Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I feel like I’m on a small island and the water is rising.

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This will be my last blog for a while until I find out what to do?

Lets go back to what happen today…ohhh….one more thimg? No pictures in this one because I’m bloggling from a wireless computer.

I received an email this morning from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission telling me that I could meet with them at 3:00pm!

I was ready for some bad news and I was ready to tell them off! < again >

I always said that someone is watching over me and in this case it was no different.

I got an idea that I should bring a follow activist with me. She’s a female and don’t wish to be named.

We will call her 777!

She gladly accepted to be on my side.

I have known 777 for over one year and she’s been a good friend.

I might add that 777 could keep me in control if the meeting went out of hand.

She told me that she’ll meet me in front of the Legislature at 2:50pm!

I decided to visit the Library at the Legislature while I waited.

Something caught my eyes and I quickly grab it!

I walked into the Sargeant At Arms office and he was sitting down behind his desk.

I told Dan Bussieres that I’m meeting with the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission in 20 minutes and I have a weapon with me while my two arms were behind my back!

Poor Dan? He must have believed that I finally went over the edge!

He asked in a concern way- Whhhat’s your weapon????

I quickly slam a jar full of chocolate candies on his desk!!!!

We had a good laugh because that’s all I need is more sugar to make me hyper!!!

I met 777 and off to the building of the members of the Commission we went.

I soon found out that 777 was very popular with the members of the commission. They were hugging and chatting about old tales.

I believe they were relieve that she was my partner.

The meeting got under way at 3:00pm sharp with me and 777 sitting on side and two members of the commission on the other side.

They looked concerned when I put around 10 chocolate candies on the table.

I’m certain that they believe that those chocolates could be a weapon!!!

Yes, it’s like throwing some gas on a fire.

So…they told me that they have contacted the landlord and he agreed to let me take a shower between 8:30am to 9:30am! I quickly reminded the Commission that I didn’t need one hour to take a shower.

The landlord got a wake up call and everything could turn to a normal situation.

I reminded the Commission that I also wash my dished in the kitchen?

They told me that they would contact the Landlord.

I stood up and shook their hand that they move so quickly on this complaint.

All this was done without saying that I have ADHD or Acadian or any other reason.

They took the complaint because I was human being and that was that!!!!

We continued to press the issue of how to go having the Lord Government to pass some kind of law that would protect borders or roomers?

I reminded the members that this had nothing to do with me. If this happened to me? What the hell is going on around the province? That’s the emotional question?

After close to 45 minutes of meeting, I left the building in a very happy mood.

I was so happy that I kissed 777 on the cheek for a job very well done but all that would change a couple of hours later.

I don’t have the time to copy all the letter in this blog but it was nasty and rude.

The long letter was on my door and it told me that I can use the shower for 30 minutes a day.

It went on by sort of saying- If I dared to fart? I’m evicted immediately!!!!

If I used the washroom? I should clean it! The littlest things that I do wrong? I’m evicted!!!!

I knew that the gig was up because I have to pay my rent in a few days and it would only be a matter of time till I’m evicted without any money.
They would evict me and keep the rent money!!!
I got to move fast! Therefore I’m moving all my stuff next door in the morning.

While I try to find a room.

I’m leaving this place after staying here for a over one year and I feel bad for the guys in here.

The guy downstairs got evicted this evening and he’s upset.


The other guy living inside the fire door with a sign - EMPLOYEES ONLY!!!!!! He’s like a prisoner in jail.

No one is allowed to visit him at all!

We used to visit the guy but no more.

The other guy upstairs is sort of forced to move in the back of the house and pay 50
bucks a year more. He’s been living there for over five years and the caretaker wants a new boarder in his place.

Trust me! It’s cold in that room in the winter and the guy might die!

The electrical wires in this place is terrible and it’s a death trap!


These guys are heading towards a cold winter ahead and good luck to them!

My room is the largest one in this building and it’s not a bad place for the price but beginning tomorrow this will be just a part of history in my mind.


I am definitely going to pursue this huge injustice being done to me and I will visit the Commission during the next few days to show them the note the caretaker left on my door.

As I said earlier? If this happened to me? What the hell is going on around this province.

I will pursue this issue till the poor have some kind of rights!

The caretaker clens the COUNTER in the kitchen with a floor broom! The place is bad and the health Department should investigate but this will never happen!

Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just wrote the darn thing in a big hurry!

I might add there will be no blogs for a few days until everything gets back to normal! But knowing me? I’ll blog from somewhere!!!!! Bye bye!!!!