Saturday, February 05, 2005


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To the editor,
I wish to congratulate Kyle O'Donnell New Bandon for his excellent letter printed on February 3, 2005 - Bullying at school led to suicide attempts. In the 70s, I was in bullied on many occasions. Thank God that I had the size to fight back! I had ADHD but in those days no one knew about this energetic Condition. In 1998, I found out that I had ADHD and I was very happy. It explained a lot of my actions but I would soon find out that society had a different version of ADD/ADHD! After writing a letter to the paper, I received many phone calls from parents crying on the phone of the manner their kids were being treated in the school system. On June 17, 2003, I began my six months protest in front of the Legislature. I collected 10,000 signatures asking the Government to study the issue of ADHD and Ritalin but to no avail. During my protest, I heard that two teenagers committed suicide after taking Ritalin. Why take your life away? It’s the not the pill fault. It’s the labelling that goes with ADD/ADHD! It’s suppose to be a benefit having ADHD and not a disadvantage. I would hear sad tales from these very highly intelligent individuals that the kids in school would call them idiots or stupid. Their self esteem really takes a blow on their lives. We all know that kids can be cruel At the end, these ADD/ADHD kids are the target of many and nasty jokes. At the end, many of these kids will turn to heavy drugs or alcohol to escape their energetic mind! Why me they asked themselves??? What’s wrong with me???? Am I truly stupid because I have ADHD? It’s far from the Truth. Any issues these kids will be involved in, they will go the extra mile to accomplish their goal in life. But unfortunately society will try to put a stop on these highly intelligent kids by labelling them for life. I know because I’m still battling some bureaucrats with this issue and will continue to do so till the last day I die. They wish to bring in more teacher’s assistant but this is not the answer for these kids because the rest of the classroom notice little Jimmy having problems with his Home work so therefore they begin to tease the poor kids. Individuals with ADD/ADHD are very well known for their bad tempers. After a good old fashion Fist fight, my whole body would be relax. All that hypertension is gone for a few long minutes. It felt so good but unfortunately, this can put some in very deep trouble with the law and at the end, they become the social outcast of society. We walked a very thin ice between social outcasts and socially accepted. May I suggest to Kyle O'Donnell that he takes Martial arts? What a great way to be able to defend yourself and be in control of your mind. As long as the Lord Government is in power, the memo will be that it’s cheaper to drug our kids than to treat them with dignity! How many more lives must be taken away before the Government acts on this very emotional issue? Anyone out there who wish to help me with this issue? Can send me an email at Keep your chin up Kyle and don’t let society stop you in your dreams! Good work kid!