Saturday, May 05, 2007


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At around 7:00pm, I was in my room and I heard two huge BANG BANG!!!

I knew there was something going on so I quickly ran out the door with my camera.

There was an accident at the corner of Carleton and King Street.

I was one of the first one on the scene so I asked if everyone was ok?

They had the situation under control so I began what I do best!!

Take pictures.

I noticed two young kids in the car and the other was driven by a young couple.

My God? Our Emergency Response Team sure moves fast!!!

They’re professionals in their line of work.

Before I left the area, a paramedic approached me and asked me if I was working for the paper?

I quickly replied - Paper??? I’m better than that!!! I’m a blogger!!!

He quickly shot back- Whattt????

Poor guy! He didn’t know what was a blogger?

Anyway, he politely asked me if I wouldn’t use the woman picture < for security reason >

I had no problem with that! This is the reason her face is covered.

See what happens when someone asked in a nice manner?

Thank God!!!!! There were nobody on the sidewalk because this could have been a major tragedy in the Capital.

Yes, God was watching over the Fredericton tonight!!!


There’s many more pictures inside this blog!!!!



Blogger is back in the City with new look!!! Do you know the guy???

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Blogger bureaucrat signed petition!!!

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I'm not pushing the petition as I should be doing because I know many are affraid to sign the papers.

I often chat with people I know and I forget I have the petition in my hand.

This blogger bureaucrat wasn't scared to sign.

Just ignore the nut and it'll go away!!!!

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Walkie...slowlie...drunkily......almost got run over!!!! Close call!!!!

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