Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I had quite a day and I might add that I am very tired.

Here I sit in my cozy chair with keyboard in lap reflecting on the issues of the day.
Charles 04_07_05 036
Be warn in advance??? THIS COULD BE A LONG ONE!!!

Last evening, I noticed some barricades outside of the Legislature. I didn’t have clue what was going to happen the next day.

In the morning, I was told there were two tents in front of the Legislature. Maybe I am not the last of the true protesters after all?

Once there, I was told they were Acadians from Caraquet!

These Acadians are upset over the downgrading or closure of their hospital.

Two women told me a Commissionaire < From my guess? > I believe it was Wayne Soucy. Personally, I never like this guy.

I guess that he approached the protesters telling them that they are not allowed to set up tents on the front lawn of the Legislature.

The funny thing was these people couldn’t speak English and he couldn’t parler Le Francais!

You would believe that they would have sent a person who can speak official languages.
Charles 04_07_05 053
Especially when you’re dealing with the Legislature. From what I’m told a translator came to the rescue.

It was windy and Thank God that the sun was out.

They were loud and angry at the Government for cutting their services.

They held a huddle and decided that everyone would go in the Gallery and watch a debate between Elvy Robichaud and Hedard Albert about the issue of Health Care.
Hedard is on the left
Charles 04_07_05 042
Charles 04_07_05 061

The minute the debate ends, they will all stand up in the gallery and begin singing.

I met a guy name Denis. I found the guy very nice and straight forward.

Once inside the Legislature, he asked me if I was going to join them?

I quickly replied that I wasn’t interested because it drives me nuts just to listen to all the BS on the floor of the Legislature but I would join them later.

Seconds later, I almost took a heart attack!!! Jeanoit Volpe < Minister of Finance > came through the front door.
Charles 04_07_05 056
I quickly told the Minister- My God? A protest going on outside and a Minister takes the front door???

Of course the door on the left side was block because of the barricades.

I told Denis - Hey???? This is the man who takes care of the Money in New Brunswick so you can chat with this guy!!!…

I left the House and came back 45 minutes later, I went to the Gallery and I noticed all the protesters in one spot.

They were paying close attention to the debate.

After a while, I found Elvy very rude once Hedard asked him of the need to have open meetings about the issue of the Hospital in Caraquet. From what I’m told these protesters held a protest in the hospital for over a month. < I wish that I would have taken notes >

I quickly learn that they all have heard about my protest. I love to mention my six months protest because this is where I heard all the sad cases of Ritalin.

In the North shore, Ratalin is a major problem but Bernard Lord don’t seem to care.

Everyone of them asked me the same question?

What did you accomplish?

Good question? But I always remind the individual of the story of Burt Paulin< MLA>.
Charles 04_07_05 046

He told me that the system wanted his grand daughter to be on Ritalin. If it wasn’t for me the child would have been on the pill.

During my protest, he listened to my concerns and he told his daughter not to put her daughter on Ritalin.

So? If I succeeded from one child not to be on Ritalin? It was well worth my time and effort!!

I reminded the protesters that my battle is far from over and the MLA’S knows it!

Hey? It’s my faith that keeps me going and nothing else matters! < I am not born again>
Charles 04_11_05 003
Ok…NEVER MIND MOI ME MOI!! I’m jumping from the issue here!!!

Anyway? On the floor of the Legislature, Elvy Robichaud said - We will not have open meetings when people Crase on people. If they act uncivilized? We will not have any open meetings.

My God? You should have seen the looks on the Protesters faces.

They were just insulted and they knew it! They were starring at each other with their mouth wild open.

I was certain that all hell would break lose in the Gallery!

By the way? Craser means Spitting on peoples faces.

Mind you, they remained calm, cool and collective.

Myself, I couldn’t take it anymore so I left.

Once outside, the protesters came out singing and screaming at the Government.

They weren’t forcibly remove.

They left on their own but I guess they sang songs very loud. What’s next?

While chatting with Denis? They began to walk in the Capital. They were heading for the building of the Health Department.

I was very surprised that they knew where the building was located.

Myself, I always believe that all Departments were located in one building in the Capital.

That building is called- The Centennial Building.

I call it the building of the Evil Bureaucrats!!!
Charles 04_07_05 116
They walked in the building and ran towards the elevators. They continued till the fifth floor and demanded the receptionist that they wanted to chat with Elvy Robichaud.

Of course, they were wasting their time.

The time was around 4:05pm!

I noticed one high class bureaucrat walking towards them with his arms spread out like he had a beehive under both arms. At the end, he hit his elbow hard against the corner of a wall. He hurt himself! Too bad!!! He shouldn’t be walking that way!

I also noticed a staff name Steve Benteau watching the situation very closely.

He used to be the Editor of the Daily Gleaner and he move on to communication with the Government.

I tapped him on the shoulder and said- Parle-tu Francais???

You should have seen the look on his face?

Charles? What are you doing here? Ok..This is the reason I never receive any blogs from you today!

I forgot the guy is on my list!

So, the first police officer arrive at 4:15pm but they had a problem.

The officer couldn’t speak Le Francais!

Three more officers arrive and still no French cops!

Finally one came to the scene who could parler Le Francais!

I asked - Where are you from? He quickly looked at me and said- What are you doing here? I guess that we met in front of the Legislature.

It was 4:25pm and everything was calm.

I noticed two police officers sneaking their way around the back of the room.

The next thing you knew. All the protesters were surrounded by City Finest.

At exactly 4:30pm, they gave the orders to evict the premises.

Of course, we know that those bureaucrats want to go home and enjoy their high pay living.

The cops ordered the mostly females protesters out of the building. The girls remain stern and calm.

They called the media for witnesses but to no avail. I am very surprise that the Irving media wasn’t around.

News is News and this was news!

All you could see were 5 cops lined up escorting the protesters out the door. Hey? Who needs the media anyway?

The so call porffesional cop took a pair of handcuff out and the women just made fun of the guy!!! was funny!!!

Just like the cowboys pulling out their 38 revolver in the Western days. The girls quickly drew their cameras from their pockets and took pictures.

I hope that I will receive some of these pictures for my blog but seriously?

Where was the media? But when you have the information Highway? You can share these pictures with the whole world!

Once outside, there was two paddy Vans and four police cruisers.

My God? That’s a lot of officers for a peaceful crowd.

The protesters continue their walk to the Legislature. They went to their bus and came out with all kinds of food. I never eaten all day and they offered me some sandwiches.

The protesters didn’t have any plans. They were just going by the way the wind blew.

They decided to sit on the front steps of the Legislature but three police officers < undercover > ordered the protesters from the front steps.
Charles 04_07_05 014
The Acadians began to get angry of the way they were treated.

They continued walking around the Legislature till they reach their Bus.

I hung around because I wanted them to pitched their tents so I could see with my own eyes if I’m truly the last of the true protesters?
Hey? This is real good for the tile of my book!

At around 6:30pm and I decided to call it a day and what a day it has been!

I met a new friend- Denis and we gave each other a little hug and I was on my way! < I’m not the huggy type >

He’s suppose to leave some comments on my web site en Francais. I told the guy that French Comments are indeed welcome to this Blog Site!!!

It really don’t matter if the blog is en Francais or English! As long as the issue keeps on being debated!!!

Acadians should have a place to debate issues!!!


Sorry about that!!! Please excuse the style and grammar of this update < ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!!! > I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!! Don’t be afraid to leave a comments below!!

Bye Bye!!!!


Acadians from the North Shore have set up two tents in front of the Legislature. Stay tune for more action...


Last week, I walked into the Centennial building and I felt foolish.

Hey? Not the first time…lol..

By the way? LOL means lots of laugh!!! A few people asked me what it meant?


Anyway at first, I didn’t know what was going on?

There were immigrants all over the place. I felt like I just landed in another country!

There was a few MLA’S present from both political parties in the hallway.

I walked by and noticed this nice food on the table. Now I think about it? I believe that everyone was waiting for the word GO for everyone to go and eat.

Being Charles? I noticed this crispy food that look like chicken.

I was told that it was called- Gulab Jamem.

You would have believe that I would have had my little treat and that would have been it?

My God? I couldn’t stop myself!! I went back for more and more and I believe that the organizers believe that I was a bum from the streets. I was like a pig!!!

Some of the immigrants were from Indonesia and they served Spring Roll, Bakwan and Kroket. If I spell it wrong? Please correct me.

Yes, I never tasted so much good darn food for a long time!!!


Boy? Can they ever cook!!!

Of course if me mother would have never came to Canada from Scotland? I might not even be here?

Yes, I am half pure Scottish!!! Maybe my problem isn’t ADHD??? Maybe it’s because of my Scottish blood because we know there’s nothing more stubborn than a god dam Scotsman!!!

At that same meeting, I bumped into my old friend Andrew Holland who works for MP Andy Scott.
Charles 04_11_05 011

He used to be the host from the Rogers program Voice of the Province.

I believe that he was the first ever host!

My God? He had a lot of patience with me for 2 to 3 years. I must give the guy some credit!

He gave me the time on the show to confront the issue of the Irvings and Ritalin to the public.

He was a very good host!

I would always call Melanson Live and Voice of the Province to spread my views.

Andrew Holland was also the first reporter to cover my protest in 2003.


It was a small interview but I did reach a few people. Better than the Irving media that’s for sure!

As a matter of fact?

Months later, He made my first and only interview with me over the net!

Then I heard a rumor from TJ Burke on the front steps of the Legislature that Andrew Holland might not be back as host of Voice of the Province?


TJ didn’t say that it was true but I could sense that something wasn’t right?

Weeks later, it was confirmed that he was going to go and work for Andy Scott.

After I got to know Andrew on a personal level?

I would always say - That man has ADHD big times!!!

He’s a perfect example of what people with ADHD can accomplish in life!!!

I walked into his office and he would take calls from the voters. A person with ADHD loves to talk and he’s a professional at it!….
Charles 04_11_05 010

Seriously, I am very grateful to Andrew Holland to allow me the time to speak out against the Ministers of the Lord Government against the use of Ritalin!!!

Andrew Holland left in 2003 and Dennis Melanson walked towards the sunset last week.
Charles 04_07_05 078

They’re gone but the battle with the Lord Government of the way they’re drugging and killing our children will continue till the end of times!!!

Ok…I’m just rambling here!!! Please excuse the grammar and style of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!! Bye bye