quickly because I learn all these bureaucrats were there during their lunch break so really I shouldn’t have been there but I did manage to asks a few questions.

I met Christian later on in the day and we both admitted that they should have more meeting like this one. I might add that Chris is a very nice guy and he had lots of patience with me during the last few years.


The meeting was withing Government employees but there should one for the public outside of Government because many citizens such as myself do have lots of questions?

Bill Clinton has ADHD big time!!!!

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I have been saying this for years. He can't shut up and he's paid millions to talk!!!

I always like this President. He's a good speaker!!!


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This is a very serious charge and I can't say much but wait till you hear what the Saint John Police Force said in their disclosure form.

In the morning at 10:00am. The lawyer will set up a trial date.

I still say that the Irvings or bureaucrats are behind this because they want a judge to say that only Irving employees are allowed to take pictures.

Like or not? This all has to do with freedom of the press. I hope there's a trial because we will truly know how bloggers or private citizens taking pictures should be treated.

The Saint John Police Force could grab anyone from the street and delete all their pictures.

Stay tune!!!!