Thursday, May 26, 2005


It’s terrible out there so here I am at the Library writing a little update.
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Thank God for the Library so I have a place to relax when the temperature is bad outside.

Take a look at this Picture? Do you find anything different? Take a close look.
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This place is located on top of the hill in Fredericton. You will notice two flags. One is from Walmart and the other is Irving!

The day that the Pope died, The Wal Mart flag was at half mast but the Irving’s didn’t lower their flags?

Can someone tell me the reason? Do the Irvings believe in God? Interesting question? Got an answer?
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Yesterday, I had a conversation with a Conservative Bureaucrat in the Legislature.

I have known this guy for over six years and he was surprise once I said- Bernard Lord must stop the drugging and killing of our children.

He quickly asked me – Why would you say a statement like That Charles? Drugging and killing???

I explain to the guy that the Premier told a television audience on Voice of the Province a few months ago and only a small amount of New Brunswickers committed suicide because of the VLT’S so therefore it’s ok!
As for the children? I know of two cases that kids taking ritalin as a child committed suicide in the adult years because they couldn’t cope!

Mind you? Lets not forget the kids who are known as idiots and fools because they’re on Ritalin.

At the end, these highly intelligent children turn out to be the social outcast. Too bad so sad.

I was told that my blogs or views could land me in big trouble. I could land in court for defamation of character against Bernard Lord, those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission or the Irvings!

Defamation of Character?? What’s that anyway??? If I speak the truth? What can a judge do???

Lets take a close look at this so call views that could be label as defamation of character?

1-10,000 citizens asked Bernard Lord to study the issue of Ritalin! What did Bernard Lord do? Nothing!!
2-49% of New Brunswickers wanted these machines remove from public places. Did Bernard Lord offer any suggestions for the poor gamblers? Nothing!
May 4-2005-T & C-2
3- Brian Grant a very racist supervisor from the Irving Empire. The company is call Gulf Operators. He always on a witch-hunt against the minorities in the company. He goes around and say- If I own this Empire? There would be no niggers or frogs allow in here! This is a true fact story from Charles! Racism? You tell me?
4- I told J.D. Irving himself that he had a very racist supervisor in his Empire and he told me that it ok!!! A true story with facts!
5- J.D. ordered all the newspapers in this province to deny my letters to the Editor. Therefore only praising letters of the Irvings will be printed! This is a fact!!!
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6-The Irvings ordered the Human Rights Commission of the manner people with mental disability should be treated and those C.U.P.E. agreed with the Irvings!
This is a fact!!

7- The Irvings can continue their witch hunt towards the minorities in this Province and the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission told them it was ok!!!
This is a fact!!

8- Carl White < convicted thief > who stole and convicted from stealing from the Irving in the 80s hung up the phone in my ear! These are facts! Carl White is the black guy in the picture.

9- The director of the Human Rights Commission Janet Cullinan threw my complaint in my face and ordered me out the door! Therefore supporting Carl White and the Irvings! These are facts! Janet Cullinan is the person on the right. Is she another Irving employee???
10- Bernard Lord told me before he was elected Premier that there was a major problem with Ritalin in this Province but once he got elected? He changed his tune!! This is another fact!!
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So? What is Defamation of Character if you speak the truth???

I just don’t get it!!!

Hey? Maybe this is what I need? A judge to explain to me that the Irvings are kings in this Province and I should obey to these Billionaires? Maybe the issue of Ritalin could be decided by a judge?

One thing for certain!!! I sure won’t be running to a lawyer! I would represent myself and we all know that only a fool represents himself or herself as a client!!! Campbellton??? Here we come!!

I wish to thank all the people who visited this site! Hey? 12,000 people??? That’s a lot of visitors for a small province.

Tell everyone on your email list about this site.

I paste a blog every day and I leave it to the readers to debate the issue! Some issues has comments and some don’t!

Bloglling is the way of the future because a person sure cannot go by the Irving Newspapers! That’s for sure!
Speaking of the Irving Media?
They holding a big party for all the media personnel? How come I wasn’t invited??? I wonder why?

The whole Irving staff would be fired on the spot if Charles was invited!

Here’s a picture of a Irving reporter running away from me after I asked to have a picture taken with me. What are they afraid of anyway?
Charles 04_07_05 065

Then again, the Irvings as we speak are training future journalists at Saint Thomas and Universite de Moncton to be train as future Irving Loyal Employees!

But first, they must dedicate their life and soul to the Evil Empire to be accepted in the Empire as an employee!!!

Sounds like old Germany all over again!!!

Is this defamation? You tell me????

Ok..Gotta go and please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Don’t be affaird to leave a comment!!!!