Thursday, April 07, 2005

Let's all work towards a greater good and produce a unified voice of the province.

Charles and I have been talking as to how best transform the current state of this site to something more useful and beneficial to the readers of this blog. We think we have a good idea...

We want to make this site more interactive and expand on its growing success by allowing the readers to create posts just as Charles does. I understand that many here are concerned not with everything Charles has to say as he contributes to many topics and issues but if you would like to have published a post that reflects your views and you believe it is suitable for this site then please by all means write, write and write. You can send any posts that you would like on this site to myself and Charles and we can work towards publishing them when you see fit.

I encourage all to comment as this site is not for Charles rather the concerns of individual New Brunswickers seeking to reveal the greatness and not; of this beautiful province. I have personally invited some current and past bloggers to contribute to unify the voice of many. Lets try and make this site get noticed and use this as a catalyst for reason and change in this province.

If you have any great ideas on how to spread the word or make this site more friendly please feel free to let us know.

WCIE and Charles LeBlanc.

Everybody, I would like you to meet Joanne

Todays blog is all about Joanne. Charles just sent me these photo's. He apprently was just down at the soup kitchen to find out who has contacted her in regards to her current situation. You won't believe what happened...

Everybody meet Joanne

To our dismay, not only has noone from Family Service NB contacted her... The space she now sleeps in, as can be seen from the photo above has been sealed tight with bolts and screws. The sad thing is, is that her belongings are inside including medication that Joanne needs. She is now sleeping outside the kitchen on the steps under mounds of blankets to keep warm. When will it stop?

The Fredericton Community Soup Kitchen

You know, its funny how people react to situations and act when they shouldn't... Instead of repairing the board now that they realize she is living there to protect her from the elements, why not wait until she has gotten the needed help and then repair the stairs once she is not using it. She has been under there for 4 months and they only repair the stairs now that she has created some attention. I wish some people would think before they act.

Someone contacted family services last monday to bring this situation to their attention and they told the caller that since there was no child involved it really isn't their problem. Huh? I think sleeping with Rats and Mice in my opinion can't be good for the health of the mother and her unborn child. I hope they act quick because now she has no shelter either. Anyways, here is a picture of her pregnant belly...

Joanne is five months pregnant