Wednesday, November 15, 2006


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I had many comments while in Saint John and many are very concern that our Democracy will end on Monday!!!

Hanging around in Saint John...

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Ivan Court vs Judge Judy???

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Are those guys true reporters???

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What will the Irvings do in the morning?

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Peter took close to 10 quick pictures of me and the Saint John Police Force. I'm certain they're not going to pick a good one of

Maybe they will not use any of the pictures.

Lets wait and find out in the morning. I hope they don't use none at all. < Better that way for both parties! >

One of the owners of BOOM! sends Charles an email.

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I don't know what I was thinking but it wasn't the Racines Restaurant. It was The Palate!!!

Hello Mr. LeBlanc,

Someone brought to my attention your online article, "GAY BASHING
ATTACK IN FREDERICTON LAST NIGHT!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!!" I am one of the owners of boom! Nightclub and was at boom! on the night in question. I could not agree more that the act of vandalism that night was stupid, but I wanted to clarify a couple of points.

First, you mentioned both Racines Restaurant and The Palate
Restaurant, but you do not make clear which restaurant owner you were speaking with about the details of the vandalism.


The photos accompanying your story are entirely of The Palate and its owner, and The Palate is the restaurant next door to us that got hit with eggs.

I do not know if Racines was also hit.

You go on to say, "From what I was told? Some youths decided that
they’ll wait near the building for a gay person who left the BOOM Gay

As far as I know the only people these youths would have spoken
to would be the police; anything else would be guessing.

You then say, "... a Gay individual finally walked by and he got
pelted with eggs." There were actually several people standing
directly outside our door who had been in our club that evening, and
one of them knocked on the door to let us know that some young people had gone by throwing eggs at The Palate; however, neither our club nor anyone standing in front of it had eggs thrown at them, only The Palate.

In addition, I have no idea whether the person who came to
our door is gay or not; we certainly welcome gay people to come to
boom!, but we are also a popular nightspot among a broad range of
people in general of all kinds.

Finally, you say, "The guy quickly turn around and when by to the gay
bar and told his friends." Once again, although we are proud to be
the only club in town that specifically welcomes gay people, even I
would hesitate to call us a gay bar, because such a broad range of
cool people party at our establishment.

Also, the guy came to our door to let me and the staff know, not his friends; if he brought other girls or guys with him to our club that night, they were long gone, as we were closed at that point. I only mention this because we take great pains to abide by the province's liquor regulations, and I would not want your readers to think we stay open after hours.

To summarize, you said at the start of your article, "...a gay
bashing attack happen last evening...".

In fact, not only is there no evidence that it was a gay-bashing, the facts all point to the exact opposite, since a gang of young people looking to bash gay people would surely have thrown their eggs at our club or at the people standing in plain view in front of it rather than the business next door.

I applaud the main part of your story, because throwing eggs at a
business and leaving a huge mess and then leaving a convenience store bag there with a time-stamped receipt in it sounds pretty lame to me too; but I just wanted to clarify the above details.

Thanks very much,

Steven DeWitt

Wayne tyler is still kicking....

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I haven't seen this guy in years. He's still kicking!!!! I might add that he's a pretty good singer.

ohhh noooo...not you again!!!

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I left the Capital early this morning and headed for Saint John for a doctor appointment.

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It took a little while to get a drive but once I did? The guy drove me right to the front doors of the Hearings for the propose Pipeline at Trade and Convention Centre.

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Once there, I decided that I would take a few pictures for my blog.

There were around 80 people present and a few waved at me when I walked through the doors.

I noticed Ivan Court giving his presentation.

Pictures 068

I quickly walked up front and took this picture of Ivan.

I felt someone watching over me so I turned around and behold - A Police officer of the Saint John Police Force.

Pictures 073

If looks could kill? I would have been dead.

I believe that the cop made me nervous because I didn’t take one still photo of the officer.

Pictures 111Pictures 085Pictures 128

The Chairperson quickly reminded me not to pass the propose line.

Pictures 125

The Police Officer came to me and said - Charles? Step outside for a minute!

My God? I must be the only good law abiding citizen who on the Saint John Police Force most wanted? I wonder why???

I didn't know the officer and I didn’t know what was going on but once out the door I noticed this guy taking pictures of me and the cop.

I quickly returned the favor but his flash was more powerful than mine.

Pictures 077

The Police Officer must have felt that he wasn’t taken seriously because I was too busy fighting with the Irving employee and I will admit that he won the battle of the

Pictures 076

Then I focused my attention with the cop who let it known that I shouldn’t be causing trouble at the meeting? If I cause any problems? He will take care of me.

I quickly answered - Trouble??? All I’m doing is taking pictures for my blog site.

Afterwards, a reporter told me that yesterday afternoon, two individuals showed up at the meeting and cause a disturbance.

This morning, I never check my emails so therefore I didn't know any of this.

Here's the story -

. Non-registered intervener shuts down hearings

Procedure Panel members leave after irate man ignores chairwoman's order to stand down

Bruce Bartlett
As published on page B3 on November 15, 2006

SAINT JOHN - The National Energy Board hearing was shut down for an hour Tuesday after an irate Saint John man, who was not registered as an intervener, tried to question the experts about the proposed natural gas pipeline route.

A large part of the morning was taken up by one of the man's supporters, Westfield Road resident Fran Oliver, who is registered to question witnesses provided by Emera, the company hired to build the pipeline from the LNG plant at Mispec to the U.S. border.

Oliver quizzed the expert panel of witnesses about the company's efforts to make the public aware of the proposed route and tried to get an affidavit from Ed Poley of South Bay admitted as evidence even though the evidence-taking phase of the hearing ended several week ago.

Oliver said Poley's home is within 100 metres of the proposed corridor and he was never contacted by Emera and learned about the proposed route too late to register as an intervener.

Following a morning break, Oliver invited Poley to sit beside her and handed the microphone over to him. When he started questioning the panel he was cut off by board chairwoman Sheila Leggett who asked him if he was registered.

When he said no, Leggett asked him to stand down and after he refused she ordered the recording of the hearing stopped. When he refused again to step away from the microphone, Leggett and the two other members of the panel, who have some of the powers of judges, left the room, effectively closing the hearing down.

Poley spent a few more minutes shouting at people working for the pipeline company before he left on his own. In the meantime a call was made to the police department and officers responded but found nothing to respond to. Poley was long gone.

"This was a situation that was blown way out of proportion," said Sgt. Don Cooper, of the city police when contacted at the end of the day.

After Oliver finished her questioning of the panel, a lawyer for the NEB asked final questions of the panel who were the experts on the routing, environmental concerns and lands.

The board's lawyer asked Emera what plans it had to deal with concerns of natives about the land being crossed in the pipeline route as well as plans for keeping noise levels down when drilling under the St. John River between Pokiok in the North End and Milford on the West Side.

If any archeological sites are found during the digging the provincial government will be immediately notified and any such site will be treated with respect, said Chris Blair, who is responsible for the environmental impact part of the project.

One area outside the city was identified as a potential native burial ground but testing of the site has found no evidence, said Blair. Testing continues with the knowledge of the Union of New Brunswick Indians.

He also said the company will follow Health Canada guidelines for noise reduction when drilling the horizontal hole under the river.

In the afternoon the final panel of experts for the hearing, with expertise in engineering design, safety and risk analysis, was sworn in to give evidence.

The hearing is expected to run for 12 hours today from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and continue every day, except Sunday, until Nov. 20.

The meeting were going ok since they began.

One day there’s trouble and Charles shows up the next day? Always something?

I’ll write more on the meeting once I’m in Fredericton.

Russian lands in Saint John!!!!

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Big boy eh????

Wish to check your email???

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Panhandling in uptown Saint John...

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Eric Teed still on the move....

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RADIO CANADA PROGRAMME - CE SOIR??? C'etais ok I guess????

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That’s my view on the newscast on CBC program - Ce Soir this evening.

It had as much film from the Robert Jones story.


At one section, all my five ADHD brains were focused on the television once I saw a certain Marie-Linda Lord on the air.



Picture 066

Any relation to Bernard Lord???

She’s going to hang moi!!! But it never happen.

She just added that blogs have been around for a couple of years and the bloggers are not journalists because they write with emotion.


So true!!! This is the reason we report the news with an opinion. Emotion in the blog? Sure there is!

The rest of the short newscast just told the listeners that I’m a pain in the butt individual to the politicians and this is the reason that both the Liberals and P.C.’s agree to ban me.


But not every MLA agrees with the ban. < Just asks Abel LeBlanc? >


Of course it showed me taking pictures and smoking a cigarette.


It was a short newscast but it was ok I guess?

I believe CBC Radio Canada will just save the interview for a future story on my case in Saint John or when I got shot????

We had a good exchange of words.

It was funny they ended the story by showing this picture in the blog that I posted a couple of hours before the