Thursday, June 02, 2005



On the day after I ended my protest against the Lord Government for exploitation of addictive behavior through Video Lottery Machines strewn about in our communities and the destruction this causes.
Tim, May 4, 2005

I wanted to go into the legislature to say my good-byes and thank a number of Liberal MLA’s as well as a couple of Conservative MLA’s but upon entering the front entrance Security notified The Sergeant at Arm’s office from there I was told I would have to leave the premises immediately.

The Sergeant at arms said the Speaker of the House left word with him that I was not to be in the Legislature.

He said to come back in about a half hour and he would have it cleared up by then but upon arrival again there was some confusion about whether or not I was allowed in the building?

I was told to wait outside the front entrance until someone speaks to the Speaker of the House.

After about 20 minutes or so Security came to let me know I could now come inside but was restricted to the Gallery only.

Now my problem with this situation is this – The first time I had protested outside the Legislature in January of this year I was invited to listen to arguments on the floor of the House on the issue of vlt’s by members of the opposition ( Liberal as well as NDP )
May 4-2005-T-1
I was also allowed to store my bag of personal belongings in the House of Opposition It was also determined at that time I was no threat to any person.

I used my manners and did not speak out of turn nor did I ever raise my voice or swear I was considered by members of the House and Security to be a very approachable and well behaved individual.

On my final day of protest I was free to roam throughout the Legislator with no restrictions set upon me what so ever (Library, Cafeteria, Gallery, arms Office etc.)

I remained there for most of that day talking to members of the house as well as some reporters that were moving about within the lobby.

My question would be to the Speaker of the House as to why I was treated the way I was on my second trip to the Legislator?

Also on what basis did he make the determination that I was not to enter the Legislative Assembly Building?

Isn't the House for the people of New Brunswick?

My protest had ended the previous day and I was certainly not a threat to any persons there and so have no choice but to believe the Speaker of the House being
a Conservative member of the Lord Governing Party must have decided to take a personal grudge against my character to do what he has done in this regard and therefore with no justifiable means to support the decision he took by barring me from the Legislature on that day do hereby ask that he grant a Public

Timothy Smith
Saint John N.B.


Does anyone out there has a picture of Mary Keith < Spokeperson for the Evil Irving Empire!! >

Please send it along to this blog.

I tried to locate her picture on the net but I didn't have any luck.

This morning, I was in the Cafeteria at the Legislature and there was a MLA standing beside me.

I told the MLA- Look at all these fine Irving's employees!

In front of me were three reporters from the Daily Gleaner, Moncton Transcript and Telegraph Journal!!! All Irvings newspapers!!!!

The MLA quickly replied- Ohh know how to make a entrance!!!

Now? Mary Keith spokeperson was in the hallways of the Legislature yesterday.

This Irving robot < who never smile > was lucky that I didn't noticed her because once outside?

I would have make certain that my voice would have been heard!

I mean Racist Irving employees in the Legislature???? Hiiii Irving!!!!

This robot from the Irvings told the Irving's newspapers some very false stories about me a couple of years ago.

The scary thing is that they printed her words therefore brainwashing the readers with their BS!

I said it in the past and I will say it again- It's old Germany all over again and lets see if the Canadian Senate will down on the Irving Gestapo?

Time will tell!

Anyway? Mary Keith was surrounded by her Irving's employees in the Legislature yesterday and what a FARCE!!!

Can you imagine what would happen if an Irving reporter wrote against the Irvings?

They would be fired right on the spot! As we speak? The Irvings are training future Journalist to follow the Irving's way!!!

All this have to do is to dedicate their life and soul to the Evil Irving Empire and they will be hired on the spot!

This morning I saw Minister Keith Ashfield!

Keith is on the left!!
Charles 04_07_05 059

I shouted that he should walk around with Body Guards because the Irvings are upset with him over yesterday's decision against doubling the clear-cutting in this Province. Irving Gestapo will shoot him on the streets!!!

I don't believe the Irvings have hitmen on the streets because I would have been shot a long time ago!!!!

Ok...I got a meeting this afternoon so therefore this is a very short update? Don't forget? Send me that picture so I can post this robot on my blog! Merci!!! Bye bye

Again, I wrote this one very fast!!!!